Biggers' Posthumous Honor Elicits Industry-wide Adoration, Accolades

Dale Clyde Biggers
July 4, 1944 - October 7, 2021

Las Vegas, NV (October 14, 2021):  A transformational figure in the foundation construction industry is the 2021 DFI Distinguished Service Award recipient; the honor was posthumously bestowed upon Dale Biggers on October 14th during a formal gathering of his friends, colleagues and protege's in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual Awards Banquet which featured the presentation was part of the 46th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations. It attracted capacity attendance from professionals across North America.

DFI President Michael Wysockey of Thatcher Foundations, presided over the ceremony. He delivered emotional remarks stating his reverence for Mr. Biggers as he addressed Dale's widow Virgene and Boh Bros. Construction Co. President Robert Boh, both of whom joined him on the stage. The two accepted the award on Dale's behalf in front of an adoring audience.

In addition to his admirable, 53-year career with Boh Bros. where he was most recently Vice President, Dale Biggers voluntarily provided industry insight, innovation and leadership to PDCA. He had enthusiastically served as the PDCA Technical Committee Chair, among other key industry positions. He is remembered as a humble professional who has left a significant footprint in the industry through his technical collaborations, organizational participation and support, and the generations of practitioners he has influenced.

(L-R: Virgene Biggers, Mike Wysockey, Robert Boh during award ceremony honoring Dale Biggers; photo courtesy of DFI)

Thatcher Foundations marks 75 years building the Midwest

The year was 1946 and the Chicago Bears would earn their 7th football championship under legendary coach George Halas. Football titles notwithstanding, post-war Chicago had already earned a reputation as a world-class leader in business and industry. Culturally, it boasted one of the most unique and enviable architecture traditions in the U.S., while residents still navigated the city on streetcars. But Chicago had more to offer; the second half of the 20th Century spawned iconic creations that did not exist in 1946, such as the nation's first McDonalds restaurant (1955), the first Playboy Club (1960) and the Chicago Bulls (1966).

PDCA considers one of Chicago's most significant, post-war creations to be Thatcher Foundations, Inc. which continues  to shape the city skyline, regional infrastructure, and even the beloved football team. In 1946, a World War II veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees named Harry Thatcher launched the specialty contracting firm which played a prominent role building Chicagoland as it is known today. In 1957, a young engineer with a degree from The Citadel named Tom Wysockey (pictured) joined Thatcher after leaving employment with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; by the 1980's, he had become the sole owner of the company which then had grown to two offices in both Chicago and Gary, IN.
(L-R) Mike Wysockey, John Wysockey
Tom Wysockey (1931-2019) is an important figure in foundation construction; not only in Chicago where he excelled professionally, but he was one of the earliest Presidents of the Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA), serving consecutive terms in 1998 and 1999. More than 20 years ago, he led industry peers in shaping what has become the leading, national trade organization for pile driving professionals today. Tom Wysockey maintained his leadership role at Thatcher into the 2010's, while gradually turning over company operations to his sons Michael and John Wysockey (pictured) who currently helm the specialty contractor. Today, civil engineering students compete annually for the coveted Thomas J. Wysockey Scholarship.
Thatcher is diversified throughout the deep foundations industry offering pile driving and other foundations, earth retention, marine construction, and other specialty ground construction. PDCA applauds the Thatcher website which boldly states "(Pile driving) offers an inherent level of quality control beyond all other types of deep foundation installation techniques. A DRIVEN PILE IS A TESTED PILE."

Company leadership credits Its longevity to four fundamental business priorities: safety, quality, innovation, and productivity. As tradition has it, Tom Wysockey often said, "we cared about safety back when OSHA was just a town in Wisconsin."  The thriving and productive workforce at Thatcher is a testament to the culture it has established over four generations.

