PDCA designs and delivers to the industry and it's memebership two signature events each year in addtion to seminars and chapter activities.  These events are focused on the best practices and new innovations within the piledriving and deep foundation industry.  The signature conferences include the annual International Conference and Expo and Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles (DICEP).

PDCA Annual International Conference and Expo is designed for Contractors, Engineers, and those associated with the driven pile industry.  Always celebrating another year in pile driving industry, while exploring new ideas and theories, the PDCA Annual International Conference and Expo presents topical and relevant educational programming for all attendees.  This conference provides technical presentations by industry experts and offers business and client development, industry networking, and socializing in one convenient location.

The DICEP Conference is dedicated to best practices in the driven pile industry.  It takes on a different focus each year based on industry trends and their impact to the deep foundation industry.  The conference is primarily designed for geotechnical, civil and structural engineers; and other firms or individuals who conduct business, support or are associated with the deep foundations, earth retention, and/or driven pile industry.  The DICEP conference is generally held in the Fall of each year.