The Results Are In: Meet the 2023 PDCA Officers/Board Elected to Serve You

Thank you for exercising your Association duty and casting your vote in the November election for the 2023 PDCA leadership team which includes the executive officers and the board of directors. So, how did they do it? Was it the power of the incumbency? Now that all the votes are tallied, we want to share with you the following roster of elected industry leaders who will serve as the 2023 PDCA Officers and Board of Directors. You will notice many (if not all) familiar faces from the 2022 slate; that's because none drew an opponent, none has yet met the term limits threshold as outlined by the PDCA by-laws, AND each has chosen to commit to serving you for another year. Thank you BOD, and welcome back - we look forward to your leadership in 2023!

PDCA 2023 Officers


Brian Heck
Richard Goettle, Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Vice President

Kustaa Mansfield
Pacific Pile and Marine
Seattle, Washington

Herbert "Buck" Darling
Herbert F. Darling, Inc.
Tonawanda, New York

Scott Webster
GRL Engineers, Inc.
Harrisburg, North Carolina
Past President

Kevin Gourgues
Patriot Construction and Industrial,LLC
Port Allen, Louisiana
PDCA 2023 Board of Directors

Harold Baur
Boh Bros. Construction Company, LLC
New Orleans, Louisiana

Greg Canivan
S&ME, Inc.
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

James Dempsey
Blakeslee, Arpaia, Chapman, Inc.
Branford, CT

Diane Fischer
Pile Dynamics, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio

Mike Juneau
Premier Geotech and Testing, LLC
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Doug Keller
Richard Goettle, Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Randy Kelly
Koppers Utility and Industrial Products, Inc.
Orangeburg, South Carolina

Bruce Langan
Equipment Corporation of America
Brielle, New Jersey

David Price
Linde-Griffith Construction Company
Newark, New Jersey

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