South Carolina

John King
Pile Drivers, Inc.
Hollywood, SC  
Phone:  843-763-7736
Vice President/
Chapter Representative to National Board
Pete Adams

Parker Marine Contracting Corp.
Charleston, SC 
Phone: 843-853-7615
Andrea Edwards
Koppers Utility and Industrial Products
Eutawville, SC
Phone: 843-991-8209
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer and
Immediate Past President

Jason Moore
Palmetto Pile Driving, Inc.
Charleston, SC  
Phone:  843-577-0545

 At-Large Board Members

Jim Challenger
Consolidated Pipe & Supply
Jordan Houston
Cape Romain Contractors  

Dr. Simon Ghanat
The Citadel
Scott Nigels
Palmetto Pile Driving, Inc.
Ric Anderson
Nucor Skyline
Greg Canivan

Benefits of joining PDCA South Carolina Chapter

  • Learn about the latest technologies, products in the pile driving field.
  • Discuss current and future projects.
  • Explore specifications with the most respected engineers in their field.
  • Network with leading piledriving contractors/engineers/suppliers.
  • Broaden your knowledge and contacts to improve your bottom line.
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