BREAKING NEWS: Major Merger Expected, Kiewit to Acquire Weeks Marine

PDCA has learned an agreement is in place for Kiewit to acquire Weeks Marine, both longtime PDCA Contractor Members, in a deal expected to close at the end of the year.

In an internal memo issued to employees of Kiewit, the Omaha, NE-based construction and infrastructure giant, CEO Rick Lanoha delivered the following statement:

"There's a long history between our two companies, including extensive work together through joint ventures and subcontractor agreements on infrastructure and energy projects. That longstanding relationship, not to mention Weeks' shared commitment to safety, strong financial and operational track record, and comparable culture and talented workforce, makes us confident this is an acquisition worth pursuing. Weeks offers valued, specialized construction experience in areas where we see great opportunity."

As previously reported, the Cranford, NJ-based Weeks Marine leadership circulated the news among its employees. Rich Weeks and Dick Weeks issued the following memo to the team at the 100-year old company bearing their family name:

Weeks Marine Board of Directors approved an agreement to join the Kiewit Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Weeks has been a family-owned business for five generations and joining with Kiewit is in the long-term best interest of our employees and clients. This is an exciting opportunity for all of us.

We have a long history with Kiewit and their culture, values, and dedication to employees is a great fit with Weeks. Kiewit is an extremely successful construction engineering firm operating in the civil, energy, and building sectors throughout the United States and Canada. Our expertise and market position are an excellent addition to their capabilities. Weeks will retain its name and management going forward.

The targeted closing date is January 1, 2023. We would request your patience and cooperation as we work out the details of this combination. It is important to know that we will be operating as business as usual during this time and into 2023.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to Communications and refrain from speaking to the media. We are excited about this next phase of growth and development and believe that a partnership with Kiewit will allow Weeks Marine and its employees to continue to grow and prosper. Thank you for your continued support and hard work."

PDCA wishes the best to the two Contractor Member companies as this strategic acquisition nears completion.

Consider These Q4 Events for PDCA, Deep Foundations Industry Enrichment

ASAP Group among sponsors for Palm Trees and Pile Driving, a PDCA reception coming Nov. 3rd to South Florida and FREE to the industry

Register to Attend Upcoming Deep Foundation Industry Events

Below are upcoming events and programming of interest to stakeholders in deep foundation construction for the remainder of 2022. For more information on these events, please click the date of the event.

October 4-7, 2022
Deep Foundations Institute 47th Annual Conference
National Harbor, MD

October 12-14, 2022
Deep Foundations Dynamic Testing & Analysis (DFDTA) Workshop & PDA Proficiency Test
Cleveland, OH

October 13, 2022
PDCA Education Webinar Series: Famous Foundations
T. Richard Morris, President, International Construction Equipment, Inc.

October 14, 2022
Texas A&M 30th Buchanan Lecture: Risk Mitigation in the Changing Relationship between Contractors and Engineers
College Station, TX

October 25, 2022
GeoProfessional Business Association: 2022 Fall Conference
Virtual Event

October 26, 2022
PDCA Northeast Chapter Dinner Meeting
Bocelli Ristorante, Staten Island, NY

November 1, 2022
PDCA of Texas Chapter Fall Lunch & Learn
Medical Center Hilton, Houston, TX

November 3, 2022
PDCA Palm Trees & Pile Driving Reception
Bokampers Sports Bar & Grill - Miramar, Miramar, FL

November 10, 2022
PDCA 2022 Value Driven Webinar Series: Legal Discussion on Contracts
John Davagian, Esq., Managing Partner, Davagian, Grillo & Semple, LLP

December 8, 2022
PDCA 2022 Value Driven Webinar Series: Steel Durability in Marine Construction
Gerry McShane, Director of Piling Sales, Service Steel Warehouse

Webinar Series on Oct 13th

NE Chapter Membership Dinner on Oct. 26th
Chapter Lunch & Learn on Nov. 2nd

*List compiled by PDCA Events Manager Kathy Harper

Highlighted by Technical Programming, DICEP 2022 Concludes

DICEP 2022, also known as the 23rd Annual Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles technical conference brought dozens of deep foundations professionals to the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel in Downtown New Orleans, LA September 12-14, 2022. The three-day seminar featured 12 technical programs, two additional and optional short course were also available for early arrivals. Attendees were provided daily, continental breakfasts. Tuesday's schedule included lunch and an evening reception.  

