PDCA Value Driven Webinar Series: Safe Working Platforms: What can they do for you?

When: 4/14/2022 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

A collaboration between the PDCA Education Committee and the PDCA Associate Member Council Committee. Each webinar will be presented in case study or educational format to a target audience of contractors, engineers, estimators, etc.

The PDCA 2022 Value Driven Webinar Series will focus on driven pile case studies, cost saving analysis, actual project conversion methods, job site safety, soil set up, legalities to consider, and much more to support those in the driven pile industry.

Safe Working Platforms:
Modern piling equipment is becoming increasingly larger and heavier to cater to the demand for deeper and larger diameter foundations required to take higher load capacities. Unfortunately, every year, piling rigs fall over or are subject to near misses due to inadequately prepared and maintained site surfaces all such incidents involve potential fatalities or serious injury to operatives and extensive damage to equipment.

Every single one is preventable through a thorough understanding of the ground bearing pressures which a deep foundation piling rig will generate, and how to manage these pressures through the construction of a properly designed, installed, and maintained working platform. The construction industry remains one of the most hazardous in which to work. However, many hazards such as a rig overturn could be eliminated at the source by implementing reasonable "design for safety" concepts. It takes the continued efforts of all involved to embrace this concept and help prevent the injuries and deaths occurring on deep foundation projects.


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