2019 Project of the Year Award Winners

2019 Project of the Year Award Winners

The PDCA Project of the Year Awards program is one of PDCA's most prestigious initiatives. Open to any driven pile project completed by a PDCA member, the awards are dedicated to acknowledging the ingenuity, hard work and commitment that goes into each driven pile project, and recognized excellence in construction projects completed by PDCA members. All PDCA members - whether a contractor, associate or engineering affiliate - are eligible to submit their projects for consideration.

Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction wins the 2019 Project of the Year Award in the Contractor (Land, Greater than $5 Million) Category

PND Engineers, Inc. wins the 2019 Project of the Year Award in the Associate/Engineering Category

Cajun Industries, LLC wins the 2019 Project of the Year Award in the Contractor (Land, $2 Million - $5 Million) Category

Geostructures, Inc. wins the 2019 Project of the Year Award in the Contractor (Land, $500,000 - $2 Million) Category

CD Perry, LLC wins the 2019 Project of the Year Award in the Contractor (Land, Less than $500,000) Category

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners in the 2019 PDCA Awards program. You will find additional information, including detailed project articles on all 2019 Project of the Year winners in Edition 4 of PileDriver magazine which becomes available in late August. Don't forget, those projects you are completing now could eventually compete for 2020 Project of the Year Awards; submission details will become available later this year.

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Year of Participation

At this midway point during my term as PDCA president, it is always good to reflect on the past in preparation for the second half of this adventure. This has been a busy first half of the year both difficult and exciting.
We welcomed Frank Peters into our group of pile driving enthusiasts and said good-bye to our longtime friend, Steve Hall, as he moved into retirement. Our committees and chairs are running double-time to stay on top of everything that PDCA has on the go: conferences, educational programing, new building codes all while getting to know an almost completely new PDCA office team. Our board is committed to fully engaging and taking an active role in the daily actions of PDCA.
For me, personally, I chose to get involved with and learn about the Education Committee as a board liaison. In this transitional year, with many new PDCA team members, there was some concern about the tremendous amount of work placed on the shoulders of the Education Committee to plan and execute a successful annual conference. However, the committee and the PDCA staff washed away that fear within the first couple of meetings. I am very impressed with the Education Committee's dedication to tirelessly prepare for our conference. This team has created outstanding educational programming and speaker schedules for all PDCA members to enjoy at the PDCA 22nd Annual International Conference and Expo this July in Orlando, Fla., at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort.
Other PDCA officers and directors are also actively engaged. For example, Jason Moore, PDCA vice-president, is focusing on PDCA membership. Moore, along with the PDCA secretary on the board, Karl Higgins, and Matt Bisbee, PDCA's director of member services in the national office, are actively promoting PDCA to prospective members while benchmarking our current membership.
As much as I want to make this message about accolades to these committee members, there is something weighing heavily on my mind. I have learned over the past few months that we absolutely need more members to become involved on our committees. I have personally called and spoken to members of the Education Committee, asking them to re-commit and re-engage. If you are a member of a PDCA committee, I ask you to please re-commit to your committee and be an active member. Your committee needs your energy, your suggestions and your ideas to create outstanding programs for today and tomorrow.
Getting involved is your first step to becoming part of the action and ideas. We need members not only paying dues, but also becoming part of the transformation of our deep foundation industry as our committees make it safer and more technologically savvy, in order to surpass other deep foundation methods and trends. However, you have to be involved walk the talk to have a real influence.
Please consider "walking the talk" with me and joining one of our committees or recommitting to the committee you are already a member of. With your engagement, you can positively influence our driven pile industry.

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Commitment and Engagement are Foundational to Organization Success