A reader may be curious why this narrative celebrating the 75th anniversary of Thatcher Foundations, Inc. began with a reference to the Chicago Bears? Well, it's a notable juxtaposition because the Bears are one of the oldest teams in football with a storied history in the Windy City. To think that they were already securing a 7th national championship when Thatcher was founded, makes it even more remarkable that just 55 years later, Thatcher would be driving 2,248 H-piles as part of the massive overhaul of their historic Soldier Field home that was completed in 2002. And that is just the tip of the footprint this monster of the Midway has left in the Midwest. Congratulations Thatcher Foundations!

Marksmen prep for company clay shoot
Team members enjoy a happy hour 
Participants at Thatcher Golf Outing
Mike W. visits with engineering students at alma mater The Citadel

PDCA President Kevin Gourgues, Mike W. present at IFCEE 2021

Foundation Testing and Analysis Workshop, Proficiency Test Coming Nov. 3

Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI), in cooperation with the Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA), has developed a "Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test" for engineers providing high strain dynamic foundation testing services. The test was designed to reflect their level of knowledge and ability, which is then indicated in a "Certificate of Proficiency". To assure a high standard of testing, many organizations or agencies seeking testing services now require a certificate demonstrating some specified level of ability in dynamic testing.

The test is offered upon request (please contact PDCA), but also twice each year as part of the Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing and Analysis (DFDTA) conference, a three-day program coming to the Cleveland Marriott East Hotel (26300 Harvard Road, Warrensville Heights, OH 44122), November 3-5, 2021.

The health and safety of attendees is PDCA & PDI's primary concern. With continued concerns regarding COVID-19 health crisis, social distancing will be implemented in the session room and attendees will be required to wear face masks, including those that are fully vaccinated.

Effective October 1, 2021, Pile Dynamics, Inc. has implemented a COVID-19 Event Protection Clause. In order to provide the utmost safety to our event attendees and instructors, Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) has instituted the following requirements for all 2021 events hosted by the organization.
  1. All attendees must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of the first day of the event.
  2. If attendee does not show one of the above, a negative quick test taken daily will be required for admission.
  3. All attendees must wear a mask while in the classroom, except when eating or drinking.

The DFDTA conference will present a one-day seminar titled Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis on November 3, 2021.  A two-day workshop titled High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing will also be presented November 4-5, 2021. On the third-day, PDI will also offer the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test, a 90-minute, multiple-choice exam that will cover the theory of Wave Mechanics, Case Method (PDA) equations, data quality assessment, data interpretation and basic CAPWAP analysis.

The fee to attend the seminar on November 3, 2021 is $300.00.  The fee to attend the workshop on November 4-5, 2021 is $550.00.  An Early Bird discount with $50.00 off both the seminar and workshop registration fee will be offered until October 15, 2021.  The fee to take the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test is $200.00.

A total of 21 Professional Development Hours earned for all 3 days: 
  • 7 PDHs for the Day 1 Seminar
  • 14 PDHs for Day 2 and 3 Workshop

*****  If you are a Government employee you can receive a $50.00 discount off the seminar and workshop, in addition to the early bird discount.  Please see the registration information below.  ******

The one-day seminar is designed for Geotechnical, structural and construction engineers, owners, contractors and other professionals involved in the design, construction and specification of deep foundations. This seminar is suitable for those new to the field of Foundation Testing and Analysis and includes an overview of non-destructive testing methods (integrity and load testing) and their applications. It is suitable also for those specifying the testing to gain a basic understanding for assessing the results presented in the test reports and for those needing an understanding of wave equation analysis methods. Those attending the two-day workshop that follows this seminar are strongly encouraged to attend this review of wave equation background materials.

The learning objectives of the seminar are to have the participants able to select an appropriate method of integrity assessment of deep foundations for a particular application, review reports of integrity and dynamic load testing of deep foundations conducted by others and run a basic wave equation analysis of pile driving.

