SC Chapter 'Wows' 2nd Graders on Jobsite; Donates to Affordable Housing Project

Update #1 from the PDCA South Carolina Chapter - Students and teachers from the Charleston Collegiate elementary school took a field trip to a jobsite on Headquarters Island in South Carolina where they were provided an intimate view of a driven pile installation in progress.

The second grade class enjoyed touching the large, partially installed pilings as well as sitting in the powerful pile driving rigs. In addition to a valuable learning experience about deep foundation construction, the students were also exposed to an exciting career path they had likely never considered.

PDCA members participating in the field trip were Pile Drivers, Inc. which made equipment available to the students and Nucor Skyline which provided all visitors with miniature hardhat giveaways. 

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Update #2 from the PDCA South Carolina Chapter - Elsewhere, the PDCA South Carolina Chapter spent the early days of December 2021 driving timber and pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete pilings into the land that formerly served Charleston as a landfill. Developers have identified the location as an opportunity to one day be transformed into sorely needed affordable housing and mixed-use space to accommodate the needs of current and future residents of Charleston.

Incoming President of PDCA South Carolina, John King of Pile Drivers, Inc., indicated that the test pile project performed at Laurel Island involved several Chapter members who participated through contribution of equipment, materials and labor. He noted, "We are donating the test piles so they (developers) might design the whole project on driven piles (both wood and prestressed.)"

To learn more about the aspirational development in Charleston, you can read about it in a September 6th article by the Charleston City Paper.

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