From the Communications Committee: PDCA LinkedIn is Moving

(L-R): Harris, Moore

The following is an advisory from Chairman Jason Moore and Publisher Jill Harris from the PDCA Communications Committee: please address your connection to PDCA LinkedIn.

When LinkedIn was in its infancy and PDCA was jumping on board, we were a little too eager in our set-up and accidentally made PDCA a person. 

First name: Pile Driving
Last name: Contractors Association

And no, this isn't a story about AI. (Although, we could probably all agree that "Pile Driving" as a first name has a nice ring to it.)

While PDCA has coexisted on LinkedIn with both a personal and company page, with an updated social media strategy from the Communications Committee, the time has come to bid farewell to Pile Driving, the person.

From now on, all LinkedIn updates from the PDCA will come from our company page, linked below. Please take a second and follow that page so you don't miss anything.

We will be reminding the 4,400+ followers of our personal page of this change over the next two weeks; in May, the personal page will be deactivated. Click the button to follow the Pile Driving Contractors Association on LinkedIn: 

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