DICEP is an exclusive PDCA program presents modern approaches to maximize and promote the increased use of driven piles through a series of engineering-focused presentations. It takes a deep dive into tried-and-true methods, as well as emerging techniques, for innovative design, construction, and equipment use related to deep foundations, earth retention and/or pile driving. Attendees can expect to learn the advantages of using driven pile foundations for various types of projects; included will be insights into current industry research and technology. 

The conference is primarily designed for geotechnical, structural, and civil engineers. However, other firms or individuals who conduct business, support or are associated with the deep foundations, earth retention and/or the driven pile industry regularly attend. Licensed PEs earn professional development hours (PDHs) at this conference.

PDCA thanks all DICEP 2022 attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Exhibitors included: American Equipment & Fabricating Corp., American Piledriving Equipment, Inc., Ardaman and Associates, Inc., Consolidated Pipe & Supply Company, Inc., GRL Engineers, Inc., Pile Dynamics, Inc., Giken Ltd., J.D. Fields & Company, Inc., Liebherr, Lodge Lumber, Meever USA, and Nucor Skyline. Those sponsoring specific functions within the conference were; American Equipment & Fabricating Corp., ICE-International Construction Equipment, Inc., Liebherr, Nagy Engineers, Inc., and Pacific Pile & Marine, L.P.

GeoCarolinas 2022 Grows Under Leadership from PDCA Members

(L-R) Duane Bents, Billy Camp, two key members of the 2022 GeoCarolinas Conference organizing committee

It is the culmination of months of planning by a small committee of volunteers who aspire to optimize continuing educational opportunities, regional networking and industry advancement for the geotechnical engineering communities in North Carolina and South Carolina. In the case of the third GeoCarolinas Conference that took place September 12-13, 2022 in Charlotte, NC, organizers were afforded significantly more planning time because event was twice postponed due to lingering COVID-19 protocols. However, when GeoCarolinas Conference 2022 arrived on Monday, it brought its best attendance in the short history of the program showing a growing interest in this important function of the Carolinas Chapter of the Geo-Institute.

The ever-capable group of ten volunteers who organized GeoCarolinas 2022 includes great representation from professionals who are also PDCA members. Duane Bents, PE is a business development representative at Morris-Shea Bridge Company and Billy Camp, III, PE, D.GE is a VP and technical principal at S&ME, Inc.; the two receive a lot of credit from their peers on the organizing panel for the work they do to bring the program to life. Matt Silveston, PE, LEED AP is a senior engineer at Insight Group and the third geo-professional who is also a PDCA member and is on the organizing panel.

The two-day event featured 12 different presentations from experts on various geotechnical engineering matters. Van E. Komurka, PE, D.GE a senior engineer at GRL Engineers was among the several presenters who traveled to Charlotte from various locations around the country. Additionally, numerous representatives from PDCA member companies attended as participants, sponsors or as exhibitors. 

A highlight of the GeoCarolinas 2022 was a Monday evening reception sponsored by the PDCA South Carolina Chapter. See the photos below: 

Will Your Work Truck Still be Running at 635K Miles?

Van and his truck, a photo worthy of endorsement from the Ford Motor Co.

This odometer doesn't lie

His name is Van, but he may consider changing it to Truck because he has spent a measurable portion of his life driving in one - the same one. Since 1997 when he purchased it new, he has driven his tan F-250 with a standard cab and 8-foot bed. Van E. Komurka, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE who is a senior engineer at GRL Engineers, is also a longtime PDCA member and technical contributor. Over his many years of involvement in the organization, an oral tradition about his legendary F-250 has emerged. They were talking about it back when it had a mere 400K miles! It has been referenced in PileDriver magazine, become a topic of small talk during South Carolina Chapter and other events, and was even a subject that the late Dale Biggers would regularly bring up what he designated "The Truck" during casual conversations.