From an early age, we all understand that certain things are meant to go together. Salt and pepper, baseball and bat, nut and bolt, pen and paper, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, knowledge and power. This list could go on and on. We can agree that separating certain items is just not acceptable or productive in the long run.
Membership in a trade organization such as the Pile Driving Contractors Association has some of these same characteristics. There are certain things about association membership that just go together and shouldn't be taken apart, ever.
It is very easy to join PDCA. Simply complete the membership application and pay the appropriate dues. However, is that all there is to it? Once the dues are paid, does the obligation stop? Hardly. It is at this point that the responsibility of association membership begins. Each individual must lean in and determine their part to help make the organization work, prosper, grow and succeed.
We can make the same strong comparison here about commitment and engagement regarding association membership. Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, an activity, an idea. The word also elicits a sense of responsibility, obligation, duty, a tie or charge, or a burden. A company has a commitment to quality, safety and service to its customers. There is nothing passive in this word. It requires a decision, evokes action and demands results.
Engagement is the action that is required by commitment. It is an arrangement to do something, to be involved, to follow through with what has been promised.
We want to encourage all PDCA members to make a commitment and become engaged in the activities provided by the organization. Through this active process members will be informed, fulfilled, satisfied and encouraged. The organization will be supported, move from one level to the next, made relevant and remain current. This is the water and sunshine that will allow PDCA to grow and become strong. It produces the success that is altogether necessary for PDCA to represent the driven pile industry.
Each year PDCA schedules, plans and organizes events and activities for the benefit of its membership. These are purposeful and meaningful, and intended to help members expand their knowledge and influence. Only when members take advantage of these important opportunities will they realize the value of each event.
The PDCA 22nd Annual International Conference and Expo is a great example of an event that is scheduled primarily to benefit members. It is something that every member should consider attending as often as possible. The immediate benefits are real, and the extended experience is, well, priceless.
An event like the PDCA annual conference does not happen by accident. There are many people working behind the scenes planning this year's event. PDCA members who serve on the Board of Directors, the Education Committee, the Sheet Pile Committee, the Communications Committee and the Associate Member Council are diligently expending time and resources to put together a meaningful and exciting conference. Their efforts are to be lauded, commended and each member should make the opportunity to express appreciation for their work. These PDCA members' efforts are considerable and they are working solely to provide the best experience possible.
Education is a key part in everything that PDCA works hard to produce and the annual conference is no exception. A Pile Driving Inspection pre-conference short course is scheduled along with a "Driven Pile Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Engineers, Contractors and Inspectors" program. The information provided in the pre-conference short course will be significant and is worthy of your consideration. This is only the beginning.
The Annual Conference will present three separate tracks over two days to provide participants with information on various facets of the pile driving industry.
Track One will kick off the sessions early on the first full day of the annual conference with "Legislation and Advocacy in Pile Driving: Are you at the Table or on the Menu?" This thought provoking and informative presentation will challenge members to consider their part in a process that literally could affect every aspect of their business.
Additional Track One sessions will include presentations on "Operator Training: This is How We Approach It," "Working Platforms/Safety/Best Management Practices" and "Workforce Development and Industry Issues." These programs will bring members up-to-date with the latest activity related to jobsite performance.
The first day afternoon sessions will present programs starting with a keynote on "Geotechnical Design & Construction: Why This Relationship is Important." Additional presentations will include "An Engineer's Role in Mitigating Risk on Pile Driving Projects: An Operational and Legal Perspective," followed by "Current Guidelines and Code Issues Impacting Driven Pile Practice" and concluding with "Pile Foundations Work on Design/Build Projects: Opportunities and Challenges."
The second day of the conference will present Track Three, starting with the keynote presentation on "Sheet Piling Past, Present and Future," followed by "A 2,700-Foot Quarry Wall Becomes an Engineering Challenge for Pioneers," project spotlights featuring the Project of the Year award winners and a presentation on the "Pile Driving on the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project."
Considering the scope of the education programming, this would be enough to attend the annual conference but there is more.
All PDCA standing committees as well as the Board of Directors will meet during the annual conference. This is a significant opportunity for these individuals to connect on a personal level for the important work they are performing on behalf of the organization throughout the year.
If you are a golfer, don't miss the golf outing at the Four Seasons Disney World Resort course. The shotgun event will be held at the Tranquilo Golf Club, walking distance from the hotel. This course is built through a preserve and is simply beautiful. It is also a private course and is kept in pristine condition. Your registration fee for the golf outing will help provide resources for the PDCA Education fund.
The opening reception to officially kick-off the annual conference is a time to connect with your PDCA friends. This informal event will be held in the Exhibit Hall area and will provide attendees an opportunity to get a sneak peek of material and information provided by our PDCA industry partners. We encourage all members to take the time to visit each exhibit to take full advantage of the services provided.
An awards luncheon will be held the first day of the annual conference to highlight efforts by industry leaders, acknowledge companies for their project efforts and provide members an opportunity to relax and connect.
A highlight of the annual conference is the Annual Awards Reception and Dinner that will be held the evening of the first day. You do not want to miss this dinner!
Everything mentioned here has been planned to work together and should not be separated. Did I mention the Disney Magic Kingdom, theme parks, fireworks and characters? All of that magic is close by the conference and can be part of your 2019 ExPEERience! The only question is will you commit and engage? I hope the answer is yes and I look forward to seeing you at the Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World Resort for a magical and successful event.
The annual conference and more
This edition of PileDriver magazine is designated as our annual conference edition, and you may be reading a copy that you found in your delegate bag or picked up at the PileDriver booth. I hope you find some quality time to spend with the pages of this issue, as it exemplifies both the traditional roots of the driven pile industry while also highlighting the excitement of new technologies, construction methods and safety initiatives.
Firstly, I must offer a heartfelt and sincere PDCA congratulations on an outstanding milestone by one of our longstanding contractor members: Blakeslee, Arpaia, Chapman (BAC) is celebrating 175 years in business in 2019 yes, 175 years! BAC president, Dave Chapman, has served two separate terms as president of PDCA, and we are honored to include a feature-length article about the company to help celebrate such an extraordinary achievement. Please turn to page 98 of this magazine to read the article, and I encourage you to reach out to Dave with your commendations.
In reviewing the articles of a few of the other PDCA members profiled in this issue, the success and longevity of the driven pile industry becomes increasingly apparent. Consider Illinois-based James McHugh Construction Co., in business for 122 years as of 2019. Engineering firm Hardesty & Hanover has more than 130 years in business under their belt this year. Another engineering firm, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, is marking 109 years in business. Further, L.B. Foster Co. is celebrating a 50-year tenure by one of its employees, John Knapp. These are incredible achievements.
In terms of innovative construction techniques, turn back to the cover of this magazine. The project you see pictured there is the Pier55 project in New York City; PDCA contractor member Weeks Marine, Inc. describes the work as their most unique and challenging project to date. I won't spoil the details for you here, but turn to page 90 and read why the pile driving for Pier55 has been so fascinating.
Discussing safety, there is always room for our industry to improve. You may have read the joint statement from ADSC-IAFD, DFI and PDCA in 2018 regarding a consensus position on working platforms for pile driving and drilling rigs. While the working platform is such a critical safety component for any project we work on, there are no current guidelines in the U.S. pertaining to their construction and use, and in fact, much confusion surrounds platform use and specification. Turn to page 70 to read an in-depth overview about what working platforms are, the issues surrounding them and how the U.S. industry is learning from worldwide best practices to make meaningful change. At the end of the day, we all want to keep our workers and our equipment safe, and PDCA members can play a valuable role in changing our industry for the better as it relates to working platforms.
Lastly, even though this is the PDCA Annual Conference edition of PileDriver magazine, please don't forget about another important upcoming event: the Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles (DICEP) conference, taking place Nov. 56 in Cleveland, Ohio. This event presents its attendees with the opportunity to connect with peers, collaborate on industry research and strengthen commitments to the driven pile profession. This year is the 20th time that PDCA has organized the DICEP conference; if you've never attended before or if it's been some time, mark your calendars and come to Cleveland. You can read more about DICEP on page 63; it's important that we see you there.
The content that I have highlighted for you here is just a fraction of what you'll read about in this issue of PileDriver. The PDCA Communications Committee works diligently throughout the year to carefully plan every issue of the magazine, discussing and researching articles that will prove valuable to our membership and industry at large. If you would like to join the Communications Committee or suggest an article, please contact our PDCA staff liaison to the committee, Matt Bisbee, at 904-215-4771 or by email to matt@piledrivers.org.
I look forward to shaking your hand at the PDCA Annual Conference in Orlando.

