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Selected PileDriver Magazine Articles

"Why Not Timber Piles?"
Q2 2008

An argument to increase the design loads of timber piles.

"Efficient Concrete Pile Design in D.C."
Q2 2008

Matching the structural pile capacity of a concrete pile to the geotechnical capacity for an efficient design.

"A Driven Solution"
Q4 2007

The use of steel sheet pile as excavation support and permanent foundation walls is discussed.

Innovation Along the Interstate
Q3 2007

Secant drilled shaft wall with estimated cost of over $15 million was replaced by innovative driven pile solution costing only $2 million.

Innovative Noise Reduction
Q3 2007

Drilled shaft work proposal requiring 60 nights of constant noise was replaced by only 9 days of driven piles during normal working hours.

Changing Some History
Q2 2007

Large bridge designed for drilled shafts is switched to driven piles; testing advantage of driven.

Quality Driven
Q2 2007

A review of the quality that goes into all types of driven piles: timber, concrete, and steel sections.

Driven Piles Support Wind Turbines in the U.K.
Q1 2007

Driven piles are the foundation of choice over drilled shafts for wind farm turbine installations in Europe.

Aarsleff Supplies Quiet Support
Q1 2007

Driven pile noise and vibration issues are overcome by test program and working closely with the engineer; installation completed in 3 days rather than the planned 10 days.

Timber Piles: A Brief Overview
Q4 2006

General overview of oldest, yet still viable, driven pile type.

A Driven Pile Advantage - Batter Piles
Q4 2006

Another driven pile advantage for lateral loads and how to make a proper design even in seismic conditions.

Design of Prestressed Concrete Piles for Seismic Loads
Q4 2005

When properly designed, concrete piles can be used for seismic applications.

Benefits of Prestressed Concrete Piles
Q3 2005

Overall descriptions of prestressed concrete piles with benefits are presented.

Renovation of Charleston High School for MUSC
Q2 2005

Driven piles were used in an historic district near a hospital and overcame all vibration and noise issues.

Driven Piles Selected for New L'Auberge du Lac Hotel and Casino
Q1 2005

Driven piles chosen over augercast and drilled shafts because of the economy and reliability of driven piles.

Specification of Steel Pipe
Q1 2005

Describes the process and differences among various available pipe pile options.

Pile Cushions
Q4 2004

Explains the need and proper use of cushions to protect concrete piles during driving.

College of Charleston
Q3 2004

Augercast piles successfully replaced by driven piles; noise and vibration issues in old historic district easily solved.

Pile Foundations: An Environmental Issue?
Q3 2004

Author's research clearly shows superiority of driven piles in brownfield sites.

Pile Hammer Cushions
Q2 2004

What are they and what they do.

Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant
Q1 2004

Innovative test program saved time and money.

Safety Factors for Pile Testing
Q1 2003

Take advantage of the testing commonly performed on driven piles; save money and reduce risk.