PDCA Value Driven Webinar Series: Steel Durability in marine Construction

When: 12/8/2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

A collaboration between the PDCA Education Committee and the PDCA Associate Member Council Committee. Each webinar will be presented in case study or educational format to a target audience of contractors, engineers, estimators, etc.

The PDCA 2022 Value Driven Webinar Series will focus on driven pile case studies, cost saving analysis, actual project conversion methods, job site safety, soil set up, legalities to consider, and much more to support those in the driven pile industry.

Steel Durability in Marine Construction:
The Durability of steel has changed significantly over the last 50 years largely due to new methods of steelmaking and subsequent changes in metallurgical structure and content. Modern manufacturing processes no longer produce to specific chemical composition but combine grain refinement and addition of alloys to achieve required mechanical properties. Today's steel will be compared to steel made 100 years ago not only for structural behavior but also on the part that modern steel making has made on the generation and rate of corrosion.  

The factors that contribute to corrosion occurring and the rate that it develops will be examined and various steps to control or inhibit corrosion will be outlined. A comparison will be made between the breakdown of steel and concrete over time. An example will be provided showing the various options open to the designer to inhibit or improve steel durability along with their associated costs


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