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PDCA 20192020 Officers and Directors

PDCA Officers
PresidentScott Callaway Cajun Industries, LLCBaton Rouge, La.scottc@cajunusa.com
Vice PresidentJason Moore Palmetto Pile DrivingCharleston, S.C.jason@palmettopiledriving.com
SecretaryKarl Higgins, P.E. ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLCChantilly, Va.khiggins@ecslimited.com
TreasurerScott Webster, P.E. GRL Engineers, Inc.Charlotte, N.C.swebster@grlengineers.com
Immediate Past PresidentLarry MooreGeoStructures, Inc.Purcellville, Va.lmoore@geoconstructors.com
Executive DirectorFrank T. PetersPile Driving Contractors AssociationOrange Park, Fla.frank@piledrivers.org
PDCA Directors 
Kustaa MansfieldPacific Pile and MarineSeattle, Wash.kustaa@pacificpile.com
Brian HeckRichard Goettle, Inc.Cincinnati, Ohiobheck@goettle.com
Emmett WaggenspackCoastal Bridge Co., LLCBaton Rouge, La.waggenspacke@coastalbridge.com
Doug KellerRichard Goettle, Inc.Cincinnati, Ohiodkeller@goettle.com
Jay BoydBalfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc.Wilmington, N.C.jboyd@bbiius.com
Erich KremerR. Kremer & Sons Marine ContractorsBrick, N.J.kremermarine@comcast.net
Kevin GourguesPatriot Deep FoundationsBaton Rouge, La.keving@patriot-construction.com
Rich AndersonEquipment Corp of AmericaAldan, Pa.randerson@ecanet.com
Rob BradenSkyline Steel Co.Springfield, Va.Robert.braden@skylinesteel.com
All Board of Directors members can be reached using their email addresses provided or contacting them through the PDCA office at 904-215-4771. Please feel free to reach out to any Officer or Director to express your appreciation for their service to PDCA or to discuss any issues or topics you may have regarding PDCA. They will be excited to hear from you.