We caught up with Van, a Milwaukee, WI resident, at a geotechnical industry event in Charlotte, NC. As expected, he arrived in his trusty F-250, complete with a half-eaten, economy-sized container of animal crackers, "no wrappers, no crumbs," on the floorboard, and some emptied drink containers scattered in the cab. During his drive, his odometer had just ticked up to the 635,000 mile threshold; even so, he reported a safe and problem-free trip through Appalacia. He came to North Carolina to participate as a presenter in the GeoCarolinas 2022 conference. Professional obligations and opportunities are responsible for the majority of the miles Van has driven over the past two-and-a-half decades. Many PDCA members recall the early 2000's when Van's now-adult sons were young and accompanied him to Professor's Driven Pile Institute (PDPI) classes at Utah State University (USU) in Logan, UT. He also noted that he spent several years commuting weekly from his Wisconsin home to his job in Cleveland, OH.

With all his driving, he says the truck runs great. Van is a responsible truck owner and is diligent about general maintenance, the vast majority of which he performs himself. Ask him about the time he was changing his oil in a USU public parking structure during one trip to PDPI! He concedes that the decades of Midwestern weather, lake-effect snowstorms, and salt-based road hazard mitigation have landed a few 'punches' on the body of the trusty pick-up. Some minor areas of rust are visible. But with surviving original parts including all the hoses, the complete exhaust system, and many others and regular TLC from Van, the F-250 is showing no signs of retiring.

You can easily identify Van's truck on the road through a quick glance at the license plate. While he's not the kind of guy you would ever accuse of being vain, he did opt for the vanity plates through the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles - they read 97 F250. And while the vehicle would qualify for a discounted registration, Van won't hear of any suggestion to enter the state's Collector license plate program.
After enthusiastically giving us a visit to the downtown Charlotte parking garage to see his legendary truck, Van E. Komurka proceeded back inside to GeoCarolinas 2022 and delivered his highly-anticipated talk on Incremental Rigidity to a welcoming audience of geotechnical professionals.

We don't need collector plates here
Try to find wrappers or crumbs in this cab
"The Truck" in all her glory
No need to focus on that little bit of 'Wisconsin' 

PDCA to Participate in October DFI Conference on Deep Foundations

DFI Director of Technical Activities Matt Glisson, P.E. (left) is joined by representatives of PDCA member companies who are also in DFI.

As the leading organization advocating for the increased use of driven piles for deep foundations and earth retention systems, the Pile Driving Contractors Association proudly allies with the foundation construction community to ensure that pile driving contractors have professional representation throughout the industry. Through this mission, PDCA forms key partnerships such as recurring cooperating agreements with the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI).

Many PDCA members are also involved in DFI and attend various events they offer. The DFI 47th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations is coming to the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center October 4-7 in National Harbor, Maryland. PDCA will be attending this event as a Cooperating Organization and looks forward to connecting with its members who are also at this conference. This has historically been a productive event for professionals in deep foundations construction. You can learn more about the DFI conference by clicking the image below:

Sharpshooters Descend Upon Baton Rouge Gun Club for Chapter Event

The 2022 PDCA Gulf Coast Chapter Sporting Clay Shoot kicked off the Labor Day weekend for Chapter members and guests in and around Louisiana. Dozens of shooting enthusiasts arrived at the Bridgeview Gun Club near Baton Rouge for a 9:00 AM start on Friday September 2nd, then proceeded through the shooting stations. The event was competitive in nature, but as usual, provided the pile driving contractors, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and civil engineers in the region a perfect opportunity to engage and network outside of a business setting. Upon completion of the shooting course, participants enjoyed a lunch thanks to the sponsorship of H&E Equipment Services. The Chapter thanks all Station Sponsors and participants for making the 2022, annual event a success.


Meever USA's Hoefeld Wins September #PDCADriven Contest

End of Summer Photo Dump - Thank You PDCA Members!

RJ Gorman Contracting, LLC - Panama City, Florida

With the 2022 Labor Day weekend here, we take this opportunity to thank the many PDCA members with whom we've had the pleasure to visit this summer. Sometimes, we will pop in to your office or shop, other times we will see you at an industry event. Either way, we truly enjoy every instance we get to meet with you whether it is for business and social purposes. And we are always eager to be a resource for you if and when we can.

Here is a collection of photos we have accumulated over Summer 2022 chronicling some of our travels throughout North America - we saw you in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Manitoba, among other places. Thank you for your ongoing participation in PDCA and your support of the driven pile industry. We wish the pile driving labor force a Happy Labor Day weekend.

