PileDriver magazine - Issue #3, 2024

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The cover of PileDriver Issue 3, 2024.
Herbert F. Darling, Inc. (HFD, Inc.) was awarded the deep foundation and shoring package for Heritage Point at Canalside in Buffalo, N.Y., two multi-use buildings that will bring office space, retail opportunities, entertainment and living arrangements to the area.

The scope of work originally specified micropiles as part of the foundation system, but through a value engineering and substitution process, the pile driving industry prevailed.

The project experienced its share of problems and setbacks for examples, a cramped site close to Lake Erie, working below grade, notorious Buffalo winter weather including a local phenomenon known as a seiche but HFD, Inc. solved every challenge to get the job done.

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Photo of the PDCA 2024 Awards
PDCA Association Awards
At the conclusion of #IFCEE2024, PDCA hosted an awards ceremony to honor recipients of the 2023 Project of the Year Awards. PDCA also announced the winners of 2023 Association Awards.

Find out who took home hardware.
Photo of the entrance to IFCEE 2024
PDCA Members at #IFCEE2024
Did you miss #IFCEE2024?

Check out photos of PDCA members at the event, which took place May 710 in Dallas, Texas.
Photo of Shana Carroll
Interview: Shana Carroll, P.E., LEED AP BDC
Shana Carroll, P.E., LEED AP BDC, is the president of D.W. Kozera, Inc., in Baltimore, Md. Before transitioning to consulting, she spent her career in geotechnical construction with companies like Geosyntec and GeoStructures.

Read Carroll's interview, where she talks about how she almost didn't go into engineering, why giving back to the community is so important to her and the atypical work experience she looks for when hiring candidates at Kozera.

Learn more about Shana Carroll.
Photo of a welder working
Mastering the Flames: PDCA Toolbox Talk
In the latest Toolbox Talk from PDCA, the PDCA Safety & Environmental Committee provides key safety protocols for welding, cutting and brazing otherwise known as "hot work."

Hot work is not uncommon in pile driving, such as when splicing piles, welding clips, repairing or maintaining equipment and fabricating accessories. These tasks can be dangerous, with burns, electrocution or toxic fume inhalation being the most common hazards.

Implementing strong safety standards, having a hot work plan and securing hot work permits when required aren't just good practice they're a necessity.

Find the latest Toolbox Talk from PDCA.
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PileDriver Magazine - Issue #1 2024

A driven pile bulkhead is the backbone of upgrades happening at the Port of Cleveland. All activity at the port revolves around a strong, stable structure that will require little maintenance throughout the 21st century. The best advocate for its success? How little it's thought of for years to come.

Read about The Great Lakes Construction Co.'s work on the Dock 24 & 26 Master Modernization and Rehabilitation Project, the second major improvement project in a series of projects to upgrade the Port of Cleveland. 

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Dear Darling Photo
"Dear Darling, static load testing vs. dynamic load testing how has the evolution of testing processes changed or shaped the industry?"
Don't miss Buck Darling's firsthand account of how dynamic testing changed his career... and saved him from a rat-infested garbage dump. 

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Arlington National Cemetery construction work
Arlington National Cemetery Southern Expansion Defense Access Road Project
Kokosing Construction Company, Inc. lays the groundwork to create land for an additional 80,000 grave sites for service men and women here's how they did it.

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Photo of an orange hardhat on a table behind an alarm clock
Can Flexible Work... Work for Construction?
"We need to stop shouting louder at women and other under-represented groups to join us, and instead make construction a viable career choice for as many people as possible, recognizing that a lack of flexibility and agility in the way we work actively prevents many from either joining our industry or staying with us." Suzannah Nichol of Build UK wrote this as part of a report conducted in the UK about how to make flexible working work for construction. Read more about the report including the extensive pilot program and start assessing your operations.

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A person suffering from a mental health crisis
Preparing for Suicide Prevention
If suicide prevention and mental health initiatives aren't part of your safety priorities for 2024, it's time to change that. These should be critical elements of your written safety program and safety culture. Read about why, and PileDriver magazine will keep focusing on how to integrate these components into your safety procedures in 2024.

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IFCEE 2024 Logo
DON'T FORGET! Registration for IFCEE 2024 is OPEN!
Still on the fence? Don't be! