Social Media Users - Are you Hashtagging Your Posts with #PDCADriven?

Be like Jordan Pile Driving; use #PDCADriven on social media and win PDCA Bucks good for logo merch and education resources.

The monthly newsletter from PDCA, A Pile of News, announces one winner each month, of an ongoing contest for members who use social media. If you post to your company LinkedIn or Facebook sites, and your company is a member of PDCA, make sure to include the following hashtag at the end of each post you develop:  #PDCADriven. Even if you are not posting for your PDCA member company, rather posting on your personal page, you can still use that same hashtag to be eligible in this contest.

We have established that this is a monthly contest, but what do you win? The winner each month is announced in A Pile of News and is provided with instructions to contact the PDCA offices to retrieve your prize. It is a coupon for $50 in PDCA Bucks, good for logo merchandise or other materials available in The PDCA Store.

The nature of the post that contains #PDCADriven does not factor into determination of winners; this is a random drawing on a monthly basis. Jordan Pile Driving was the winner announced in the May 2022; they correctly used the hashtag in a post about OSHA. See below:

Other winners of the hashtag contest in 2022 include Foundation Constructors, GeoQuip, Tim Dutton from Junttan, Equipment Corporation of America, Jason Moore of Palmetto Pile Driving, and Phong Saphon of Fugro. See the following collection of winning hashtag announcements, as originally announced in A Pile of News. (Subscribe to A Pile of News by entering your email in the prompt at the bottom of

Here is a collection of the winning announcements of 2022 #PDCADriven winners:


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