ECA - Jacksonville, FL Branch Office
Temi Kusemiju of Lloyd Engineering, Inc., Houston, TX

Luke Crump of Trinity Products, O'Fallon, MO

GeoQuip, Inc. (partial office staff), Chesapeake, VA
PDCA Northeast Chapter Sporting Clays (1), Coplay, PA  
PileDriver Publisher Jill Harris and wedding party, Manitoba Canada
Alec McGillivray, Dave Harper, Precast Piling Technology, Tampa, FL
Coastal Pile Driving, Inc. Pensacola, FL

Liebherr crane at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA
Joe Gilardi, American Equipment & Fabricating, Corp. Providence, RI

Palmetto Pile Driving, Hammer & Steel in Charleston, SC

Gulf Coast Chapter leadership (partial) in Biloxi, MS

Virginia Beach, VA, home of Ford Pile Foundations

Frank Peters of PDCA, Charlie Booth AE&F, and a classic at AE&F Corp.

MKT Manufacturing, Inc. (1), St. Louis, MO

PDCA Texas Chapter leadership (partial), in Houston, TX

Pile driving rig trophies for South Carolina industry retirees

Jordan Pile Driving, Inc., Mobile, AL

Participants Gulf Coast Chapter Sporting Clays 2022

John Skinner, retiree, Parker Marine Contracting, Charleston, SC

PDCA Northeast Chapter Sporting Clays (2), Coplay, PA

MKT Manufacturing, Inc. (2), St. Louis, MO

GeoQuip, Inc. (partial shop team), Chesapeake, VA

Cape Romain Contractors, Inc., Wando, SC

Atlantic Metrocast, Inc., Portsmouth, VA

Heath Stevens, Gulf Coast Pre-Stress Partners, Pass Christian, MS

A Pile of News - September 2022

A Pile of News: September 2022
Good morning to the 3,989 pile driving professionals reading this email right now! Welcome to your monthly briefing of news and information from the pile driving contractors, associated manufacturers, construction suppliers and affiliated engineers who comprise PDCA.
by Matt Bisbee, PDCA

Originally sent Sept. 1, 2022
BREAKING NEWS! Cajun Industries, GeoStructures, Richard Goettle, Inc., PND Engineers, Inc., Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction and Russell Marine, LLC have all won 2022 PDCA Project of the Year Awards! Each project is featured in the latest PileDriver; read the digital edition to see photos and learn about the amazing work your fellow PDCA members are doing around the country. Congratulations!
  • Now is a good time to remind you that the pile driving project you're finishing may be worth submitting for a 2023 PDCA Project of the Year Award think about it. The program opens for entries in January.
From the Association & Chapters
Mark your calendars!
  • Sept. 2: PDCA Gulf Coast Chapter Sporting Clay Shoot, 8 AM3 PM CDT. This biennial gathering is at Bridgeview Gun Club in Port Allen, LA.
  • Sept. 8: The Use of FRP Composites in Piling Applications, 23 PM EDT, part of the 2022 Value Driven Webinar Series.
  • Sept. 12 - 14: DICEP is in New Orleans; you still have time to register but act quickly!
  • Sept. 30: PDCA Membership Directory modifications are due. Visit and update your account.
  • Oct. 12 - 14: Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing & Analysis, a twice-per-year seminar, workshop and exam, in partnership with PDI, Inc., is at the Cleveland Marriott East in Ohio.
  • Oct. 26: PDCA Northeast Chapter Dinner Meeting, 69 PM EDT at Bocelli's Restaurant in Staten Island, NY. This PDCA members only event will feature a technical program.
  • Nov. 1: PDCA Texas Chapter Lunch & Learn. 11 AM2 PM CDT at Hilton Houston Plaza/Medical Center. Registration is $35 and includes lunch. Sponsorships are encouraged.
  • Nov. 3: South Florida Social, 5:307:30 PM EDT; a FREE networking happy hour at Bokampers in Miramar, FL. PDCA members and non-members are invited, will receive a short industry update. Sponsorship appreciated!

