Past Pres. Roasted, Insurers Talk Heavy Civil Issues at SC Chapter Dinner

(L-R) Chapter VP Jordan Houston, Bill Thomas, Brian Land, Candi Stegall, Pres. Kent Parker, Kali Shaefer

During the first three months of 2024, the PDCA South Carolina Chapter delivered members a full slate of events that provideded a variety of opportunities for member engagement; among them were educational enrichment through the Driven Pile Technical Seminar, fellowship and trivia during an impromptu happy hour, and extension of a longstanding Chapter tradition with the annual Oyster Roast. On Thursday, May 16, 2024, the Chapter convened for its first formal dinner meeting of the year, and the first chance for president Kent Parker to conduct official Chapter business. 
After the networking happy hour that precedes every Chapter dinner, Parker called the meeting to order and delivered opening remarks. The new president began: "Wow! I want to thank John King for his dedicated service as past president, but I have to tell you - I feel like Ronald Reagan taking over for Jimmy Carter** up here. The bar was set, but not too high..." The good-natured remark drew laughter from King, and those in the crowd who understood that it was a well-intended, ice-breaking quip to highlight King's propensity for discussing politics.
(L-R) Pres. Carter*, John King
*PDCA credits the Atlanta Braves organization which posted the photo of Pres. Carter on X

**(Parker's invocation of two former, American presidents references politically motivated recollections of their two very different, but no less distinguished, public service careers. PDCA does not endorse political ideologies, but in this case, recognizes the words as nothing more than harmless, playful rhetoric, rooted in 40-year-old political party-line narratives. May former President Reagan rest in peace, and may former President Carter receive the best care available in his fragile state. Both highly-accomplished men led remarkable American lives.)

Following the short, general business meeting that recapped the various events to date in 2024, Parker recognized two Chapter Board members who won 2023 PDCA Association Awards, recently announced during a special awards ceremony in Dallas, TX. Jason Moore, a former Chapter and PDCA president, and presently the Chairman of the PDCA Communications Committee, was presented the Presidential Award for Distinguished Service. Also, Greg Canivan, a past Chapter president and current PDCA Board of Directors member, received the John T. Parker Industry Ambassador Award, a special honor that singles out a South Carolina Chapter member for demonstrating a commitment to advocating the driven pile on both local and global platforms.

(L-R) Jason Moore, Greg Canivan awarded during special ceremony

Parker introduced the informational program while attendees enjoyed a buffet-style dinner. Adam Jarrett and Kali Shaefer are insurance professionals with Assured Partners, who specialize in management of a heavy construction clientele. Jarrett delivered a presentation entitled 'The State of the Insurance Market,' which discussed the conditions, sometimes negative, that commercial customers are facing, but also pinpointed signs for optimism in some of the industry forecasting. At the same time, he articulated the mounting challenges that carriers face due to ongoing changes in the regulatory environment. His presentation prompted a series of questions at the conclusion of the program.

Before the meeting ended, Parker held a raffle for attendees through a random drawing of business cards. Chapter member Taylor Kelso  was the lucky winner of a $75 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. The next meeting of the PDCA South Carolina Chapter is scheduled for August 8th at the Town and Country Inn & Suites in Charleston, SC.

See who was SPOTTED at the 2024 second quarterly meeting of the South Carolina Chapter:

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