PDCA Committees

PDCA Committees are a significant resource to the Association, its members, and the driven pile industry. Each Committee has a Chair who is appointed by the PDCA President and each Committee has a Board Director who acts as a liaison between the Committee and the Board of Directors. Each committee meets between 4 to 6 times a year. One of those meetings is held at the PDCA Annual Conference, while the others are generally conducted by web conference.

All PDCA members are eligible to serve on any PDCA Committee(s). Any member of PDCA who has an interest in serving on one or more of the PDCA Committees or would like to find out more about the functions of each Committee, its responsibilities and the responsibilities of members should
contact PDCA by email or call the PDCA office at 904-215-4771.

PDCA members may sign up for Committee service by completing the PDCA Member Committee Request Form.

PDCA Member Committee Request Form

Associate Member Council Committee

Committee Members:
  • Diane Fischer, Co-Chair & PDCA Board Liaison
  • Pollyanna Cunningham, Co-Chair
  • Kathy Harper, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Dean Abbondanza
  • Ric Anderson
  • Martin Arcand
  • Bruce Bradley
  • Reagan Bull
  • Nate Carruthers
  • Edward Clark
  • Steve Cress
  • Tom Dame
  • Tim Dittmeier
  • Dan Dragone
  • Tim Dutton
  • Doug Ford
  • Julie Fuller
  • Rafael Garcia
  • Mark Gwynn
  • Tom Heller
  • Karl Higgins
  • Ronnie Hoefeld
  • Paul Jaquillard
  • Allen Kadow
  • James Land
  • Ethan Liberty
  • Rob Likens
  • David Mendoza
  • Shaun Nelson
  • Shane Pass
  • Rick Sadler
  • Corey Sechler
  • Franki Segura
  • Garrett Smith
  • Heath Stevens
  • Takefumi Takuma
  • Ian Vaz
  • Andy West
  • Nick Whisler
  • Steve Whitty
  • Sean Whyte
This committee serves as the leadership body for the PDCA Associate Members to ensure the needs of the growing PDCA Associate Member base are met. 

Chapters Committee

Committee Members:
  • Harold Baur, Chair and Board Liaison
  • Matt Bisbee, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Rich Anderson
  • Greg Canivan
  • Tom Connor
  • Andrea Edwards
  • Dermot Fallon
  • Tim Fogarty
  • Kevin Gourgues
  • Jason Moore
  • Matt Scerbak
  • J.J. Waguespack
  • Sean Whyte
This committee provides an exchange of information between PDCA Chapters and PDCA in the interest of creating enhanced opportunities for growth, strength and collaboration within PDCA.

Communications Committee

Committee Members:
  • Jason Moore, Chair
  • Diane Fischer, Board Liaison
  • Matt Bisbee, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Jill Harris, Editorial Director, Lester Publications
  • Jeff Bird
  • Pollyanna Cunningham
  • Dermot Fallon
  • Diane Fischer, PDCA Board Liaison
  • Lauren Gara
  • Karl Higgins
  • Garland Likins
  • Aaron Unterreiner
  • Derek Brodnax
  • Amy Cristiani
  • Sean Whyte
  • Thomas Tran 
  • Jessica Lambert
The Communications Committee shall establish editorial guidelines and review the content of PDCA publications, including the Association's magazine, Piledriver and website, www.piledrivers.org. The committee also manages the Project of the Year award and email communications.

Education Committee

Committee Members:
  • Gerry McShane, Chair
  • Ryan Allin, Co-Chair
  • Herbert "Buck" Darling, III, PDCA Board Liaison
  • Kathy Harper, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Marty Goff
  • Tom "TC" Heller
  • Mohamad Hussein
  • Zac McIntosh
  • Richard Morales
  • Olaf Olsen
  • Alex Ryberg
This Committee is responsible for all educational programs, specifically the Annual Conference and the annual Design and Installation of Cost Efficient Driven Pile (DICEP) Conference. The Committee reviews presentation recommendations and procures speakers for each event. Additionally, the Committee oversees the College Professor's Piling Institute.

Membership Committee

Committee Members:
  • Rich Anderson, Chair
  • Harold Baur, Board Liaison
  • Matt Bisbee, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Kevin Gourgues
  • Brian Heck
  • Kustaa Mansfield
  • Scott Webster
  • Harold Bauer, III
  • Greg Canivan
  • Alexandra Cormier
  • Herbert "Buck" Darling, III
  • James Dempsey
  • Patrick A. DiCerbo
  • Tim Dutton
  • Diane Fischer
  • Mike Juneau
  • Walter Kaeck
  • Doug Keller
  • Bruce Langan
  • Zac McIntosh
  • Barry Phillips
  • Sean Whyte
The Membership Committee shall be concerned with increasing the membership of the Association.

Safety & Environmental Committee

Committee Members:
  • Chris Normand, Chair
  • Kevin Gourgues, Board Liaison
  • Frank Peters, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Anthony Ballay
  • Mike Braud
  • Scott Callaway
  • Pollyanna Cunningham
  • Rico Dizon
  • Beau Gibson
  • Olaf Olsen
  • Debbie Reaney
  • Courtney Russell
The Safety and Environmental Committee shall be concerned with environmental issues related to pile driving such as noise, vibrations, bio-fuels, pile installation in brownfield sites and marine life.

Steel Sheet Pile Committee

Committee Members:
  • David Borger, Chair
  • Ian Vaz, Co-Chair
  • James Dempsey, Board Liaison
  • Kathy Harper, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Ryne Allen
  • Hanan Assfoura
  • Bruce Colson
  • Simon den Tuinder
  • Ethan Liberty
  • Alwyn McDowall
  • Zac McIntosh
  • Gerry McShane
  • Hal Mulveney
  • Barry Phillips
  • Takefumi Takuma
  • Andy West
The purpose of this Committee is to educate industry professionals on sheet piling, establish the PDCA as the leader in fronting technical information and discussions on sheet piling, and bring the best technical information to the industry covering a range of topics including benefits, design and application, plan review and value engineering, installation and project experience.

Technical Committee

Committee Members:
  • Mohamad Hussein - Chair
  • Greg Canivan, PDCA Board Liaison
  • Frank Peters, PDCA Staff Liaison
  • Harold Baur
  • David Borger
  • Nathan Bryan
  • Aaron Budge
  • Billy Camp
  • Dave Chapman
  • Gerard Chenevert
  • Jose Clemente
  • Doug Ford
  • Brian Garrett
  • Tyler Henneke
  • Leo Keegan
  • Van Komurka
  • Nick Machairas
  • Zac McIntosh
  • Richard Morales
  • Mohamad Mulla
  • Ryan Murphy
  • Patrick O'Driscoll
  • Jesse Rauser
  • Clayton Signor
  • Sam Sternberg
  • Takefumi Takuma
  • David Tomley

The Technical Committee shall be concerned with those technical problems of interest to the membership and the Board of Directors and shall develop and maintain PDCA's design and installation specifications.

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