PDCA 2024 Officers and Board of Directors Nominations

We are pleased to announce that Nominations for PDCA Officers and Board of Directors are open to all PDCA members. Please consider nominating a fellow PDCA member who is in good standing to serve in one of these important positions.  Any member in good standing may also nominate themself for a position as an Officer or on the Board of Directors.

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In accordance with the PDCA bylaws Article 3, Section 19, "An election shall be conducted annually in November by the membership to elect new Officers and Board of Director Members as required by their terms of office specified in Articles IV and V". PDCA members can view a copy of the current Bylaws by logging into the PDCA website and select "PDCA Governance" from the yellow menu box on the right hand side of the page.

Please provide the following information in the box below for each person being nominated:
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  5. Positon that this person is being nominated for, i.e., President, Vice Prisident, Secretary, Treasurer, or Board Member
There should be enough room in the space below for up-to five individual nominations.  Please feel free to submit an additional nomination form if more space is required.

The results of the November 2023 election for PDCA Officers and Board of Directors will be announced prior to the new term which will begin on January 1, 2024.
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