Committee Involvement, the Frontlines of Industry Leadership

Maximize your PDCA Membership, Join a Standing Committee

If you are looking for more ways to get involved in PDCA and work with your peers on advancing the driven pile, you should consider joining one or more of PDCA's standing committees. There, you will have the opportunity to share your input on association initiatives, contribute talent to new and existing programs and establish yourself as a leader in a particular industry function.

PDCA standing committees meet on a monthly or as-needed basis; meetings are generally conducted through a web conference platform. Live committee meetings are scheduled each year as part of the PDCA Annual Conference. While there is no requirement to be on a committee, it is important that you understand committee involvement affords you direct access to association functionality. And the best part is, there is no application or wait-listing process to join one, simply contact the PDCA office at (904) 215-4771 or email Check the Events Calendar to learn of upcoming committee meetings.

PDCA's standing committees that are currently serving membership at the behest of the Board of Directors include:
1) Associate Member Council (Co-chairs Pollyanna Cunningham and Diane Fischer, pictured)
2) Chapters Committee
3) Communications Committee
4) Contracts and Risk Committee
5) Education Committee
6) Membership Committee
7) Safety and Environmental Committee
8) Steel Sheet Pile Committee
9) Technical Committee

We look forward to adding your name to one or more of the above committees' roster.


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