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A sheeting project along a river in Baltimore, Md., was recently completed in which temporary AZ19-700's were driven for an SOE cell. The waterside of the cell was half way down the bank and in the water during high tide. However, during low tide it was totally down. Pulling during high tide was a real challenge. The pairs had to be split and even then, it was a slow operation. Pulling during low tide was a lot easier; pairs could be pulled with no problem. There was a difference in water elevation on either side of the sheets. Is this common?
If there was a difference between the water elevation inside and outside the cell during high tide, the difference in water elevation would change the soils pressure on the sheet pile and increase the skin friction between the soil and the steel. Also, a difference in water pressure could increase the friction in the interlocks. 

Posted in PileDriver Magazine. Tagged as Issue 4, 2018.

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