The two-day workshop is designed for users of the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) system and CAPWAP® software who are interested in sharpening their skills: engineers, foundation testing professionals, students and professors already familiar with the basic concepts of deep foundation dynamic testing and analysis; professionals who desire to have a basic understanding of the dynamic test results being presented to them; and those interested in taking the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test.

The learning objectives of the workshop are to have the participants operate the PDA in a manner conducive to acquiring good quality data; assess pile bearing capacity, pile driving stresses, hammer performance and pile integrity by various methods; avoid pitfalls when analyzing PDA data with the CAPWAP software; interpret PDA testing and CAPWAP software results; describe the soil-model used in CAPWAP; prepare the input for CAPWAP; review options for CAPWAP analysis and output; and calculate bearing capacity and its distribution for driven piles from impact records.

The seminar, workshop or proficiency test may be taken independently, all together or a combination of the course offerings.

To register for the Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing and Analysis program please click DFDTA REGISTRATION FORM.



All Government Employees can receive an additional $50.00 discount when registering for the DFDTA seminar and workshop.  If you are a Government Employee and would like to register for the DFDTA Orlando program please use the link below.




Each program attendee will be responsible for making their own hotel reservation.  PDI has arranged a group rate at the Cleveland Marriott East Hotel.

Room reservations can be made online with the Cleveland Marriott East Hotel: click HERE to make your reservation.

The Cleveland Marriott East, along with all Marriott properties, are continuing to instituted their cleanliness protocols during the COVID-19 health crisis. Click HERE to review the hotel's safety practices.


Please contact the PDCA office toll-free at 904-215-4771 for more information.

Refund Policy: Cancellations received by October 22, 2021 will receive a 50% refund. After this date, there will be no refunds, however name changes are permissible. There will be no transfer of funds to the next course permitted.

SPOTTED in Vegas: PDCA members at DFI conference

As a Cooperating Organization, PDCA lent its support to the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) through participation in the 46th Annual Conference on Deep Foundation, 2021 which was held October 12-15 in Las Vegas, NV. Numerous PDCA members who also participate in DFI attended the event in various capacities; those included session presenters, exhibitors and general attendees. PDCA also staffed an informational booth in the exhibit hall.

Check out the following photos of various sightings at the DFI conference which included an Elvis impersonator (Robert Thompson of Dan Brown and Associates), swagmasters (we see you APE) and foundation projectiles, courtesy of the award-winning contractor Foundation Constructors:
Elvis hasn't left the building

Foundation projectiles sailed through the rafters

The Swagmaster and his entourage
In addition to participation in the exhibition hall, several representatives of PDCA member companies also served the DFI conference as presenters on a wide-range of subject matter. Some of those who presented are pictured below:
PDCA staff attended the Hal Hunt Lecture during lunch on October 14th; retired MLB pitcher and Olympic Gold Medalist Jim Abbott delivered an inspiring talk about overcoming unique challenges.

PDCA thanks DFI for the continued, industry partnership. 

To all PDCA members, you are encouraged to Save the Date as the PDCA 2022 Annual Conference is right around the corner, coming February 2022!

INVITATION to the 2021, ASCE Buchanan Lecture

PDCA shares this invitation from Jean-Louis BRIAUD, PhD, PE, DGE, Distinguished Member ASCE, current President of ASCE (a cooperating organization with PDCA). It contains details for parties interested in attending the 2021 Buchanan Lecture, a virtual event on November 12.

Dear Colleague,

The 2021 Buchanan Lecturer is Dr. Philippe Jeanjean who is the Senior Advisor for Geotechnical Engineering at BP America in Houston, Texas. Dr. Jeanjean's lecture is entitled "Offshore Geotechnics: From Oil & Gas to Renewable Energy."

Also on the agenda is Professor Edward J. Cording, who will be presenting his 2020 Terzaghi Lecture "Observing and Controlling Ground Behavior with Tunnel Boring Machines." Professor Cording is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

The lectures will take place virtually via Zoom, and will begin at 2:00 pm US Central Time on November 12, 2021. Please relay to colleagues and students. A Zoom link to attend the Buchanan Lecture will be posted on this website ( a few days before the lecture and a video will be posted on that website afterwards for those who are unable to attend.

