Continuing Education

The PDCA has maintained a consistent focus on providing topical, high quality, and industry pertinent educational programs.  From PDCA conferences, seminars, and workshops; to individualized educational programs, you can be assured the PDCA has or can deliver the educational needs of your company and personnel.

The PDCA is also an approved provider of Professional Development Hours (PDH) in the states of New York, Florida, Maryland and North Carolina.  However, the PDCA has the ability to issue PDH regardless of the state in which you reside or have a professional registration.

Many of the PDCA educational program are portable or can be modified to meet your needs.  Some of these include the following:
  • Pile Driving Inspectors
  • Pile Load Test Options
  • Pile Driving Professionals Development
  • Dedicated Pile Driving Operators Certification course
  • Steel Sheet Piling Design to Construction to Lesson Learned

The PDCA is has also developed the Engineers' Driven Pile Institute and continues to provide the Professors' Driven Pile Institute.  Find out more about these programs and other educational opportunities by contacting the PDCA at 904-215-4771.
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