Chapter/Regional News:
  • Networking in Norfolk brought pile driving professionals to coastal Virginia on Aug.11. PDCA members and non-members gathered at Benchtop Brewing for a happy hour. PHOTOS
  • PDCA Gulf Coast Chapter met at the Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi, MS on Aug. 18; following a reception, attendees enjoyed a buffet dinner and a program on PS concrete piling. PHOTOS
  • PDCA South Carolina Chapter met in Charleston on Aug. 18; it included a social hour, dinner, ceremony recognizing industry retirees and a presentation about PDCA education. PHOTOS

Industry News
Congratulations, Ronald Hoefeld with Meever USA, Inc.,
you are this month's winner! Send an email to before
the end of the month to claim your prize!
News from PDCA Companies
Governmental relations:
  • Boh Bros. Construction Co. hosted U.S. Sen. Cassidy at their New Orleans offices; he discussed the benefits to Louisiana that are possible through the new federal infrastructure law.
  • Heldenfels Enterprises president Fred Heldenfels IV is board chair at the Austin Chamber, which enabled him to join Texas U.S. Sen. Cornyn and U.S. Rep. McCaul for the announcement of a new federal initiative. Previously, he hosted U.S. Rep. Doggett at the Chairman's Circle Lunch.
  • UBC Pile Drivers and Divers-EASRCC and others effectively advocated for grant funding of nearly $23M coming to Maryland. Members of the group joined Gov. Hogan and others to celebrate the award that will assist the Maryland Works for Wind apprenticeship program.
  • Nucor joined Lowes, State Farm, GAP and others as Grand Slam Sponsors for the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. It raised over $1.5M for local charities. This author salutes the GOP's catcher for the past decade, Rep. Davis (IL), who hangs up his cleats.
  • GZA GeoEnvironmental is designing a stabilization on the North Nashua River in Massachusetts; a consortium of local, state and federal officials, including FEMA Region Director Ehrlich, State Sen. Cronin and State Rep. Higgins, featured the project during a Leominster news conference.

Expansions & acquisitions:
  • BAUER Equipment America hosted a ceremonial groundbreaking at its Conroe, TX HQ to build a home for a new division that will increase its services across all product lines; CEO Ruediger Kaub and Mayor Czajkoski were among the "shovelers."
  • ECS Limited continues a westward expansion and hangs a shingle in Salt Lake City. The office is led by Salt Lake native Matt Olson, P.E., who relocates from the Raleigh, NC office.
  • Haley & Aldrich taps senior client leader Alicia Shull to lead its new Cincinnati location. The Massachusetts-based engineering firm announced in August it was opening a third Ohio office.

Giving back:
  • From what began as a collaboration in 1946 between a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officers in Savannah, GA, Thomas & Hutton has grown into "one of the most well-respected and established multidisciplinary firms in the Southeastern U.S." Congratulations to the firm, which now operates 13 offices in four states as it celebrates 75 years in business!
People on the Move
  • Robert S. Boh moves to chairman/CEO at Boh Bros. Construction, handing off the presidency to Stephen Boh, the fifth family member to helm the New Orleans powerhouse contractor. Also, Edward A. Scheuermann, P.E. becomes COO after 35 years, Robert Senior, P.E. rises to CFO and G.J. Schexnayder, P.E. is the new manager of heavy construction.
  • Travis Boone, a 23 year veteran in foundation construction who started as a bridge engineer, transitions to Orion Marine Group to assume the role of president/CEO.
  • Daniel J. Shiwinger becomes the new North Carolina-based safety engineer at Conti Civil, LLC.
  • Amy Andrews, Jon Fountain join Russell Marine, LLC as project managers; Jon transitions to the role following his summer internship and Amy is a recent SHSU grad from the Houston area.
  • John Hayes is promoted to Director of Business Development at Equipment Corporation of America, Mike Roberts succeeds him as Branch Manager in Jacksonville, FL. Elsewhere, Chris Horne elevates to service manager at ECA Canada.
  • Shane Pass joins Hammer & Steel as sales engineer for Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa; meantime at St. Louis HQ, Thillini Coldagelli, CPA onboards as new assistant corporate controller.
  • Jebb Stone is appointed new director of business development at JD Fields & Company, Inc. Also, Aaron Bunting named new regional manager Pacific Northwest for the steel supplier.
  • Dee Powers, SHRM-SCP named new VP of HR at American Engineering Testing (AET).
  • Oscar Merida onboards at ECS Limited in Virginia, elsewhere Jared Pitts and Dave Atteberry take positions in the firm's Florida offices.
  • Mark H. Westra, a principal at GZA GeoEnvironmental, is elected to its board of directors while associate principal Margaret A. Panatera wins a second three-year term.
  • Sarvesh Khanna and Mayank Jeswani bring new marine and ports experience to the team at Houston-based Lloyd Engineering, Inc.
  • Lori Cathcart is new director of corporate responsibility at Terracon, responsible for developing and implementing internal corporate sustainability strategies, policies and procedures.