Best wishes, Jean-Louis.

Jean-Louis BRIAUD, PhD, PE, DGE, Distinguished Member ASCE
ASCE President
University Distinguished Professor and Buchanan Chair Holder
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas, 77843-3136, USA

Presenters at the 2021 Buchanan Lecture by ASCE:

Dr. Philippe Jeanjean,  Senior Advisor for
Geotechnical Engineering at BP America 
is The 2021 Buchanan Lecturer

Professor Edward J. Cording
Prof. Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Crane Operator Qualifications, Focus of NCCCO Nov. 11 Forum

PDCA shares this announcement from the NCCCO Foundation regarding an upcoming live and virtual event.

Director Scott Ketham, OSHA Directorate of Construction
The NCCCO Foundation's Sixth Annual Industry Forum on Personnel Qualifications is shaping up to be a "can't miss" event for anyone concerned with the latest rules, regulations and best practices concerning the qualifications of crane operators and those who work with them.

On November 11, beginning at 1:00pm ET, the Forum will kick off as an in-person and virtual (Zoom) event with a discussion on the qualifications of crane operators and related personnel. With publication of OSHA's Compliance Directive on its revised crane operator certification requirements now imminent, Scott Ketcham, Director of OSHA's Directorate of Construction will take the stage as the Forum's  keynote presenter and head up an outstanding line-up of industry experts who will discuss the latest topics and trends related to crane and rigging personnel qualifications.

We'll be addressing a host of relevant issues including: what you need to know about upcoming changes to B30 standards; how online Directories can simplify compliance with OSHA certification requirements; what equipment will soon be covered by new certification programs; how certification is impacting the telecommunications industry; shifting demographic trends among certified operators; veterans transition assistance; and much more.

What: NCCCO Foundation Sixth Annual Industry Forum on Personnel Qualifications.

When: Thursday, November 11, 2021, 1:00-5:00pm ET (held in conjunction with NCCCO's Fall Meetings and 25th Anniversary Gala, separate registration required).

Where: Virtually via Zoom AND In-Person at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, 1700 Richmond Highway, Arlington, VA 22202.

Why: To provide industry with insight and information about the latest developments in personnel certification, to promote dialogue on related issues, and to provide guidance to employers and others on applying certification effectively for maximum safety benefits.

Who should attend?: Contractors, Crane and Rigging Companies, Steel Erectors, Safety Directors, Project Managers, Regulatory Agencies, Industry Associations, Insurance Providers . . . and Candidates and Certificants everywhere.

There is no cost to attend the NCCCO Foundation Sixth Annual Industry Forum thanks to the generosity of the sponsor for this year's event, Industrial Training International (ITI).  Registration is required however. 

We truly hope you can join us! All registrants will receive information on how to access the Forum via Zoom approximately one week before the event. (Note: If you have already registered for the Forum and received a confirmation, please forgive the interruption; there is no need to do so again.) 

Northeast Chapter hosts 'Meet & Greet' at Top Golf


On October 6, 2021, dozens of professionals in the pile driving industry in New Jersey, New York and beyond gathered at the Edison, New Jersey TopGolf for the PDCA Northeast Chapter annual Meet & Greet event.

Chapter President Tim Fogarty addressed the members and requested their support to help build the membership of the Chapter. He also discussed upcoming Chapter programs and meetings scheduled for early 2022. F
rank Peters, PDCA Executive Director, updated attendees on news and events including the 2022 PDCA Annual Conference coming to Phoenix, Arizona in February 2022. Before the short program concluded, all those in attendance introduced themselves on the microphone to the full group. The balance of the evening involved networking, a barbeque dinner and a golf challenge. Many thanks to those who participated in this successful and fun event.
The PDCA Northeast Chapter is grateful for the generous support of the event sponsors, which included: George Harms Construction Company, Inc.ICE-International Construction Equipment USA, Consolidated Pipe and Supply Company, Inc., and M T Kaye Steel Products, LLC.

