Membership in the PDCA offers a variety of services and benefits, including:

educational programs
annual conferences
trade shows
connectivity between public agencies and private owners
magazine, newsletter, & annual directory subscriptions
industry references and documents
safety discussions & resources
committee and industry leadership opportunities
industry and business marketing
AND many more resources available

Members Have access to all theSE PDCA services and member benefits...  and collectively, all pdca members contribute to the Pile Driving industry credibility that comes from joining a focused, expansive and Strong association.

Membership Categories and Dues Structure

  • Contractor Member

    A specialty contractor who commonly installs driven piles for foundation and earth retention systems and is based on annual volume:

    Contractor I ($895)
    Company Annual Volume > $2 million

    Contractor II ($425)
    Company Annual Volume < $2 million

    Additional Contractor Employees*
    *Non-voting membership & must be member affiliated

  • Associate Member

    Firm engaged in the manufacturing and/or supply of equipment, materials or services to the pile driving industry and is based on annual volume:

    Associate I ($895)
    Company Annual Volume > $2 million

    Associate II ($425)
    Company Annual Volume < $2 million

    Additional Associate Employees *
    * Non-voting membership & must be member affiliated

    Local Associate ($100) *
    *Small Associate company desiring membership in a single local chapter, who only serves that local market, and whose only interest is to support the local chapter, must be approved
  • Engineering Affiliate

    Engineering firm, company, corporation or individual involved in the design consulting, testing or other engineering aspect associated with driven piles, deep foundations or earth retention systems:

    Engineering Affiliate ($195)        
    One office location with up to 5 individuals

    Additional Offices/up to 5 individuals ($195)
  • Individual Member

    Employed full-time by a university or college and teaching undergraduate or graduate courses in engineering; or an individual employed full-time by the government.

    Individual Member
  • Retired Industry Member

    Individual who has retired, left active employment, but wishes to remain a PDCA Member.

  • Student Member

    Full-time student studying towards a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree in a university program.

  • Affiliate Labor Org. Member

    Concerned with pile driving for the purpose of gathering and sharing information.

  • Affiliated Services & Owners

    Non-voting membership: private owners, legal sector, insurance and other businesses not otherwise defined in existing PDCA membership categories.