Sunroc Corporation

With approximately 850 employees across the U.S. in four regions northern Utah, southern Utah/Las Vegas, Idaho and Wyoming Sunroc Corporation provides construction materials and services throughout Utah and the Intermountain West for both public and private sector customers.
The company was first established in 1937 as Utah Service when founder W.W. Clyde purchased a small service station in Springville, Utah. Directly adjacent to the station, he added a hardware store and lumber yard. Since that time, Sunroc Corporation has continued to grow beyond the Utah Service hardware store and service station, expanding to nearly 50 operating locations including masonry block plants, aggregate facilities, construction offices, asphalt plants and concrete facilities.
"Essentially, Sunroc Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clyde Companies, Inc., a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Orem, Utah," said Mark Wimmer, Sunroc vice president. "Our president, Scott Okelberry, oversees the growth, operations and vision of the company and reports to the president of the Clyde Business Group at Clyde Companies, Inc. His vice presidents, Russell Leslie and myself, lead the construction and construction materials divisions of the company, respectively."
Sunroc specializes in pile driving and earth shoring operations, including precast prestressed concrete piles, H-piles, pipe piles, sheet piles, soldier piles and soil nail/shotcrete, at present.
"We recently completed work on a high-profile project for UDOT, driving piles for the SR-68/I-215 Interchange Bridge," said Eric Hendriksen, general manager of the piling and shoring division.
This a major interchange that is relied on by motorists traveling between Salt Lake and Davis counties. Plans called for 16-inch by ½-inch wall pipe piles, driven [to] lengths up to 125 feet. We were chosen by the general contractor as a subcontractor for the pile driving work because of the relationship of trust and proven results we have with them.
Work began in July on UDOT's highest priority project, Mountain View Corridor 4100 S to SR-201, a two-year project consisting of four miles of new roadway with two lanes in each direction, with biking and walking trails, 13 bridges and six pedestrian bridges.
When asked how Sunroc differs from its competitors, Hendriksen doesn't hesitate.
"Our perfect safety record, for sure. Our core group of people has been together for decades and I believe we have far more experience than competitors in our area."
Added Wimmer, "Sunroc is unique in the large variety of construction and material services provided from earthwork, excavation, shoring, piling, ready mix, sand and gravel, asphalt paving and masonry products with an excellent footprint in the Intermountain West. What else differentiates us is that we are large enough to take on large projects, but still provide personal service and detail in each of our individual locations."
Leslie agreed: "Over the last few years through acquisition, we have significantly increased our footprint and have brought on some very qualified employees that are experts in their chosen fields. We strive to do the project right the first time. If there is an issue, we work to quickly remedy the situation. We have been very successful in doing multiple projects with the same customer. This happens because of our ability to establish and maintain exceptional relationships with owners and customers."
PDCA and the future
Sunroc has been a PDCA member for many years.
"My previous employer was a member from the early days of the organization, joining in the first or second year," said Hendriksen. "I have been connected for many years and have maintained membership with each change in business structure from Desert Deep Foundations LLC to DDF Inc. and now Sunroc. Aside from the benefits we derive (education, networking and making connections with other contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, etc.), I feel it's important to support the driven pile industry as a whole, helping promote, publicize and educate others on the benefits of driven piles, while alleviating unfounded concerns sometimes associated with driven deep foundations."
As for what the next five to 10 years hold for the company, Hendriksen said, "My plan is to continue for the next five or six years, training others to pick up the ball and keep moving it forward. I have learned a lot since my first experience with driven piles in 1983, and I still have lots more to learn. Hopefully, by the time I'm ready to step away, Sunroc will be widely recognized not only for excavation and civil work, but also as the most reliable and trustworthy source for driven piles and earth shoring in the region."
Said Wimmer, "The company plans to continue to grow and provide more services both organically and through acquisition over the next one to 10 years."
Leslie agrees, "There are still areas that I feel we have the ability to grow in geographically. As long as the markets continue moving forward in a positive way, we will continue to grow."

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