Hammer Database & Guidance


The steel sheet piling hammer database has existed in basic data form for a number of years with PileBuck magazine periodically updating it and printing portions of it throughout the year. PileBuck kindly gave PDCA the basic database to update and to provide additional guidance information that would assist users with background information on each hammer type or Press-In machine. In addition guidance is also provided on hammer selection to give the user a clear ability to select and size a particular hammer for the project at hand. 

Hammer/Press-In Machine Guidance Document
The Basic Principles of Hammers for Sheet Pile Installation document details the different hammer and press-in systems, gives specific technical details on their use, and provides methods of selection.

Basic Prinicples of Hammers for Sheet Pile Installation

Simplified Hammer/Press-In Machine Database
The simplified database details the most often used data in an easy to read spreadsheet.


Hammer/Press-In Machine Database: Full Manufacturer Information
The hammer type / press-in machine database includes full technical specifications provided by hammer and press-in machine manufacturers. The Steel Sheet Pile Committee reviewed the comprehensive data received, deleted out of date information and introduced new data along with new manufacturers not previously represented. The data covers Air & Steam, Diesel, Hydraulic, Press-In Machines, and Vibratory Hammers & Extractors.


manufacturer's Information

The database information is intended to provide a quick and simplified view of specifications for various hammer types. This information has been provided by hammer manufacturers, but is not yet maintained on a real-time basis by PDCA. Equipment and technology is constantly changing and updating, please click the manufacturer company names below to directly see their product specifications information:

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