Posted in Chapter News.

For 75 years, A.R. Henry, Inc. has been building New Jersey

Arthur R. Henry, Inc. is a longtime PDCA-member company based in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. A family business, originally founded by Arthur R Henry Sr. in 1946, was later passed on to his sons Arthur Jr, Ralph Sr. and Meredith.  The company is now carried on by the third generation of Ralph Henry Jr, Arthur R. Henry III and Blair Albright.  It's longevity and success can be greatly attributed to decades of employing loyal, hardworking men and women. 

Piledriving has been performed throughout the company's history including the Atlantic City casino boom of the 1980's and the expansions in the 2000's.  Typical projects include pipe pile, sheet pile, timber pile and even composite and vinyl sheet pile.   Over the years the company has diversified into other scopes of work including utility work, sitework, road reconstructions, and recently directional drilling. 

The veteran contracting firm has focused its work in the South New Jersey area and has specialized in installation methods in the sands of the barrier islands.  Like many in the industry, it has experimented with new technologies, but Arthur R. Henry, Inc. always comes back to the tried-and-true jet and drive or dry driving using crane mounted air hammer system.

Grant Achey, P.E., a project manager at Arthur R. Henry, Inc. explains that the company has adjusted some equipment capabilities; "We have modified our excavator mounted pile installation rigs over the years to meet the need for smaller timber pile jobs typically installed along the shoreline for boardwalk or other smaller building supports." He adds that he and his colleagues look forward to continuing to complete quality projects in the area and educating owners and engineers on the benefits of the driven pile!

A Pile of News - October 2021

A Pile of News: October 2021
A briefing on news and information from the pile driving contractors, associated manufacturers, construction suppliers and affiliated engineers who comprise the PDCA.
by Matt Bisbee, PDCA
Originally sent Oct. 1, 2021
From the Association & Chapters
Upcoming industry events:
  • Oct. 6: The PDCA Northeast Chapter hosts the TopGolf Meet & Greet from 69 PM EDT at TopGolf in Edison, NJ. Visit the link for registration and sponsorship details.

The PDCA 2021 Houston Social brought the regional pile driving industry together for a networking happy hour and short program about the benefits of forming a PDCA Chapter. (PHOTOS)
  • Thanks to event sponsors: Antaeus Foundation Equipment, BRC International, ICE International Construction Equipment, PILECO, Inc., APE American Piledriving Equipment, Flexicore of Texas, GRL Engineers, Hammer & Steel and John Lawrie Tubulars

Event note  DICEP 2021 was originally scheduled as a live conference in New Orleans in September, however Hurricane Ida forced a venue change. PDCA moved the conference to a three-day, virtual program with the original presentation line-up. Many virtual registrants joined a PDCA-led hurricane relief effort which raised more than $7K. Recap and PHOTOS from DICEP.
Now available at The PDCA Store If you missed the PDCA 2021 Education Webinar Series #5 entitled "Vibrations in Pile Driving" by subject matter expert Dr. Cathy Martin, an archived copy is now available at no cost in The PDCA Store. Obtain your copy of this very popular presentation.

