New in '24: No Dues Required for Qualifying Personnel from Govt., Academia

(L-R) Ian LaCour of Mississippi DOT is a sustaining PDCA member, Dr. Norma Jean Mattei of University of New Orleans presents at Annual Conference

During the November 2023 meeting, the PDCA Board of Directors unanimously adopted a change to the dues schedule for the organization impacting the Individual Membership category. Historically, this membership category required individuals from the public sector, namely academia and government employees, to issue a $95.00 dues payment to the organization on an annual basis. 

New in 2024, qualifying individuals who are employed full-time in academia (a public or private, secondary, post-secondary, graduate, vocational or other approved educational institution), or in the public sector (local, state, federal governments), will be granted PDCA Individual Membership upon completion and remittance of the 2024 PDCA Membership Application; there is no longer a monetary dues cost associated with this membership category.

PDCA Board members were in agreement that organization resources such as the standing committees, publications, and educational programs, to name a few, could be enhanced through increased input and participation from DOT professionals, engineering faculty, and other public and academic sector parties who can provide important information and perspectives about driven pile foundations. Oftentimes, government agencies and academic institutions are unable to cover extracurricular costs for employees, requiring them to pay out-of-pocket for elective affiliations such as PDCA.

If you are a professional in academic or government sector employment and are uncertain if you meet the qualification requirements for a PDCA Individual Membership at no cost, please contact PDCA today at or call 904-215-4771. To learn more about joining PDCA or to request a Membership Application, please click the button below:

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