PDCA 23rd Annual International Conference & Expo - Phoenix, AZ

Good Afternoon Contractors, 

In order for PDCA to create an Annual Conference that provides education, connection, and a unique experience for you, we need your input. Please submit a case study for consideration by the Education Committee. 

By submitting a case study for consideration, you provide us with the information needed to make the conference meaningful to you and other contractors. Knowing what education, presentations, and information contractors find valuable will allow for a meeting centered around your needs.

Cases studies do not have to be in their final presentation form. Submission of a rough draft of ideas and key takeaways are welcome.

The deadline for submission is Monday, December 9th. For information on the submission process and how to submit, please review the PDCA Abstract FlierAbstracts submissions are being collected online at http://www.piledrivers.org/conferences-and-events/call-for-papers/

Case studies can also be submitted for consideration for the IFCEE Conference in 2021. You can visit the PDCA Website for information on IFCEE's submission process.

We appreciate your support! 


Your PDCA Team