Welcome new and returning members!
  • Contractors: Coastal Pile Driving Inc., Dissen & Juhn Company, Farrell Brothers Marine Construction, Island Piling, Inc., Macro Enterprises, LTD., Mason Construction, O'Quinn Marine Construction, Southern Concrete Construction Co., Inc., Spark Contractors, Weeks Marine
  • Associates: Bigfoot Pipe & Piling, BRC International LLC, Copier, Inc., DeSoto Treated Materials, Flores Automation and Machine Control, GMS Piling Products, Heldenfels Enterprises, Radise
  • Engineers: CRW Engineering Group, LLC, Linfield, Hunter & Junius, Inc., Nagy Engineers, Soil & Materials Engineering, Inc., Southern Earth Sciences, Inc., Terra Mechanics, Inc.
  • Affiliated Services: Dafanie Financial Group LLC
  • Individual: Mississippi DOT
Pacific Pile & Marine, you are this month's winner!
Send an email to before the end of October to claim your prize!
News from PDCA Companies
Acquisitions & expansions:
  • Pileco is finishing the build-out of a new and larger facility in Conroe, TX. The building will sit on a 10-acre property near their existing three-acre location; completion expected in November.

On the job:
The ASAP Group installs JD Fields steel to enhance 129 miles of the Florida East Coast Rail line. Also, a crew advances I-10 widening in Jacksonville with a PVE vibro mounted on their patented sheet piler.

Foundation Constructors drives 36" CISS piles for the ongoing Harbor Bridge project on US-101 in Central San Rafael in California's Bay Area.

Goettle has a crew in Pittsburgh installing sheet piling, along with king piles to reconstruct a land mass to enable expansion of a treatment plant along the Ohio River.

Keller is involved in construction of a new TopGolf venue in Baltimore; D.W. Kozera, Inc. has performed PDA testing for the long-awaited entertainment center.

Manson Construction Co. drives first test pile for the modernization of a U.S. Navy, coastal installation at Seal Beach, CA.

McMullen & Pitz Construction completes 1,900 LF steel wall along Wisconsin's Fox River for the DOT.

Poseidon Dredge & Marine installs new Southeast Florida seawall. A barge-based working platform wasn't an option, so crane assembly was done onsite to drive 18 ct., 18" diameter PS pile in 36' lengths.

PRECO-MSE installs driven piling with a Junttan PM16 for a downtown Montreal shoring wall.

Weeks Marine mitigates tough conditions, installs two monopile breasting dolphins in Panama.

Company Wrench Ltd. hosted its techs from around the country at the Ohio HQ for a training with MKT Manufacturing on a piece of its pile driving equipment.

ICE, Inc. equipment helped construct the newly rebuilt Frederick Douglas Memorial Bridge; the span crosses the Anacostia River and connects South Capitol St. in DC to PGC in Maryland. Junttan rigs were also onsite; Nucor Skyline supplied steel and ECS Limited was among the consultants.

Jinnings Equipment shares action video of the BSP CG240 "working out" before going to the next renter.

Junttan's PM23LC is spotted driving timber piles for a New Jersey boardwalk in Carteret.

Nucor Skyine supplies steel products for Quonset Business Park rehab in North Kingstown, RI.

Dewberry awarded contract to develop community resilience strategy along the North Carolina coast.

Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers provides geotechnical, foundation engineering for the new UBS Arena in Elmont, NY soon to be the new home of the New York Islanders.

Peirce Engineering has designed 300K square feet of excavation support to include steel sheeting for the Baxter well basin replacement of the Philadelphia Water Dept.

PND Engineers, Inc. enhanced an historic Luling, TX dam by developing an open cell sheet pile system incorporated into the bulkhead on the banks of the San Marcos River.

Giving back:
Governmental relations:
  • Shannon & Wilson teams with University of Wisconsin to research soil-based PFAS impacts on drinking water in Rhinelander, WI. Elliot Draxler (of S&W) is interviewed by local media after participating in a briefing he and others gave to U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin.
Arthur R. Henry, Inc is in its 75th year and continues providing a multifaceted portfolio of contracting services to clientele throughout central and southern New Jersey. Congrats to the certified Small Business Enterprise, which has brought forth large projects such as the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City and the Health Science Center at Rutgers University.

Clark Foundations reaches 50 years in business. To date, it has been involved in several high-profile projects in the mid-Atlantic region such as the Museum of the Bible, the National Museum of African American History & Culture and CityCenterDC.
People on the Move
  • Brook Serafino elected to executive leadership at Foundation Constructors, Inc.; the current controller gains new fiscal and corporate governance responsibilities.
  • Christopher Dineen, P.E. joins GeoStructures, Inc. to serve the Carolinas as a project manager.
  • Bryan Binda, B.Sc. joins the Hammer & Steel regional sales team in St. Louis.
  • Matthew Koss, CSP, CHST tapped by ECS Limited to lead corporate safety from Baltimore. Elsewhere, John Hicks, P.E., Cliff Hendrickson, PG, Dave Bearce, P.E. and Joey Broussard, P.E. all promoted to regional management at ECS in Florida.
  • Christina Cruz promoted to VP regional marketing at EXP.
  • Clive Sorhaindo, P.E. elevated to group leader at S&ME, Inc. in Knoxville, TN.
  • Kathy Troost L.G., Ph.D. rejoins Shannon & Wilson as senior consultant in Seattle.

  • Shana M. Carroll, VP at D.W. Kozera, is membership director at CREW Baltimore, which provides programming to professional women.
  • Jeff Prattini, Shields Mott partner, named a Best Lawyer in construction litigation. Anthony LaPlaca of Seyfarth Shaw also makes the 2022 list. Both are PileDriver legal authors.

In memoriam
Widely regarded as one of the country's expert sales consultants for cranes that facilitate pile driving, Greg Etue, who spent the last six years as regional business manager for Tadano Mantis Cranes and Tadano America, suddenly passed away Aug. 25. PDCA joins his family and friends mourning his loss.
Notes from the Field
Is there a frequent flier program? Have you ever calculated driven pile quantity in miles? R.L. Wadsworth Construction held a clever social media contest; rather than guess the number of gumballs in a jar, you were to guess the number in miles of driven pile that were used in a foundation job at the Salt Lake City Airport. The answer was 171 miles; contestant Braden Watson won a $100 gift card.

The Heartbreak Hotel is unspecified, but may have been the venue for a science and tech program, hosted by Kevin Ragon of the Timber Piling Council. You might recall that Suspicious Minds of the 1980s made mainstream, a theory that Elvis Presley was still alive. Now, Kevin's program has produced photographic evidence of The King. (Please Return to Sender if you find this to be a poor attempt at being clever).

Do their personal clubs have wooden shafts and heads? Lodge Lumber Co. continues its partnership with other local businesses to prepare golfing grounds for the annual, 2021 Houston Open in November. It is also a supporter of the Astros Golf Foundation.

And the winner is... Drunk Bus A movie by a J.D. Fields' sister company is Best Comedic Film at 2021 Montauk Film Festival.
Media Hits
Global Trade magazine mentions Corman Kokosing for its work at the Port of Baltimore; article discusses ongoing efforts to increase berth capacity at the facility.

3 WTKR-TV airs a story entitled Piles of Progress and includes video from the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion project jobsite. Several PDCA members are involved in this, the largest-ever infrastructure project in Virginia. (h/t George Smith.)

WJCT News 89.9 updates the ongoing Hal Jones Contractor project a rebuild of the Pier at Jacksonville Beach, FL; expected complete in 2022. Herald Wattenberg at PVE Equipment enjoys his weekend work-out near the job site where he can see a PVE 55M in use on the project.

Hawaii News Now television covers state contractors' compliance with public facilities vaccination mandate. Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company is referenced through an interview with HR director Manu Bermudes and video footage of crews on job sites.

WPXI-TV Pittsburgh airs a conversation with Koppers CEO Leroy Ball in which the two discuss running a global company during a pandemic.

Thanks for reading this installment of "A Pile of News;" we will be back on Nov. 1. To close this month's report, we salute the late Norm MacDonald who frequently signed off for the SNL Weekend Update segment he anchored (199497), by saying: "And that's the way it is..." RIP.
Copyright © 2021 Pile Driving Contractors Association, All rights reserved.
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may be a member of the Pile Driving Contractors Association.

