Board of Directors

The PDCA Board of Directors is comprised of the Executive Committee, Directors, and Chapter Representatives listed below.

PDCA Executive Committee

PDCA President
Kevin Gourgues
Patriot Construction and Industrial, LLC

Duson, LA
Email: keving@patriot-construction.com
PDCA Secretary
Kustaa Mansfield
Pacific Pile & Marine, LP

Email: kustaa@pacificpile.com
PDCA Past President
PDCA Vice President
Brian Heck
Richard Goettle, Inc. 

Cincinnati, OH
Email: bheck@goettle.com
PDCA Treasurer
Scott Webster
GRL Engineers, Inc. 

Charlotte, NC
Email: swebster@grlengineers.com

PDCA Directors

PDCA Director
Harold Baur
Boh Bros. Construction Company, LLC

New Orleans, LA
Email: hbaur@bohbros.com
PDCA Director
Greg Canivan
S&ME, Inc.

Charleston, SC
Email: gcanivan@smeinc.com

PDCA Director
Herbert "Buck" Darling, III
Herbert F Darling, Inc.
Tonawanda, NY (US)
Email: bdarling@hfdarling.com
PDCA Director
James Dempsey
Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc.
Bridgeport, CT
Email: jdempsey@bac-inc.com
PDCA Director
Diane Fischer
Pile Dynamics, Inc. / GRL Engineers, Inc.
Cleveland, OH
Email: dfischer@pile.com
PDCA Director
Mike Juneau
Premier Geotech & Testing, LLC

Baton Rouge, LA
Email: mike@premiergeotesting.com
PDCA Director
Doug Keller
Richard Goettle, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH
Email: dkeller@goettle.com
PDCA Director
Bruce Langan
Equipment Corporation of America

Brielle, NJ
Email: blangan@ecanet.com
PDCA Director
Emmett Waggenspack
Coastal Contractors, Inc.

Baton Rouge, LA
Email: waggenspacke@coastcont.com

PDCA Chapter Representatives

PDCA Gulf Coast Chapter Representative
Kirt Jackson
Cajun Industries
Baton Rouge, LA
Email: kirt.jackson@cajunusa.com
PDCA Northeast Chapter Representative
David Price
Linde-Griffith Constuction Company

Newark, NJ
Email: dprice@linde-griffith.com

PDCA Pacific Coast Chapter Representative
Dermot Fallon
Foundation Constructors, Inc.

Oakley, CA
Email: dfallon@foundationpile.com

PDCA South Carolina Chapter Representative
Susheel Kolwalkar
Insight Group
North Charleston, SC
Email: susheel.kolwalkar@insightgrp.com 
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