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Membership benefits of PDCA and its local chapters

The Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA) is the only association globally that exclusively represents the driven pile industry.
PDCA offers the strength and experience of its more than two decades as an association representing the driven pile industry and provides a forum for members to promote driven piles in all cases where they are effective.
PDCA members include contractors, equipment and materials manufacturers and suppliers, engineers, academicians and end-users that take a dedicated and proactive approach to advancing the benefits of the driven pile, such as environmental benefits, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and rapid productivity.
PDCA membership gives contractors a larger voice in influencing and establishing procedures and standards for the installation of driven piles.
PDCA members meet and work directly with all public agencies to ensure our industry is equally represented in all deep foundations and earth retention design and construction specifications.
PDCA members share up-to-date and relevant industry information in the areas of equipment, technology, safety, business and more, so contractors can stay on the cutting edge of efficiency and productivity designed to increase their financial bottom line.
PDCA members work with other non-competitive groups on issues of mutual concern to the deep foundation industry.
The best way to gain value from your PDCA and chapter membership is simply to get involved. Ask any PDCA member how!
PDCA chapters and locations PDCA chapters conduct regular meetings to provide members a local forum to be able to network, while also featuring industry keynote speakers from the driven pile and deep foundations industry. Regionally, the chapters host and conduct technical seminars and conferences to educate contractors, engineers and others associated with the pile driving industry.
All PDCA members are encouraged to join a chapter. Find out more information about a chapter near you at www.piledrivers.org/chapters.
PDCA of the Northeast Chapter Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont
 PDCA of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter
Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C.
PDCA of South Carolina Chapter
North Carolina and South Carolina
PDCA of Florida Chapter
PDCA of the Gulf Coast Chapter
Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi
PDCA of Texas Chapter
PDCA of the Pacific Coast Chapter
Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada,New Mexico, Wyoming
PDCA of the Pacific Northwest Chapter
Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alberta and British Columbia 
PDCA committees
PDCA encourages all members to participate on a committee of their choice.
Committee participation is voluntary; however, it is a great way to add value to your membership for those who choose to be actively involved. Joining and participating on a PDCA committee aligns you with like-minded industry individuals seeking to achieve common goals. Your industry and personal career will benefit.
Contact the PDCA office to find out more about how to join a committee. All interested PDCA members are invited to attend committee conference calls at any time to see if that committee is right for you.
PDCA committees include:
Associate Member Council
Contracts and Risk
Market Development
Safety and Environment
Steel Sheet Pile
PDCA members, especially those who serve on the PDCA Education Committee, have developed many educational programs aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability and safety of the driven pile industry.
PDCA's current education programming includes:
PDCA Annual International Conference & Expo
Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles Conference (DICEP)
Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing and Analysis Workshop
Pile Load Test Options Course
Pile Driving Inspectors Course
Pile Driving Professionals Development Course
Steel Bearing Piles & Sheet Walls in Infrastructure
Engineers' Driven Pile Institute (EDPI)
Professors' Driven Pile Institute (PDPI)
International Foundations Congress & Equipment Expo (IFCEE)
Portable training programs about piling equipment, testing and more
PileDriver is published six times annually and features PDCA member companies and project stories; industry articles related to technical, legal and safety issues; and other relevant topics dedicated to the pile driving industry.
www.piledrivers.org is PDCA's official website, containing a broad base of information about PDCA, its members, industry resources and other industry news.
The PDCA Pile of News e-newsletter is emailed monthly to PDCA's subscriber list to provide up-to-date information on PDCA's activities, events, seminars, workshops and member news.
The PDCA Membership Directory is an annual directory that includes contact information for all categories of PDCA members in good standing for the year.
The PDCA Wall Calendar is published annually in October and distributed with Issue 5 of PileDriver. The calendar includes important PDCA dates to keep on your schedule for the following year.

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2019 Piling Industry Events Guide

