UPDATED: PileDriver Publisher Ties the Knot

PDCA Executive Director Frank Peters greets new bride Jill Harris, Publisher PileDriver magazine

Clandeboye, Manitoba (June 30, 2022): Perhaps she has interviewed you about a driven pile project? Maybe you have read an article in which she was listed as the author? Or, you believe she looks familiar after having seen her staffing the Lester Publications booth in the Exhibit Hall of a PDCA Annual Conference? Jill Harris is an integral part of PDCA; she currently is the Publisher of PileDriver magazine but has been a valuable adviser and partner to the organization during the past ten years. Through her commitment to responsibly communicating the inspiring stories that PDCA members have to tell, she has developed countless relationships throughout the pile driving industry in North America and beyond. 

On Thursday (6/30), Jill and her longtime fiance Erik Hansen finally joined together in marriage. The wedding was originally scheduled for 2020, however, was postponed due to worldwide COVID protocols. The long-awaited ceremony finally took place on a beautiful summer day at the bride's childhood home in Clandeboye, MB, about 40 miles north of Winnepeg. You might imagine that a high-quality magazine publisher would have access to the best photographers available; by the looks of the following official wedding photos, Jill chose well! 

Loyal PileDriver readers need not worry about any interruption to their magazine deliveries. Prior to taking a vacation for the wedding, Jill gave her production team at Lester, as well as PDCA staff, strict orders to continue preparations for the much-anticipated PDCA Project of the Year Awards edition of PileDriver magazine that will arrive in your mailboxes in August. Please join PDCA in wishing newlyweds Jill and Erik a lifetime of happiness!

Friends and family gather to celebrate the couple's long-awaited nuptials
Jill and Erik, engagement photo
Hansen wedding reception in Clandeboye, MB


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