GeoCoalition Meeting Concludes in Utah

PDCA president Larry Moore, PDCA vice president Scott Callaway and PDCA executive director Stevan A. Hall attended the 2018 GeoCoalition meeting, hosted by the Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA), in Park City, Utah, on June 2021.
The industry meeting, composed of PDCA, GBA, ADSC, AEG, CGS, DFI, GI of the ASCE and USUCGER, occurs annually to discuss issues common to all members. During the meeting, PDCA updated the GeoCoalition members on progress made on the "Risk and Liability" issues raised during the 2017 meeting. PDCA informed the attendees the PDCA Contracts and Risk Committee is working hard to inform its members on the risk and liability associated with contracts and various delivery systems. DFI president Dan Brown updated the committee on the industry working group (including PDCA) efforts to establish a "Working Platform" BMP. Contact PDCA for more information on this initiative.
Additionally, PDCA presented the potential for all GeoCoalition members to support the PDCA 2018 strategic plan initiative of "Infrastructure Funding." The idea was well received and PDCA could receive future support on this issue.

Posted in PileDriver Magazine. Tagged as Issue 4, 2018.

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