Popular Social Influencer Plugs PDCA, "A Driven Pile...Is A Tested Pile"

(L-R) Kyrsten Garcia from Russell Marine, Grady Hillhouse, P.E. from Practical Engineering

PDCA is fortunate to have proverbial 'eyes and ears' scattered throughout the world, and we are especially appreciative when our members and friends bring our attention to news and developments that we may not know about, that impact the pile driving industry. One notable example happened this week when Russell Marine LLC executive assistant Kyrsten Garcia shared a YouTube video distributed through the Practical Engineering channel entitled Why Bridges Don't Sink. Spoiler alert, it gives PDCA some significant visibility!

First, this video features Practical Engineering executive producer and host Grady Hillhouse, P.E. presenting an overview of the engineering fundamentals and concepts that are involved in bridge construction. He then speaks to the reliability and functionality of a bridge as a safe structure in the matrix of infrastructure relied upon by earthlings. Why Bridges Don't Sink is just the latest in an ongoing series of videos and other media that Mr. Hillhouse offers through his public portfolio of educational resources targeting an intellectually curious audience that may not be familiar with the science behind the engineering concepts that he tackles.

Why Bridges Don't Sink runs for approximately 18 minutes and as one might expect, it references the installation of driven piles as a common practice involved in the construction of a bridge substructure. The video also discusses lateral loads and uplift forces, scour, battered piles and more. You will hear the host mention the Pile Driving Contractors Association around the 6:00 minute mark, then subsequently call attention to the PDCA battle cry, "A driven pile...is a tested pile!"

A few members of the PDCA Communications Committee informally discussed the video and concluded that Mr. Hillhouse's product is well-produced, informative, articulate, educational, entertaining, and helpful to the most mechanically-uninclined consumer, in understanding some highly complex topics. They noted that is important to address some of the perceived "cons" of driven piles mentioned in the video; the quality and consistency of the product far outweigh the negative perceptions. In fact, equipment has improved and comes in many variations that mitigate most of the mentioned concerns. Aside from that, PDCA is certainly a proponent of exposing our industry to a wider audience; such is the case of this YouTube channel which has a whopping 3.77 million subscribers who may have watched the video. He's a legitimate social influencer!

This video is worth your time, so take a moment to watch the program. And if you have children, let them join you. It's a good education on an important subject and helps a viewer better understand the built environment. Thanks to Ms. Garcia for bringing this video to the attention of PDCA, and thanks to Mr. Hillhouse for the shout-out!

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