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Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing and Analysis Seminar,
Workshop and Proficiency Test

PDI Headquarters
Cleveland, OH
October 5-7, 2016

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Seminar on Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis

Wednesday, October 5, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Who should attend: Geotechnical, structural and construction engineers; owners, contractors and other professionals involved in the design, construction and specification of deep foundations. 

  • This seminar is suitable for those new to the field of Foundation Testing and Analysis, and includes an overview of non-destructive testing methods (integrity and load testing) and their applications. 
  • It is suitable also for those specifying the testing to gain basic understanding for assessing the results presented in reports. 
  • This seminar is suitable for those needing an understanding of wave equation analysis methods. 
  • Those attending the Workshop that follows this Seminar are strongly encouraged to attend this review of wave equation background materials.

Learning objectives:  At the end of the seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • Select an appropriate method of integrity assessment of deep foundations for a particular  application.
  • Review reports of integrity and dynamic load testing of deep foundations conducted by others.
  • Run a basic wave equation analysis of pile driving.

High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing Workshop Part 1
Thursday, October 6, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Who should attend:  

  • Users of the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) system and CAPWAP® software interested in sharpening their skills.
  • Engineers, foundation testing professionals, students and professors already familiar with the basic concepts of deep foundation dynamic testing and analysis. 
  • Professionals who desire to have a basic understanding of the dynamic test results being presented to them. 
  • Those interested in taking the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test* 

Learning objectives: At the end of this two day workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Operate the PDA in a manner conducive to acquiring good quality data
  • Assess pile bearing capacity, pile driving stresses, hammer performance and pile integrity by various methods
  • Avoid pitfalls when analyzing PDA data with the CAPWAP software
  • Interpret PDA testing and CAPWAP software results
  • Describe the soil-model used in CAPWAP
  • Prepare the input for CAPWAP
  • Review options for CAPWAP analysis and output
  • Calculate bearing capacity and its distribution for driven piles from impact records
High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing Workshop Part 2
Friday, October 7, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Program (subject to change)
8:30     SiteLink
® - Remote Testing with Demo
9:00     CAPWAP® software Background, iCAP®
10:30   Break
10:45   CAPWAP Workshop: Basic Examples
12:00   Lunch
1:00     CAPWAP Workshop: Advanced Examples
3:15     Break
3:30     Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test*
5:00     Adjourn
Professional Development Hours
Participants of the workshop can earn up to 19 professional development hours for their participation.  
  • Seminar on Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis - 6 Professional Development Hours
  • High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing Workshop, Parts 1 & 2 - 13 Professional Development Hours. 
  • A Certificate of Participation documenting the number of hours of instruction (PDH) will be provided. Check with your engineering board of registration for their continuing education requirements.
Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test 
At the end of the High Strain Dynamic Testing Workshop participants may take a multiple choice Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test which will take less than 1-½ hours to complete. The test will cover the theory of Wave Mechanics, Case Method (PDA) equations, data quality assessment, data interpretation and basic CAPWAP analysis.  The test is designed for those with experience in using the Pile Driving Analyzer® system and CAPWAP to perform High Strain Dynamic Foundation Tests. The best preparation for the test is work experience following an initial PDA training. The workshop will refresh the participant's theoretical background and be a reminder of some important points.  Those taking the test are advised to study "Appendix A" and "Helpful Hints" of the PDA manual, review some of the EXAMPLE data provided with the PDA, and read the CAPWAP background material. These materials are supplied with PDA purchases.  Those without access to the manuals and examples should please contact softwaresales@pile.com in advance of the test date. For more information about the Proficiency Test website: www.PDAProficiencyTest.com.
A Certificate of Proficiency in High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing will be awarded to those who pass the test. The Level indicated on the Certificate is dependent on the score achieved on the test. Those who do not pass the test will receive full credit of test registration fee to be applied towards retaking the test at the next opportunity.

*Please note it will take up to two weeks or less to receive your exam results *