PileDriver magazine - 'Spring cleaning' on the jobsite

Pile Tips: It's DirtY dIRT but Someone's Got to Clean It

PileDriver magazine, Issue #1, 2020
by: Dan Seitz with Stephanie Turkot, GZA GeoEnvironmental

Digging out tons of soil, planting vegetation to support habitats and cleaning waterways may seem like inherently dirty jobs. Yet cleanliness and organization are crucial to both quality work and the safety of the job site. GZA's Stephanie Turkot, assistant project manager, talks about why.

To explain why cleanliness and organization is so important, Turkot points to the humble tarp.

"When dealing with contaminated soil, we have a soil management plan, which tells everyone on the site how soil should be moved, placed and handled," she said.

Part of her job as a project manager is to ensure the plan is followed, which often includes putting a barrier between the soil that's removed and other soils on the site. It also includes communication, which is another important key factor [CONTINUE READING ON PILEDRIVER MAGAZINE].

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