The Project of the Year Award Winners are...coming soon to your Inbox

Though he was not involved with 2021 Project of the Year proceedings, PDCA Board Member Susheel Kohlwalkar is very experienced in assessing driven pile projects

You are days away from learning which PDCA members will be adding a 2021 Project of the Year Award to their trophy case. New in 2021, Issue #4 of PileDriver magazine is the sole source of an industry-wide announcement naming the winning Project of the Year submissions, and that publication advances from production to the printer this week.

PileDriver magazine subscribers know that prior to the hard copy magazine showing up in your mailbox courtesy of the United States Postal Service, an e-mail arrives in your inbox containing a link to the electronic version of the same magazine. Be watching your inbox in coming days and when you receive notice about the availability of a new PileDriver magazine, click the link and browse the winning projects.

PDCA thanks all participants in the 2021 PDCA Project of the Year Program; we received nearly double the submissions from 2020. We were pleased to have an esteemed slate of deep foundations professionals voluntarily serve as the judge's panel, and they alone assessed all the entries in each category to determine the winners. 

Also new in 2021, there is no cost involved for a PDCA member to submit an entry in the Project of the Year Program. The time is now to start thinking about some of your projects that might be completing soon and whether those might be something to submit in the 2022 Project of the Year Program; PDCA will open for 2022 entries in December. Ask any past winner, a PDCA Project of the Year Award is a tremendous way to recognize your team and celebrate their ingenuity, hard work and commitment; your project team immediately becomes visible as industry leaders. It is important to tell you that all entries in this program reflect positively on those who submit them, and therefore, the pile driving industry.

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