PDCA Previous Webinar Archive

PDCA Webinar Archive

Listed below are the webinar sessions previously hosted by PDCA from 2020 to present. If you are interested in accessing a previous session, please contact Kathy Harper at events@piledrivers.org. 

2020 - PDCA Annual Conference
  • Ethics Day - Engineering Ethics & Drugs in the Workplace
  • Dedicated Pile Driving Certification Requirements
  • Working Platforms Update & Panel Discussion
  • You've Stopped Getting Paid, Now What? Know Your Rights & Remedies Under the Federal Miller Act
  • Tilting at Windmills: Don Quixote Meets the International Building Code
2020 - PDCA DICEP Conference
  • Steel Sheet Piles: Best Construction Practices
  • Supervision & Inspection of Steel Piling Structures
  • Ensuring the Durability of Sheet Piling Structures
  • Detailed Design Procedures for Earth Retaining Structures
  • Wave Equation Background Part 1 & 2
  • Wave Equation Workshop: Bear Graph, Inspection Chart
  • Wave Equation Workshop: Driveability
2021 - PDCA Education Webinar Series
  • Cone Penetration Testing and Pile Driving: A great combination
  • Components of Cost-Effective Driven-Pile Design & Installation
  • Optimizing the Design of Driven Pile Foundations with Instrumented Static Load Tests
  • An Integrated Computational and Experimental Study of Driven Pile Set-Up in Soft Clay
  • Utilizing Soil Setup in the Chicago Metro Area
  • Pile Driving Vibrations - Monitoring and Analysis
  • Vibratory Pile Driving: An installation method with a large impact
  • Innovative Technologies in Bridge Construction
    • Large Driven Bridge Piles - Lightweight Equipment
    • Bridge Construction with the Press-in Piling Method 
    • Accelerated Construction with Sheet Pile Bridge Abutments
    • Best Practices in Pile Driving Testing Utilizing the PDA and GRLWEAP14 
    • American The Right Way
2022 - PDCA Value Driven Webinar Series
  • Advantages of Using a Vibratory Foundation in the Billboard Industry
  • Innovations in H Piles & Historical Usage
  • Safe Working Platforms What can they do for You?
  • High Strain Dynamic Load Testing (PDA tests) with GRLWEAP
  • Bridging Over Troubled Waters "Components of Building over Safety Obstacles"
  • Legal Discussion: Insurance
  • Case Study of Prestress Concrete Piles as a Value Engineered Seismic Solution
  • The Use of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Piles: Products and Constructability
  • Famous Foundations - Successes & Failures
  • Legal Discussion: Contracts 
  • Steel Durability in Marine Construction
2023 - PDCA Value Driven Webinar Series
  • Cold Weather Driving Is Your Equipment Ready?
  • Survey & Measurement Technology and Pile Driving Considerations
  • Foundations of Pile Driving Safety 
  • Legal Developments that Will Make You More Profitable
  • Fundamentals of Driven Pile Design Principles
  • Heavy Highway/Bridge Infrastructure Webinar DOT Piles
  • Pile Driving with a Vibro Hammer: Estimating the bearing capacity from vibro driving analysis
  • Understanding T4 Final Environmental Advancements
  • Safe Working Platforms & Driven Pile Projects
2024 - PDCA Value Driven Webinar Series
  • Solutions to Your Labor Challenges: What We've Learned
  • Maximizing Efficiency in Pile Driving Projects Amidst Skill Shortages: Strategies for Success
  • Proper Equipment Maintenance 

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