Call for E.A.L. Smith Award Nominations

This award honors E.A.L. Smith, who developed the wave equation analysis concept to a practical and useful tool for the pile driving professional. Smith’s original development work remains at the center of modern versions, giving evidence of Smith’s genius. Considering the benefits derived from Smith’s work, the awardee should be an individual who has demonstrated creative and original work that helped the driven pile industry provide an economical, sustainable, effective, and environmentally conscious foundation solution. The creativity can be demonstrated in the form of innovative foundation design, manufacturing, installation, or construction procedures. The awardee should have an abundant amount of experience in the driven pile industry. The awardee will be asked to make the E.A.L. Smith key note presentation at IFCEE 2021.

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Nominations for the E.A.L. Smith award should also include details on the nominee and their contributions/dedication to the driven pile industry.  Please use the space below and provide up-to 300 words.

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