PDCA Steel Sheet Pile Review Webinar

May 19, 2020

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Sheet Pile Guides Review: Corrosion, Retaining Wall Cost Comparison, Installation

Gerry McShane, Service Steel Warehouse; Dick Hartman, Hartman Engineering; Richard Morales, LB Foster Piling
  • Develop an understanding of the root cause of corrosion
  • Know the factors that contribute to corrosion occurring and the rate it develops
  • See how modern manufacturing processes have changed steel behavior to improve durability
  • Gain knowledge of the various solutions available to extend design life
  • Overview of the types of retaining walls selected for analysis and cost evaluation
  • Overview and explanation of the design methodology adopted
  • Explanation of the results for each wall system
  • Outline of the cost evaluation
  • Basic understanding of the different ways to install sheet piling
  • Review the latest innovations on installation equipment from vibratory to impact to press-in hammers
  • Understand the steps needed for correct installation alignment
  • Review problems that occur and how to avoid them
Upon completion of the webinar program, you will reveive 1.0 Professional Development Hours (PDH), as well as direct download access to the publications*****.

Registration Fees:

  • PDCA Members - Complimentary
  • PDCA Member Employees - Complimentary
  • Non-Members - $50  *****


*****  Non-members may apply $25 pf their registration fee to the purchase of the Steel Sheet Pile Guides available through the PDCA Store.  ******