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  • When you click the "I'm Ready to Join" button below, you will be asked to Log-In or Create a Profile. Click the "Create an Account" option.
  • You will be creating two profiles at once - one for your Company (Organization) and one for yourself, as the Primary Representative for the company.
  • When creating your account profile, you will be required to enter your Company (Organization) name, address, and phone number.
    • If the address and phone number for the company should also be your address and phone number, click the "Link My..." button when prompted under each section. 
    • If your address and/or phone number are different, you will have the option of providing different information after you complete the membership purchase.
  • After completing your profile and purchasing your membership, you will receive an email with additional information on how you can take full advantage of PDCA's Member Portal, including but not limited to:
    • how to add your company's other representatives.
    • how to select your company's services and areas serviced.
    • how to purchase company subscription upgrades.
    • how to make a donation to the PDCA Education Fund.
    • and much, much more!


  • The membership price reflected in your cart is the prorated amount for PDCA membership from now through December 31st.
  • The PDCA Dues renewal notice, sent at the end of the year, will reflect the dues rate for the full year.
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