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The Pile Driving Contractors Association of the Gulf Coast, Inc. is an association of contractor companies actively engaged in the business of driving piles and, membership is vested in the individual companies.  The member companies designate a primary representative of their respective companies to participate in the association, and annual dues are for the company membership.  This representative is designated at the time of application or renewal of membership.  Additional company representatives will be accepted on an individual basis, upon payment of additional, reduced dues, designed to cover additional expenses to the association to provide mailings and other communications directly to the additional members.  Payment of these additional dues entitles the member company to an additional contact listing in the membership roster and, separate communications from chapter headquarters directed to the additional members.  The additional members are allowed to participate in the activities of the chapter to the same extent as the designated primary representative in all aspects except voting.   As regards voting on the business of the association, each member company shall have only one vote, providing equal representation to all member companies.  The votes of the companies shall be cast by the primary member or his designated proxy.  Annual Dues for Contractors shall be $100.00 per annum.  Additional member representatives shall be assessed dues in the amount of $50.00 each.


Associate membership is offered to companies engaged in the business of supplying services (design, testing, analysis, etc.), equipment, materials, or accessory items to the pile driving industry.  Each company is entitled to one membership, represented by a primary representative.  As with contractor membership, additional representatives will be permitted upon payment of additional dues.  Such additional representatives shall also receive the same status, benefits, and voting limitations as additional contractor representatives.  Annual dues for Associates shall be $100.00 per annum.  Additional member representatives shall be assessed dues in the amount of $50.00 each.

Technical Affiliates:

Technical Affiliates are individual members who are involved with the design, study, and installation of driven piles or in teaching the art and science of pile design and installation.  They may be employed engineers, architects, and government or university employees.  Employees of contractors or associate companies are not eligible to become Technical Affiliate Members.  Technical Affiliates are voting members and are provided a listing in the membership roster and are entitled to all benefits of membership except however, they are individual members and will not have their company affiliation listed in the membership roster.  The dues for Technical Affiliates shall be $50.00 per annum.

Membership Term:

The term of membership shall be on an annual basis, from January through December.  Dues shall be payable in the first month of each year and entitle the member to a full year's participation and activities of the association.  The exception to this condition is that during the first year of membership, dues are paid with application regardless of the month application is made, and membership shall expire at calendar year end as though the commencement date was the first of the year.  New members who join and pay dues in the last two months of the current year shall have membership for the current year as well as the coming year.

Membership Prerequisite:

All applicants and members of the chapter shall be members in good standing of the national Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA).  
All members shall conform to all national, state and local registration and/or licensing requirements for their type of organization (corporate, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) and their respective type of operation.  Contractor members shall be licensed by the respective state licensing authority.  Members shall abide by all legal regulations pertaining to building and professional standards and specifications.

Additional Information:

Please complete all information and let us know if you need any assistance.  Please contact the PDCA office at 904-215-4771 or use the website contact us form or online chat feature at www.piledrivers.org.  Thank you for your continued support of the PDCA Gulf Coast Chapter.

PDCA Gulf Coast Chapter Membership and Dues Payment

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