Celebrating Our Successes!

I hope this edition of PileDriver finds you and your firm well. It's been a busy year for the organization thus far and it's time to take a breather to celebrate what we've accomplished this year. I'd like to start this edition with thanking all those responsible for organizing and participating in our Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles conference that was held in Baltimore in September. We had a great slate of speakers focused on the future of America's infrastructure renewal and the role of driven pile products in these projects. Your attendance and participation in the lectures, presentations, display booths and networking events helped spread the benefits of driven piles as a deep foundation solution, supported excavation systems and helped drive new membership. This was a great event to get to know more members and openly share ideas and experiences that can help solve the problems we all see on our jobs every day. 
This edition recognizes our "Project of the Year Award" winners. These high-profile marine and land projects highlight the ingenuity, expertise and craftsmanship of our member firms and demonstrate the benefits of driven piles as a viable and economical deep foundation solution. Please enjoy the articles and congratulate the winning firms when you see them at your next PDCA event.
Diane Fischer (GRL Engineers, Inc.), chair of the Associate Member Council and all of the Committee members are introducing a new PDCA award. In 2019, PDCA will include the "Associate Member of the Year" as part of its award program. The new award is designed to recognize a PDCA Associate member firm that works to actively support PDCA and all PDCA members on a daily basis by being a trusted business partner. The Associate Member Council, in part, will be responsible for reviewing the company's submittal information and select the winning company for this prestigious award. 
The Communications Committee, under Pollyanna Cunningham's leadership, has been hard at work renovating our organization's website. I hope you enjoy the new look and functionality. Thank you, Pollyanna, for your dedication and drive to get this done.
The Membership Committee has been busy supporting chapter reorganization events in Florida, Texas and the Mid-Atlantic regions to revitalize our local presence. The participation and interest at the events so far has been amazing and energizing. The Florida and Texas chapters will be offering sessions in October and November focused on contractual risk, unforeseen conditions and claim avoidance. Please keep your eye out for the next event in your area and bring someone new along to share the value you find in these PDCA experiences.
Our success as an organization doesn't happen without dedicated members like you. We are off to a great start and we are continuing to move forward. Thank you for your continued support and participation. 
Congratulations for a great year and keep up the good work!

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