Noise & Vibration Database


The PDCA collects case histories and data related to noise and vibration levels emitted at work sites where crews install driven-pile based foundations. The Association has also compiled a bibliography of technical literature related to vibrations and noise from pile driving projects.  Both the database and bibliography are provided to educate and guide pile driving contractors, project engineers, developers, and owners on any environmental impacts of driven pile based foundation installation and aid in future research

"Driven Piles are Tested Piles" Using proper precautions, crews successfully installed driven piles in extreme proximity to an unreinforced brick masonry façade of an historic building in Charleston, SC..

The PDCA Vibration Database contains individual vibration case histories and more than 1800 individual pile-ground vibration measurements relating to pile driving vibrations. Information includes includes peak particle velocity (PPV) data with regard to vibration frequency and distance to the driven pile, pile type, pre-auger information, impact and vibratory hammer data (e.g. rated energy), measured energy (i.e. PDA results), relevant soil data, and pre/post condition survey data. As noise case history becomes available, this data will be added to the database.

The PDCA Vibration Database case history data is contained within a Microsoft Access™ database file. Although this database file is intended to be used with Microsoft Access™ software, the file and data contained within can be opened with Microsoft Excel™. Please consult the instructions for these software programs for additional details on how to use these programs.

View the PDCA database.

As part of the development of the vibration and noise database, PDCA and The Citadel conducted a literature survey to find relevant technical literature relating to driven pile vibrations. A bibliography of technical literature related to driven pile vibrations can be downloaded here.

Contributing Information
The PDCA vibration and noise database is an ongoing effort. Any contribution of case history data relating to pile driving vibrations and/or noise will greatly assist in the continued growth of the database and ongoing research efforts. Please support the PDCA and the driven pile by sending your case history vibration and/or noise data to the PDCA and The Citadel. Download convenient template for vibration data entry in Microsoft Excel format. In addition, please contact us if you know of relevant technical literature not noted on the provided bibliography. To contribute case history data or to get more information regarding the PDCA vibration and noise database and research efforts, please contact :

Frank Peters
PDCA Executive Director
Orange Park, Florida 32065
Phone: 904.215.4771
 The PDCA would like to thank the following people and organizations who have provided case history data:
  • Mr. Bill Wright, PE, WPC Inc.
  • Mr. Reg Christopher, PE, WPC Inc.
  • Mr. John Linscott, H.B. Fleming Inc.
  • Mr. Van Hogan, Ed Waters and Sons, Inc.
  • Mr. Michael Derry, PE, GZA Geoenvironmental, Inc.
  • Mr. Syed Ashraf, PE, Gannett Fleming
  • Mr. Chuck Blakeman
  • Mr. Russ Taylor, Foundation Pile
  • Mr. Les Chernauskas, PE, Geosciences Testing and Research, Inc.
  • Mr. Leo Hart, Geosciences Testing and Research, Inc.
  • Mr. Van E. Komurka, P.E., Wagner Komurka Geotechnical Group, Inc.
  • Dr. Charles Dowding, Northwestern University

The data provided in the PDCA database has been collected from a variety of contributors. The information contained in this database is intended to allow contractors, engineers, and designers to make reasonable assessments regarding the potential effects of vibrations and/or noise related to driven pile projects. The PDCA is not responsible for the accuracy of the provided case history data or its use.