JUNE 2019
June 1013 International Bridge Conference National Harbor, Md.
June 19 PDCA of the Northeast Chapter Skeet Shoot Fundraiser Coplay, Pa. 
June 26 PDCA Executive Committee Meeting
JULY 2019
July 8 PDCA Board of Directors Meeting
July 912 PDCA 22nd Annual International Conference & Expo 2019 Orlando, Fla.
Aug. 6 PDCA of South Carolina Chapter Third Quarter Dinner Meeting Charleston, S.C.
Aug. 22 PDCA of the Gulf Coast Chapter Third Quarter Dinner Meeting Biloxi, Miss.
September 4 PDCA Executive Committee Meeting
Sept. 6 PDCA of the Northeast Chapter Membership Drive Atlantic City, N.J.
Sept. 1113 Deep Foundation Design Testing and Analysis Course Cleveland, Ohio
Sept. 1721 Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists 62nd Annual Meeting Asheville, N.C.
Sept. 1820 Texas Engineers Conference
Sept. 2527 Louisiana Engineers Conference 
Oct. (TBD) PDCA of the Gulf Coast Chapter Sporting Clay Shoot
Oct. 35 Geoprofessional Business Association Fall Conference Louisville, Ky.
Oct. 1518 Deep Foundations Institute Annual Conference Chicago, Ill.
Nov. 56 Design and Installation of Cost-Efficient Piles (DICEP) Conference Cleveland, Ohio (dates pending)
Nov. (TBA) PDCA of South Carolina Chapter Fourth Quarter Dinner Meeting Charleston, S.C.
Nov. 68 Design-Build Institute of America National Conference Las Vegas, Nev.
Nov. 13 PDCA of the Northeast Chapter Casino Night Meet and Greet Newark, N.J.
Nov. 14 PDCA of the Gulf Coast Chapter Fourth Quarter Dinner Meeting Messina's Restaurant, Kenner, La.
Dec. 4 PDCA Executive Committee Meeting.

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Deep Foundations Dynamic Testing and Analysis Course Orlando 2019

The first of two Deep Foundation Dynamic Testing and Analysis (DFDTA) courses took place in Orlando, Fla., March 1315. Thirty-one attendees and 25 test takers were present for the three-day workshop. The DFDTA course has been offered for many years as a joint program between PDCA and Pile Dynamics, Inc. The course is typically offered in early spring in Orlando, Fla., and late fall in Cleveland, Ohio. Occasionally, the course will be offered in a third location to meet industry demand.
The DFDTA course presents the one-day seminar "Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis," followed by the two-day workshop "High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing." On the third-day of the course, the "Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test," a 90-minute, multiple-choice exam that covers the theory of wave mechanics, case method (PDA) equations, data quality assessment, data interpretation and basic CAPWAP analysis, is offered.The next DFDTA course will be offered in Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 1113, 2019, and registration is open on the PDCA website. An early bird discount with $50 off both the seminar and workshop registration fee will be offered until Aug. 9, 2019.

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Aldridge Electric
All Crane Rental of Alabama, LLC. 
Alpha Pipe Company
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American Pile and Foundation LLC
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Taylor Marine Construction, Inc. 
Tectonic Engineering & Surveying Consultants P.C. 
Texas Gulf Construction Company, Inc.
Texas Tech University
The Citadel
The Great Lakes Construction Co.
The Hose Company
Timber Piling Council
Tioga Construction Company, Inc.
Tolunay-Wong Engineers, Inc. 
TRC Companies, Inc.
Trevcon Construction Company, Inc.
Triad Metals International
Trinity Products Inc.
Turecki Pipe & Steel Ltd.
Underpinning & Foundation Skanska, Inc.
University of Kansas
USI Insurance Services
Vachris Engineering, P.C.
Valard Foundations
Valiant Commodities LLC
Valiant Steel & Equipment, Inc.
Veit & Company, Inc.
Vibrant International Limited
Vibronics, Inc. 
VMS / Allnamics-USA
Vortex Marine Construction, Inc.
Walters Marine Construction, Inc.
Waskey Bridges, Inc. 
Weeks Marine, Inc.
Western Equipment Solutions LLC
Whitaker Laboratory, Inc.

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Industry News

New North American steel mill, Steel Piling USA
Shunli USA and Meever USA announced a new domestic steel pile manufacturing facility, Steel Piling USA, located in Erie, Mich. Steel Piling USA is scheduled to begin production of steel pipe, steel sheet pile and fabricated wide flange beams during the second quarter of 2019.
Steel Piling USA is a joint venture between American, Chinese and European specialists in the global deep foundations industry. With extensive international experience, their motto is: Sharing a World of Experience. The partners bring unique qualities to the new company with worldwide experience, quality control, awards for innovative developments in the cold formed industry and an engineering team ready to provide solutions for any type of foundation project.
Steel Piling USA will manufacture a wide range of spiral welded steel pipe (DSAW), steel sheet pile and fabricated steel beams. All will be manufactured from 100 percent domestic steel to meet all domestic requirements. Steel Piling USA will offer complete fabricating services including welding interlocks to pipe and wide flange beams for combination wall systems.
Steel Piling USA will supply steel pile throughout the U.S. to distributors, contractors and government agencies.
Junttan USA Inc. announces new VP of sales and operations Tim Dutton joined Junttan USA Inc. in November 2018 as the new VP of sales and operations. He is responsible for Junttan USA, Inc.'s operations, sales and development of the organization, customer support and sales in the North American market.
With over 20 years of experience in the foundation and equipment industry, Dutton brings valuable knowledge to Junttan and strengthens the sales team. Dutton spent most of his career with drilling machines and vibro hammers in the U.S. market. He has also worked as a project manager for a foundation contractor.
Dutton will also play a key role in developing Junttan's new MPX Multipurpose Drilling and Piling rigs product line in the future.
Most recently, Dutton worked for PKF MARK III where he worked in estimating, as a field superintendent and a project manager. He specifically carried out work for the NJDOT Maintenance division, replacing deteriorating bridge fender systems along the New Jersey Inter-Coastal Waterway with state-of-the-art composite materials. All work was co-ordinated and carried out from a marine application on barges and boats with extensive pile driving and carpentry methods.
With Dutton's experience on piling and drilling equipment, as well as his technical background and field expertise, he will surely bring Junttan in the North American market to a new level, allowing for more capability to serve customers with dedicated Junttan services, spare parts and sales.

