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Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI), in cooperation with the Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA), has developed a "Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test" for engineers providing high strain dynamic foundation testing services. The test was designed to reflect their level of knowledge and ability, which is then indicated in a "Certificate of Proficiency". To assure a high standard of testing, many organizations or agencies seeking testing services now require a certificate demonstrating some specified level of ability in dynamic testing.

Please visit http://www.pdaproficiencytest.com/ for information regarding experience levels requirements, testing dates and locations, as well as full information about the information covered by the test.


Pile Dynamics, Inc., in collaboration with PDCA, will present this three-day program over the dates of November 6-8, 2024, at the Drury Inn & Suites Cleveland Beachwood hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

The DFDTA conference will present a one-day seminar titled Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis on November 6, 2024.  A two-day workshop titled High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing will also be presented November 7-8, 2024. On the third day, PDCA will also offer the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test, a 90-minute, multiple-choice exam that will cover the theory of Wave Mechanics, Case Method (PDA) equations, data quality assessment, data interpretation and basic CAPWAP analysis.

A total of 20 Professional Development Hours earned for all 3 days: 
  • 7 PDHs for the Day 1 Seminar
  • 13 PDHs for Day 2 and 3 Workshop

Registration Fees

  • Seminar: $300
  • Workshop: $550
  • Proficiency Test $250
  • Registrations received on or before October 7, 2024, will receive an early bird registration discount of $50 toward each seminar and workshop registration. Discounts are not applicable for the proficiency test. 

See below for full details on the seminar and workshop agenda and objectives.

Seminar on Deep Foundation Integrity Testing and Wave Equation Analysis

  • Wave Mechanics Basics
  • Non-destructive testing High & Low Strain
  • Non-destructive testing Crosshole Sonic Logging
  • Thermal Integrity Profiling
  • Dilled Hole Inspections
  • Wave Equation Background & Workshop - Bearing Graph, Inspection Chart, Driveablity

Who should attend:
  • This seminar is suitable for those new to the field of Foundation Testing and Analysis and includes an overview of non-destructive testing methods (integrity and load testing) and their applications.
  • Geotechnical, structural and construction engineers; owners, contractors and other professionals involved in the design, construction, and specification of deep foundations.
  • This seminar is suitable for those needing an understanding of wave equation analysis methods.
  • It is suitable also for those specifying the testing to gain basic understanding for assessing the results presented in reports.
  • Those attending the Workshop that follows this Seminar are strongly encouraged to attend this review of wave equation background materials.
Learning objectives:
  • Select an appropriate method of integrity assessment of deep foundations for a particular application.
  • Review reports of integrity and dynamic load testing of deep foundations conducted by others.
  • Run a basic wave equation analysis of pile driving.

High Strain Dynamic Foundation Testing Workshop

  • Wave Mechanics for PDA testers (90 min)
  • PDA Testing & Applications Proper Practices, Codes & Economics
  • PDA Workshop: Integrity, Stresses, Energy & Capacity Calculation
  • CAPWAP Background, Basic & Advanced Examples
  • iCAP® Instant Signal Matching
  • Dynamic Formula Why It's a Bad Idea
  • PDA Data Quality Examples

Who should attend:
  • Users of the Pile Driving Analyzer® (PDA) system and CAPWAP® software interested in sharpening their skills.
  • Engineers, foundation testing professionals, students, and professors already familiar with the basic concepts of deep foundation dynamic testing and analysis.
  • Professionals who desire to have a basic understanding of the dynamic test results being presented to them.
  • Those interested in taking the Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test*
Learning objectives:
  • Operate the PDA in a manner conducive to acquiring good quality data.
  • Assess pile bearing capacity, pile driving stresses, hammer performance and pile integrity by various methods.
  • Avoid pitfalls when analyzing PDA data with the CAPWAP software.
  • Interpret PDA testing and CAPWAP software results.
  • Describe the soil-model used in CAPWAP and prepare the input needed.
  • Review options for CAPWAP analysis and output.
  • Calculate bearing capacity and its distribution for driven piles from impact records

Dynamic Measurement & Analysis Proficiency Test

At the end of the High Strain Dynamic Testing Workshop participants may take a multiple-choice Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test which will take less than 1-½ hours to complete. The test will cover the theory of Wave Mechanics, Case Method (PDA) equations, data quality assessment, data interpretation and basic CAPWAP analysis. The test is designed for those with experience in using the Pile Driving Analyzer® system and CAPWAP to perform High Strain Dynamic Foundation Tests. The best preparation for the test is work experience following an initial PDA training. The workshop will refresh the participant's theoretical background and be a reminder of some important points. Those taking the test are advised to study "Appendix A" and "Helpful Hints" of the PDA manual, review some of the EXAMPLE data provided with the PDA and read the CAPWAP background material. 

A Certificate of Proficiency in High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing will be awarded to those who pass the test. The Level indicated on the Certificate is dependent on the score achieved on the test. Those who do not pass the test will receive full credit of test registration fee to be applied towards retaking the test at the next opportunity.
*Please note it will take up to two weeks to receive your exam results*

Hotel Registration

Each program attendee will be responsible for making their own hotel reservation. A discounted room rate of $109 per night is available at the Drury Inn & Suites hotel. You can make your lodging reservation please use either the link or phone number and group code below.

Drury Inn & Suites Cleveland Beachwood
4100 Orange Place
Orange Village, OH 44122
(800) 325-0720
Group Code: 10113840

The Drury Inn offers the following amenities:
  • HOT Breakfast - including Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, sausage and more. 
  • 5:30 KICKBACK - Each evening, relax and enjoy a rotating menu of free hot food and cold beverages.
  • Soda and Popcorn - From 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm every night in the lobby. 

** Please note that PDCA does not use a third-party housing/reservation service for its programs. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to represent PDCA to assist with your hotel reservations and/or travel arrangements, please know this is a scam. **

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received by October 23, 2024, will receive a 50% refund. After this date, there will be no refunds, however, name changes are permissible. There will be no transfer of funds to the next course permitted.
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