Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to support the industry and your PDCA.

Volunteering your time, energy and expertise through several PDCA venues will only help in strengthening our pile driving industry.  Volunteer opportunities with the PDCA begin within our Committees but reach much further than you think.  You can write articles for our Pile Driver magazine or you can explore research projects for the committees to fund.   You can gain access to best practices and still be a resident expert.

The PDCA has always been member focused and will continue growing in strength with the continued support of it's volunteers.

Associate Member Council

Will serve as the leadership body of the PDCA Associate Members to ensure the needs of the growing PDCA Associate Member base are met.   The Associate Member Council will also be responsible for promoting the materials, products and services of PDCA Associate members to the end-users; provide input in conference program development and Associate Member opportunities; and to promote the benefits of PDCA membership to other associate-type companies.  


Responsible for establishing editorial guidelines, acquisition, assembly and review of all editorial content of PileDriver magazine.

Contracts and Risk

Dedicated to educating PDCA subcontractors on how they can best negotiate their subcontracts and avoid the assumption of unfair risk, address the risks associated with new project delivery systems and keep the organization's contractors informed on how to identify,  assess, control and monitor all kind of risks related to pile driving activity.


Responsible for the development of all educational programs, including annual conference, seminars, and workshops.  Responsible for promoting driven pile research and technical papers and the presentation of such information at appropriate venues.


Responsible for membership development and member retention and issues impacting the continued growth of the PDCA.

Safety & Environmental

Responsible for the dissemination of information relevant to safe work practices.  Responsible for monitoring and review of regulations and legislation impacting the driven pile industry.  Responsible for environmental issues related to pile driving, such as noise, vibration, biofuels, brownfield sites and marine life.

Steel Sheet Pile

The purpose of this committee is to educate industry professionals on sheet piling, establish the PDCA as the leader in fronting technical information discussions on sheet piling, and bring the best technical information to the industry covering a range of topics including:  benefits, design and application, plan review and value engineering, installation and project experience.


Responsible for technical information and applications impacting the driven pile and deep foundations industry.  Responsible for developing and maintaining relations with public and private entities involved in issues impacting driven pile or deep foundations.  Responsible for developing and maintaining PDCA produced documents/specifications.

In addtion to Committees, the PDCA has many nitch opportunities for those looking to help the driven pile industry.  Please contact the PDCA office to discuss what opportunities you might want within the PDCA.
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