Aggregate Technologies expands to Baton Rouge
Aggregate Technologies Inc. (ATI) has expanded with the opening of a new office in Baton Rouge, La. The Houston-based specialty construction firm provides concrete cutting, hydrodemolition, pile cutting, core drilling and wall sawing to various industries in Texas and the Gulf Coast. The firm has relocated David Rogers, vice president, from the Houston headquarters to Baton Rouge to better serve customers in the Louisiana Gulf Coast region.
With a commitment to safety and innovative solutions, ATI most recently was awarded its fourth Excellence in Construction (EIC) Eagle award from Associated Builders and Contractors. The project was emergency demolition work on the I-69/Texas 59 San Jacinto river bridge after it sustained damage during Hurricane Harvey. Previous EIC awards were for the removal of precast concrete walls from downtown Houston and Texas Medical center high-rises, and for emergency wharf repair at the Port of Houston.
ECA Canada names Ray Kemppainen vice president
Ray Kemppainen has been promoted to vice president at ECA Canada Company, a distributor of specialty foundation equipment in Eastern Canada. He previously served as branch manager.
Kemppainen's history predates ECA Canada, which was formed on Dec. 31, 1999, when Equipment Corporation of America acquired Specialty Construction Machines (SCM). Kemppainen found work as an apprentice mechanic at SCM in August 1990. He was promoted to service and parts manager after demonstrating competency working on diesel pile hammers, vibratory hammers and compaction equipment.
ECA Canada diversified SCM's product line to include large and small diameter drilling equipment. Kemppainen returned and took on the role of drilling product support manager after a brief departure from ECA Canada from 2007 to 2009. He was promoted to branch manager for ECA Canada in September 2009.
"Ray has been an asset to ECA Canada and this promotion will position him to provide even greater value to our Canadian customers," said Jeff Harmston, ECA's vice president of sales and marketing. "We have the utmost confidence that he will strengthen and expand our foundation in this critical market."
Born and raised in Toronto, Kemppainen completed the heavy duty equipment mechanic course from 1989 to 1990 at Centennial College. Outside of work, his interests include travel, drag racing, photography and motorcycles.
Benesch opens office in San Francisco
Based on its expanding client base, growing team of veteran litigators and opportunities to serve more clients on the West Coast, Benesch Law, and AmLaw 200 firm, has expanded into San Francisco, Calif.
"Opening an office in San Francisco is the next logical step for Benesch," said Gregg Eisenberg, managing partner and executive committee member at Benesch. "Many of our clients are based in California and the legal landscape is energetic and exciting. It goes without saying that California is home to some of the best companies in the country. We want to be a part of that."
Leading the team on the ground in San Francisco is veteran commercial litigation attorney, Krista Enns. Joining Enns are litigation associates Jennifer Miller and Whitney Carlson.
Enns concentrates her practice on complex commercial matters. She has defended companies and individuals against allegations of securities fraud, insider trading and deceptive trade practices.
Miller's practices is concentrated on complex commercial litigation and represents clients from a variety of industries including energy, food, health, media and technology at both the trial and appellate levels.
Carlson focuses her practice on commercial litigation, intellectual property disputes and white-collar defense. Her commercial litigation practice is diverse including breach of contract, product liability, trade secrets and business torts.
"Our clients are increasingly focused on the quality of the individual lawyer who will be handling their case as opposed to the immediate name recognition of the overall law firm," Connolly said. "I've had the good fortune to work with this team previously. They are outstanding attorneys and have been very successful in California. We are thrilled to have them with us as Benesch begins its newest chapter."
Dissen & Juhn Company helps revitalize Chestertown marina
Chestertown's waterfront and public access to it are indelible parts of the town's identity and heritage. When the Chestertown Marina fell into disrepair after years of deferred maintenance, the Town of Chestertown purchased the marina in 2012, and began making plans for crucial revitalization, repair and redevelopment to ensure the sustainability of the marina as a public waterfront amenity.
"The Chestertown Marina plays an important role as the last working marina in the town," said Gil Dissen, president of Dissen & Juhn Company, the Stevensville firm that was hired to rebuild the marina. "The marina is the home port for the schooner Sultana and hosts a fleet of tall ships annually during Downrigging Weekend. The public boat ramp stands as the only deep-water launch site for 10 miles in either direction on the Kent County side of the Chester River, so this project held particular importance for the town."
Although restoring and redeveloping the Chestertown Marina is important in the context of public access, the project is part of a much larger 20-year vision for Chestertown's future, which involves the redevelopment of half-mile of waterfront in conjunction with multiple initiatives at Washington College.
"We've had past experience working with Dissen & Juhn," said Bill Ingersoll, Chestertown town manager. "We were fortunate enough to get them on this job. Dissen & Juhn Company is the Cadillac of marine contractors. We had such a great experience working with them."
Although the marina project was completed on time and on budget, there were numerous notable challenges throughout the project. Chief among them were both time and space. The project had to be completed in time for Downrigging Weekend. The event is one of the largest gatherings of tall ships in the mid-Atlantic region, bringing up to 5,000 tourists to Chestertown, annually.
Regarding space, the marina is located approximately 27 miles up the Chester River in an area that is heavily agricultural. Here, the river bottom is characterized by a thick layer of fine silt that originates in the farmland flanking the river on both sides. As silt deposits don't typically exhibit any structural properties, the steel pipe piles securing the floating docks to the river bottom had to be long enough to penetrate deep into the river bottom until they reached firm material. In some locations, the 12-inch and 16-inch steel pipe piles were 90 feet long.
The upcoming 2019 boating season will be the first full boating season for the new Chestertown Municipal Marina.
Morris-Shea launches deep foundation installation website