  • Sherri Pearson, training coordinator at Cajun Industries, LLC, led instruction at the Construction Site Safety Technician course in Baton Rouge; Cajun sponsored 12 graduates. Elsewhere, company pile driver foremen Austin Thompson, Jeremy Quibodeaux complete a leadership course.
  • Daniel Fowler, VP at J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc., was a panelist at an Aug. 4 discussion on offshore wind, coordinated by the New Jersey Alliance For Action.
  • Charles Ernest of Jordan Pile Driving in Mobile, AL, and his wife Shelbey welcomed twins Collins and Carson Ernest on July 29, 2022, congratulations!
  • Delfino Perez and Ethan Bonilla of McCarthy Building Co. have been integral to major Houston-area pile driving projects. The company named them Craft Professionals of the Year.
  • Julia LaRochelle (Scott), E.I.T. is committed to sustainable engineering; the Haley & Aldrich associate was elected president of the N.H. chapter of Engineers Without Borders.
  • Daniel Fowler, VP at J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc., was a panelist at an Aug. 4 discussion on offshore wind, coordinated by the New Jersey Alliance For Action.
  • Michael Weekley, P.E. of Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering, PLLC contributed photography to illustrate a story about South Carolina infrastructure in APWA magazine.
  • Tammie Berry reaches 33 years at the Panama City offices and Lewis Copeland makes 31 years in the corporate headquarters in Mobile at Southern Earth Sciences.
  • Mark DeSouza, a South Carolina project manager at Thomas & Hutton, earns promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves.

In sympathy:
  • Dennis "Bo" Dean, a pile driver for more than 40 years at Foundation Constructors in Fontana, CA, has passed. He installed piles for some of Southern California's iconic buildings and bridges. His colleagues consider Bo, along with his trademark mustache and suspenders, as an inspiration to generations of pile drivers.
On the Job
Media Hits
Jacksonville Daily Record covers the grand re-opening of the Jacksonville Beach Pier, which was put out of service following two hurricanes dating back to 2016. Area mayors and other municipal officials cut the ribbon on the $11.6M Hal Jones Contractor project, a staple of North Florida tourism.

Construction Equipment Guide carries coverage of Company Wrench and the Operator for a Day event.

Engineering News Record-Southeast recognizes ECS Southeast, LLP as Design Firm of the Year, profiles recent growth and expanding national prominence of the firm.
Notes from the Field
School's back and students everywhere are reporting summer break highlights. Heidi Danbrook's daughters may be talking about their trip to Colorado, where they joined mom as she exhibited for Gilbert Products at a trade show. Hey, mom, if you take them to San Diego in February for the PDCA Annual Conference, they'll learn A LOT about pile driving and even get to miss some days of school!

You know it's all about those boats in the marine construction sector. McCarthy Building Companies grew its marine fleet with an unmanned survey vessel to enhance underwater operations; they debuted it on social media with this photo near some PC/PS concrete piles. In other waters, the Navy's newly commissioned USS Fort Lauderdale hitched a ride from a Poseidon Dredge & Marine tug boat, to make its way to Port Everglades for a summer commissioning. Ahoy!

Once for equines, now it's fine wines Matt Bullinger at Company Wrench launched a side hustle with his 1970s-era horse trailer. Now called The Rustic Trotter, the double-axle cart has been tastefully retrofitted into a mobile bar, available for weddings or other events that beverages might enhance. PDCA Chapters get a quote from Matt for your next event!

PDCA thanks the numerous company spokespeople and other personnel who helped provide us the news you've just read. We do our best to glean the information we distribute directly from your web or social media sites, but there are times when we need a little more detail to develop the most concise notes found in A Pile of News. This distribution required us to do more outreach than usual. Thanks for taking our calls and responding to our emails!

The unofficial end of summer is upon us and many of you are gearing up for a long Labor Day weekend. PDCA salutes its many laborers and wishes all of you a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.
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