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Have you ever considered writing an article for PileDriver magazine? It's easier to do than you may think. Read the below instructions for writing and submitting an article to PileDriver. Sound like too much work? Contact PDCA to have a professional writer do the work on your behalf; there's no cost for PDCA members.

Writing an article
To ensure we make the best use of your time, we have provided the following submission guidelines to assist you in this process. Should you have any questions while writing your submission or about these guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Hall, executive director, at 904-215-4771 or

Content guidelines
Articles should: 
Be written in the third person (i.e. "The company has..." instead of "My company has...")
Include quotes from appropriate sources where applicable and/or possible
Include a minimum of three to five high-resolution photos with appropriate photo captions and credits that have permission to be printed in the magazine. Please note that providing photos with your article constitutes that you are the copyright holder for the images and your permission for publishing.
Include a byline, comprised of the writer's name, position and company
Be submitted in MS Word format (not in PDF format)

Article types and overviews

Member Profile (Contractor, Associate, Engineering Affiliate)
700 to 1,200 words
These articles are designed to highlight your company. The article should contain such information as:
Years in business
Work performed (specific to the pile driving industry)
Corporate structure (leadership/owner(s))
Geographical distribution of work
Special aspects of the company and staff
Industry or civic awards
Special projects
Involvement in PDCA; how the company benefits from being a member

The article may also include the company's story including how and when the company was founded, how the business grew as well as who and what has contributed to the company's success.

Project Spotlight
700 to 1,800 words 
These articles discuss the driven pile aspects of a construction project. The emphasis should be on the foundation and pile driving, such as the type of pile(s), hammer used, crane used, lead type (swinging, fixed), test pile program and production pile numbers (amount of piles driven for the actual foundation). Additional relevant information such as any value engineering, static or dynamic testing and challenges and problem-solving brought on by design, environment, geology/soil, noise or vibration abatement, etc. is also encouraged. Please mention, where possible, the names of other PDCA member companies that contributed to the project (equipment and material suppliers, for example).

Feature Article
700 to 1,200 words
These are special industry articles that may not necessarily fit into the prescribed sections typically found within the content of PileDriver. They can cover any number of broad issues, including critical news or events that impact the driven pile industry, business advice or updates or general industry articles.

Technical Article
700 to 1,200 words
Any article of a technical nature, such as new techniques, equipment, testing, design, materials, etc. Please note that due to the advanced nature of technical articles, professional writing assistance may not be possible; however, editing services are always available to polish up your piece.

Industry Trailblazer
600 to 1,000 words
Trailblazer articles are meant to highlight a significant contributor to the driven pile industry and PDCA in general. These articles should include how the person got started in the industry, their education, companies for which they've worked, what the industry means to them, what changes they have witnessed in the industry throughout their career, their level of involvement with PDCA over the years and/or how PDCA has impacted their career. The individual must work for a PDCA member company in good standing. Note: if self-written, Trailblazer articles are accepted in first-person format, and a minimum of one photo is required.

Young Gun
600 to 1,000 words
Young Guns are individuals who are beginning their careers (less than seven years) in the pile driving industry and are making an impact at their company and/or with PDCA. These articles should include how they decided to enter the industry, their education, their role at their company and their future goals for themselves and/or their company. The individual must work for a PDCA member company in good standing. Note: if self-written, Young Gun articles are accepted in first-person format, and a minimum of one photo is required.

Photo guidelines
In most cases, photos are required to accompany an article. Please include a separate Word document or email that includes photo captions for each supplied photo as well as the appropriate photo credit for all photos. Submitting a photo means you are responsible for the permissions of reprinting that photo; PDCA and Lester Publications, LLC will not be held liable for any photos submitted without permission to print.
Images should be high-resolution (300 DPI), .tiff or .jpeg format; not compressed, at 100 percent size. As a general rule of thumb, the minimum file size should be 1 MB.
You can email photos to or 
You can use a file transfer service such as Hightail or DropBox to email many photos or large file sizes.
Alternate method if there are several photos or large files: 
Go to and click on Contact Us, then click the link under File Upload. Fill out the simple form and proceed to Step 2 where you can easily upload your files to the server. In Step 2, click on Browse to locate the file on your computer, then press Select. You will see a progress bar showing your upload. Once the upload is complete, you can close the browser window and the design team at Lester will automatically be notified of the files.

Copyright notice
Please note that by submitting an article to PileDriver magazine, unless otherwise arranged with PDCA and Lester Publications, LLC, you are agreeing to allow PDCA and Lester Publications, LLC six months of exclusivity in print and online formats, beginning with the date of publishing, as well as the right to store the article online indefinitely once that period is over. This means that once your article appears in PileDriver magazine, you may not send the same article to other publications until a minimum of six months have passed, unless otherwise arranged with PDCA and Lester Publications, LLC. This is to ensure the editorial integrity and exclusivity of PileDriver magazine.
If you have any questions about submitting an article to PileDriver magazine, or if you would like to request the assistance of a professional writer, contact Steve Hall at or 904-215-4771. t

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