Irondale, Ala.-based Morris-Shea is marking the company's 50th anniversary with the launch of a new website that presents the full scope of the contractor's deep foundation and earth retention capabilities.
Comprehensive information about all of Morris-Shea's geotechnical techniques can be found on the new website. Foundation applications are presented with galleries of jobsite construction photographs and technical data. Additionally, information about specialty construction techniques such as secant walls and restricted access jobsites is also available. Visitors to the site can also read about the company's design/build and site investigation capabilities.
MorrisShea.com includes technical information about recent signature projects for Disney, Google and YouTube, along with reprints of news articles from leading industry publications relating to these projects. Photographs of the contractor's equipment fleet are also presented throughout the new website.
The site links to interesting construction videos at the Morris-Shea YouTube channel. MorrisShea.com also offers easy access to potential careers; a list of current job offerings and an online employment application are available at the site.
PDCA recognizes engineering student achievement
Through its efforts to maintain the visibility of pile driving in the deep foundations industry, PDCA co-operates with professional organizations representing the engineers who are often responsible for determining the recommended foundation method in building projects. Likewise, PDCA works with civil engineering departments at colleges that offer such curricula. In addition to serving as a professional resource to collegiate faculty, PDCA considers it important to engage the emerging classes of geotechnical practitioners who will soon be designing deep foundation projects when they graduate and join the profession.
A new initiative of PDCA is to involve more students in the association and ensure that pile driving continues to be recognized by civil engineers as a viable, and when applicable, the preferred method for a deep foundation installation.
Engineering students have frequent opportunities to highlight their work before the industry professionals; many trade show and exhibition events feature student-centric activities such as model displays, poster contests, case studies and design competitions. During engineering exhibitions where PDCA participates as a co-operating partner, the association recognizes the students who are involved in activities that feature their work.
During the March GeoCongress (annual conference for civil engineers hosted by the GeoInstitute), a major component was the 2019 National GeoChallenge Student Competition. This enabled college students to compete against each other in five categories of geotechnical projects. To recognize the accomplishments of the five teams who earned first place designations, PDCA proudly extends complimentary, one-year Association Memberships. The winning students who are some of PDCA's newest members include:
Tanya Walkenbach, University of Kansas; first place GeoShirt competition, under the advisement of Dr. Jie Han.
Danielle Gardner, Natasha Vipond, Seth Anderson and Rebecca Blocker, Lafayette Colleg; first place GeoVideo, under the advisement of Dr. Michael McGuire.
Kristin Ulmer, Virginia Tech, first place GeoPoster competition, under the advisement of Drs. Adrian Rodriguez and Russell Green.
Anh Tran and Ana Errigo, University of Arkansas; first place GeoPrediction, under the advisement of Dr. Richard Coffman.
Jesse Solis, Vanessa Antunez, Angel Martinez and Cindy Deligiannis, California State University, Fullerton; first place GeoWall competition, under the advisement of Dr. Pankaj Bhattarai.
"PDCA intends to make certain that the engineering leaders of tomorrow will understand that the driven pile continues to be a dependable, cost effective and often safest solution for the deep foundation of a building, bridge or other structure," said Scott Callaway, president of PDCA. "We are excited to recognize the innovation and enthusiasm displayed by the next generation of geotechnical engineers."