Posted in A Pile of News PDCA Monthly e-newsletter.

Virtual DICEP '21 attendees give $7000 to New Orleans hurricane relief

Staff at Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co., Inc., one of many PDCA Member companies to give a portion of their DICEP '21 refund to hurricane relief. *See list at the end of this post names of all DICEP participants who opted to donate to Ida-related charity.

The 22nd Annual Design & Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles (DICEP) Conference which took place September 15-17 is doing more than the intended purpose of providing technical education and professional development. Thanks to the generosity of many attendees, it is also a source of hurricane relief for those who experienced destruction in New Orleans during Hurricane Ida in late August. DICEP was originally scheduled to be a live, technical program at the New Orleans Marriott. However, city evacuations and storm damage rendered the facility unavailable for a conference, mere days after Ida ripped through Louisiana and beyond.

Taking quick action, PDCA was able to preserve all scheduled presentations and move the entire three day program to a virtual format. Exhibitors and attendees who registered for the live conference were given the option to participate in the virtual rendition at a reduced cost. And when they committed to the virtual option, they also committed a portion of that to go to a Hurricane Ida relief fund. In all, PDCA was able to collect $7275.00 in hurricane relief donations from more than 30 participants.

Full list of Virtual DICEP '21 participants who sent a portion of their registration to Hurricane Ida relief funds:
AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe Company, LLC
Beaty Construction
Braun Intertec
Cajun Industries, LLC

Consolidated Pipe & Supply Co.
Giken America Corp.
GRL Engineers, Inc./Pile Dynamics, Inc.
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Hartman Engineering
Herbert F. Darling, Inc.
ICE - International Construction Equipment, Inc.
Mason Construction, LLC
Nagy Engineers, Inc.
Nucor Skyline
Pacific Pile & Marine
Palmetto Pile Driving
Patrick DiCerbo/Northwestern Mutual

Patriot Construction & Industrial
Premier Geotech and Testing, LLC
Richard Goettle, Inc.
S&ME, Inc.
Samuel Roll Form Group

As for the conference, attendees heard nine different presentations over the course of three consecutive afternoons. To see the presentation names along with screenshots of the virtual program, see the images below:

Keynote #1 'Even Introvert Engineers Can Network,' by Jennifer Anderson of Moving Forward Solutions, Inc.

'Expanding the Toolbox: A driven pile alternative to drilled micropiles to solve site challenges' by Matt Caskey, PE of DuroTerra

'An Integrated Computational and Experimental Study of Driven Pile Set-Up in Soft Clay' by Brent Guthrie of Cajun Industries and Chad Held, PE of Eustis Engineering

'Cone Penetration Testing and Pile Driving: A great combination,' first presentation by Gerald Verbeek, Technical Advisor at Ejilkelkamp

'Cone Penetration Testing: What really matters for contractors,' second presentation by Gerald Verbeek

'Pipe Piles Placed at 2.5D on Center for Tsunami Walls' Resilient Foundations: Case Study,' by Takefumi Takuma and Ian Vaz of Giken, Ltd.

'Pipe Piles Placed at 2.5D on Center for Tsunami Walls' Resilient Foundations: Case Study,' by Takefumi Takuma and Ian Vaz of Giken, Ltd.

'Lessons Learned from Sheet Piling Structures' by Dick Hartman, PE of Hartman Engineering

Keynote #2 ' The Value of Character: Undiminished After All These Years' by Micah McRae of Innovative Piering, LLC

'Driven Pile Foundation Design Considering Improved Geotechnical Site Characterization,' by Silas Nichols, PE of the Federal Highway Administration

Webinar photo not available:  'Treated Timber Piles as Ground Improvement,' by Skip Gardella of Norwalk Marine (above) and Lawrence Johnson of GZA GeoEnvironmental.

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