November 2019
Dear :

You are no doubt aware that the Pile Driving Contractors Association has experienced some significant changes this year.  It has been a busy year, a productive year, and a quick year, and we want to acknowledge that it has not been an easy year, but it has been a good year.

One significant change that you should have received information about is the dues increase that will be effective January 1, 2020 .  We realize this is no small consideration for each PDCA member.  Please allow me, on behalf of the Officers, Board of Directors, and indeed the entire PDCA membership, to express our sincere appreciation for your support of the organization during this year of change.  Whatever you decide regarding membership in PDCA going forward, please know that your support and participation is vital to the success we will attain in representing the driven pile industry.

In consideration of the dues increase we would like to take this opportunity to update our records regarding your membership information.  PDCA has created a new Membership Form that we are asking all current and new members to complete.  The form is located at the bottom of this email and is a pdf that you can download and complete on your computer or you can print the form and complete it by hand.  Either way please read the form carefully as some things have changed.

We have created a third category for Contractors and Associates.  This means that your respective membership type may change beginning January 1, 2020.  Please read the criteria carefully and select the appropriate member type that best represents your company.  Also, please consider that "total annual revenue" is defined as the "total" revenue for the company and includes all areas of business that the company is involved.

We are pleased to report that Contractor, Associate, and Engineering Affiliate members will now receive up-to five individuals per office membership.  Please be sure to provide the contact information for each individual that you would like to include on the website and in the PDCA Membership Directory.

Additionally, a multiple office discount of 50% off the regular dues rate has been added.  Each office that is paid for under this new option will still receive the appropriate number of individuals for the respective member type, i.e., Contractor, Associate, and Engineering Affiliate will receive up-to five individuals, and Labor Organization and Affiliated Services will receive one individual.

Each corporate member type can still purchase Additional Corporate memberships for as many individuals as desired.  Please be sure to provide the contact information for each individual that you would like to include on the website and in the PDCA Membership Directory.  You can copy the Additional Corporate Member form if necessary.

We encourage your continued participation in the PDCA Education Outreach.  You can select the $100 default donation, or you can write in your own amount. We also encourage you to consider placing your company logo add on the PDCA website.  This is a great way to show support for PDCA as well as provide online visibility for your company.  The Premium Upgrade and Company Logo on Website Profile options are still available.

Something that PDCA will be doing different going forward is giving members the option of paying dues either annually or on a quarterly basis.  The selections you make on the Membership Form will be billed based on the payment option you choose.  Members who pay annually will still receive a quarterly statement.

Membership in PDCA will now be considered ongoing until changed by the company or individual.  If you wish to make any changes to your membership please contact the PDCA office either by phone or email.  We'll be happy to help.

If you know someone that is interested in PDCA membership please feel free to share the Membership Form with them.  Also, please don't hesitate to have them call the PDCA office if there are any questions we can answer or additional information we can provide.

We are currently working on updating the PDCA website so this process can be completed online.  We appreciate your patience.

At your earliest convenience please complete the PDCA Membership Form and return it with your payment as soon as possible.  This will indicate to us your desire to continue your membership in PDCA.  Please let us know if you need any additional information.

Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to working with you to represent the driven pile industry.

Best regards,

Frank T Peters
Executive Director

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