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The 1810 GeoCoalition Code Committee

It is often said that collaboration is core to innovation, and that statement stands true throughout the deep foundation construction industry. In support of that notion, the GeoCoalition was formed more than a decade ago after seemingly competitor organizations realized that by working together on certain initiatives, conflicts and duplication of effort by volunteers could be avoided. 
One of the GeoCoalition's most important initiatives focused on Chapter 18 of the International Building Code (IBC). In 2012, members of the GeoCoalition began to review IBC 1810, which outlines the manner in which deep foundations are to be analyzed, designed, detailed and installed.
The GeoCoalition determined that due to advancements in construction materials, equipment and methods, Section 1810 of the IBC needed to be updated and modernized to be more consistent with actual industry state-of-practice and formed a committee to propose updates to the International Code Council (ICC). 
The 1810 GeoCoalition Code Committee is comprised of 37 members those 37 participants represent PDCA's Technical Committee; DFI's Codes and Standards Committee, Augercast Committee and Helical Committee; and ADSC's Drilled Shaft Committee and Micropile Committee. Dale Biggers a vice president of Boh Bros. Construction Co. in Louisiana and chair of the PDCA Technical Committee chairs the 1810 GeoCoalition Code Committee.
The committee quickly realized that updating the IBC, however, is no simple task.
"You can only propose changes every three years," said Biggers. "We've worked on this for seven years, and it isn't over yet."
While work began in 2012 to identify changes the committee wanted to propose to the ICC, the group first formally submitted a proposal in 2016.
"We had all these wonderful changes and we were run over by a steamroller," said Biggers. "We thought we would pass everything [in 2016], and we only passed six minor changes. That was a deflation."
The 1810 GeoCoalition Code Committee's changes were not rejected on merit but on writing structure. The group believed that their changes were helpful in that they shifted responsibility from the building official to the registered design professional, but the building officials wanted to have the final say.
"The ICC has a certain style of how they want to write things," said Biggers. "There is a very strict structure for the wording of changes the building code officials are used to the code being written their way. And that's what we learned."
Since 2016, the committee has worked diligently to revise sections of IBC 1810 in a manner that the ICC will accept.
"It took us a long time," said Biggers. "We submitted [our proposal] in January, and we were still making changes the day before we presented them [in May]."
Representing the 1810 GeoCoalition Code Committee, Biggers flew to Albuquerque in May with Lori Simpson of Langan Engineering and Dan Stevenson of Berkel & Company to present the changes the committee was proposing for IBC 1810. They outlined the suggestions in front of a group of 14 people, building code officials familiar with construction, plus geotechnical and structural engineers.
One area on which the 1810 GeoCoalition Code Committee focused its efforts was increasing the stresses allowable on steel, as industry advancements have made higher yields on steel possible.
"The changes will increase the allowable stresses on steel H-piles and pipe piles, as well as the allowable stress on concrete inside a pipe pile, and increased stress on reinforcing steel inside piles," said Biggers. "Sometimes, the load on a pile is limited by the structural strength of the pile and not the soil. So with these IBC changes, engineers will be able to use a higher load on a pile than they could previously."
The ICC agreed.
"The ICC in Albuquerque passed all 17 of the changes we suggested," said Biggers. "One of the changes passed 13 to 1, but the others passed by a vote of 14 to 0."
Having suggested changes pass that initial group of 14 is a major accomplishment, according to Biggers, but the celebration doesn't begin just yet. The next step for the 1810 GeoCoalition Code Committee is to have the changes passed by another ICC committee in the fall a committee not necessarily comprised of engineers. 
"There are hundreds and hundreds of changes being proposed [to the IBC] a lot of changes aside from foundations," said Biggers. "Many of the voters at the fall ICC meeting are not really that familiar with foundations that was why it was so important to pass our 17 changes in Albuquerque."
Biggers expects that since 14 people more familiar with construction, geotechnical and structural engineering have passed the suggested changes to IBC 1810, the fall ICC committee will view the changes with increased credibility. In the fall, the changes must be approved by a two-thirds margin.
"One of the things that helped us is that the ICC in Albuquerque realized we were trying to make the code and the world better by bringing in experts from all areas of practice," he said. "A lot of people make proposals to the ICC to give their product an advantage over other products. The ICC reviewed and discovered the 1810 GeoCoalition was there honestly. I think this new-found trust is building a bond to make the code even stronger."

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