PileDriver Magazine: PDCA Past Presidents in the Round

PileDriver Magazine Exclusive:

Issue 4 2020, Volume 17, No. 4

PDCA's Past Presidents

A roundtable discussion with PDCA's former leaders about the industry, the association and more

[Excerpt] The Pile Driving Contractors Association is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020.

John C. Maxwell once said, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way." This sentiment rings especially true for the executive leadership of PDCA - all contractors, PDCA's presidents work in the trenches of the driven pile industry, recognizing challenges and helping to establish solutions to move forward. 

PDCA invited several past presidents to discuss their experiences leading the association, how they think the industry has changed over the last quarter-century and what they believe PDCA needs to do in the future in order to remain valuable and increasingly beneficial to its members and the driven pile industry at large. [READ full story here.]

Read this insightful discussion with many key players in PDCA's 25-year history in PileDriver magazine, Issue #4, 2020. It includes perspectives from Dave Chapman of Blakeslee, Arpaia & Chapman, Inc. (pictured above, left) who served two separate terms as president and Scott Callaway of Cajun Industries, Inc. (pictured above, right) who led the organization in 2019. Other past presidents who provide input in the wide-ranging discussion include Skip Gardella of Norwalk Marine, Inc. (pictured below, left) who was the first PDCA president; also Buck Darling of Herbert F. Darling, Inc., Rusty Signor of TX Pile, LLC., and Mike Justason, presently at McMaster University (pictured below, right).



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