PDCA Member Engagement Challenge

PDCA Member Company Engagement
Campaign & Awards

PDCA member company campaign is a participation award at the bronze level and requires more participation as the levels increase.  It is presented as a thank you to any PDCA member company that is leading the way in support and participation within the PDCA.  The levels listed are not limited to one PDCA member company and does not require any type of company nomination.  This is an involvement campaign and setup so that all PDCA members can choose to participate each year to gain maximum benefit of their membership.

Each level is evaluated within a 12-month period of time & goals can be updated by the governing committee(s), board and/or executive director each year prior to new start date.  Every PDCA member has equal opportunity to win at any level as the award is based on personal contribution of time to the industry and to PDCA. Each year a new and empty chart begins and allowing each company to fill in what you are actively doing within the PDCA.

The PDCA Associate Member Council and PDCA Board of Directors reserve the right to request detailed information on goal completion as to best gauge how members are doing.  However, most of this data will be auto-collected as you fill in the check list step by step over the award cycle period.

We look forward to you getting involved.

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