Attend Feb. 8 Webinar - Solutions to Your Labor Shortages: What We've Learned

(L-R) Michael Wysockey, Brooke Chitwood, Warren Baker, among panelists for Feb. 8 webinar

A diversified panel of industry leaders will share experiences and strategies relating to workforce concerns in the first virtual learning event of 2024 at PDCA. Don't miss the kickoff to the 2024 PDCA Value Driven Webinar Series featuring an installment entitled, Solutions to Your Labor Challenges: What We've Learned, coming to a Zoom screen near you, on February 8th at 2:00 PM EST.

You will hear from a group of panelists from different parts of North America who will discuss their experiences and successes, such as the importance of culture and how to build it, intergenerational knowledge transfer, campus recruitment, multinational growth initiatives, how safety factors in, and more. It is designed to be a frank, informative discussion and attendees will hear first-hand how contractors across the U.S. and Canada have strategized to mitigate their labor shortcomings. 

The panelists for Solutions to Your Labor Challenges: What We've Learned are: 
  • Warren Baker, DFI Piling
  • Scott Callaway, Cajun Industries
  • Brooke Chitwood, Bowen Engineering Corporation 
  • Brian Heck, Richard Goettle, Inc.
  • Michael Wysockey, Thatcher Foundations
  • Jill Harris, Lester Publications - Moderator
With insights applicable to anyone responsible for hiring in the construction industry, don't miss PDCA's first Value Driven Webinar of 2024.

Participation in this, and all PDCA virtual learning events is FREE to PDCA members. Non-members are welcome and encouraged to attend; a nominal $50 registration fee applies. All attendees may register for the February 8th webinar by clicking the button below:

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