Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing and Analysis Program

PDCA, in collaboration with Pile Dynamics, Inc., will present the final DFDTA program for 2018 at the PDI/GRL Engineers headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.
The program will be held from Oct. 35, 2018, depending upon the courses you select. The three-day program will consist of two independent programs. You may elect to take the one-day seminar on Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis, the two-day workshop on High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing or both. PDCA will also offer the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test, a 90-minute, multiple-choice exam that will cover the theory of wave mechanics, case method (PDA) equations, data quality assessment, data interpretation and basic CAPWAP analysis. The Proficiency test will be given on Friday, Oct. 5.
Instructors for this DFDTA are Frank Rausche, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE., Garland Likins, P.E., M.ASCE, Brent Robinson, Ph.D., P.E., Ryan Allin, P.E. and Van E. Komurka, P.E., D.GE.
One-day seminar Wednesday, Oct. 3
The one-day seminar is designed for geotechnical, structural and construction engineers, owners, contractors and other professionals involved in the design, construction and specification of deep foundations. This seminar is suitable for those new to the field of foundation testing and analysis and includes an overview of non-destructive testing methods (integrity and load testing) and their applications. It is also suitable for those specifying the testing in order to gain a basic understanding for assessing the results presented in the test reports and for those needing an understanding of wave equation analysis methods.
Those attending the two-day workshop that follows this seminar are strongly encouraged to attend this review of wave equation background materials.
The learning objectives of the seminar are to have the participants able to select an appropriate method of integrity assessment of deep foundations for a particular application, review reports of integrity and dynamic load testing of deep foundations conducted by others and run a basic wave equation analysis of pile driving.
Two-day workshop Oct. 45
The two-day workshop is designed for users of the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) system and CAPWAP® software who are interested in sharpening their skills: engineers, foundation testing professionals, students and professors already familiar with the basic concepts of deep foundation dynamic testing and analysis; professionals who desire to have a basic understanding of the dynamic test results being presented to them; and those interested in taking the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test.
The learning objectives of the workshop are to have the participants operate the PDA in a manner conducive to acquiring good quality data; assess pile bearing capacity, pile driving stresses, hammer performance and pile integrity by various methods; avoid pitfalls when analyzing PDA data with the CAPWAP software; interpret PDA testing and CAPWAP software results; describe the soil-model used in CAPWAP; prepare the input for CAPWAP; review options for CAPWAP analysis and output; and calculate bearing capacity and its distribution for driven piles from impact records.
Digital/hard copy of the presentation
All training material will be available digitally for download prior to the event. It is suggested that attendees download this material and bring it with them or print the training material and bring their own hard copy.
A colored, three-slide-per-page printout may be requested from PDCA up to two weeks prior to the seminar ($100 fee will apply). Please contact PDCA via email,, if you want PDCA to provide the hard copy.
Attendees are encouraged to use their own laptops for the GRLWEAP and CAPWAP® sessions; charging stations will be available.
Registration is currently open. Go to to download the form.
The host hotel will be the Hampton Inn Cleveland/Salon. A special group rate of $124 plus tax per night is available using group ID "PDI." You can make reservations through the Hampton Inn at 1-800-HAMPTON. 

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