2020 ACWS Substance Abuse and Ethics

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2020 ACWS Substance Abuse and Ethics

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This first video in the PDCA Annual Conference Webinar Series introduced two very important topics affecting businesses on a daily basis.

Effects of Substance Abuse on the Construction Industry
Rick Kalson, Partner, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP

The Effects of Substance Abuse on the Construction Industry webinar that will be presented at the PDCA's virtual Annual Meeting will provide a pragmatic discussion of recent legislation and judicial opinions concerning workplace regulations and medical marijuana use. The webinar will further allow attendees to implement best practices and internal controls to be utilized at their companies as concerns drug testing and employee manuals, among other timely topics.

Are Ethics Ruining Your Business?
Dr. Brad Allenby, President's Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, and of Law, Arizona State University

In all too many cases, classes about ethics are usually taught by pretentious academics or philosophers with no idea of how the real world operates, and all of the challenges of trying to make a living.  Brad Allenby will try to make some amends by presenting a few case studies which demonstrate just how difficult and ambiguous ethics can be in the real world, and suggesting some mechanisms that might help members of PDCA maintain their high standards in a competitive and difficult market.
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