Steel Sheet Pile Guide Set

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Steel Sheet Pile Guide Set

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This is the complete set of Steel Sheet Pile Guides and FAQ available in a pdf by digital download.

Steel Sheet Pile Corrosion Guide

Steel sheet piling has a long history of extended service in a variety of structures and environmental conditions. The determination of the life of a sheet pile structure is part of the design process, and  regardless of the conditions can be selected to meet the requirements of the project. The durability of a steel sheet pile wall is not pre-determined by the site conditions, but rather a decision made by the engineer. The Steel Sheet Pile Corrosion Guide is intended to give a designer confidence in how to select a system that meets structural, economic and aesthetic requirements of a project. These tools allow the designer to choose from an enormous variety of combinations to enable the targeted design life to be achieved.

Steel Sheet Pile Installation Guide

The Sheet Piling Installation Guide provides an introduction to the methods of installing steel sheet piling. It is based on the North American Steel Sheet Piling Association (NASSPA) manual on the installation of steel sheet piling. NASSPA ceased operations in 2010. PDCA has significantly updated the manual with current technology and latest equipment information. This guide will provide the following:
  • Description of the current practical information that should always be considered to ensure proper product installaion
  • Inventory of the various existing driving systems
  • Description of driving methods, ancillary equipment, and all necessary procedures
  • Common installation problems and specific aspects of driving
Steel Sheet Pile Retaining Wall Cost Comparison Guide

The Retaining Wall Cost Comparison Guide compares the cost and duration of construction for steel pile walls, tangent walls, and secant walls. The guide details analysis models and procedures, results of the analysis, and the compares the cost & installation time for each wall type. The study was performed at the request of PDCA and with the help of Hartman Engineering and Richard Goettle Geotechnical Engineering and Construction.

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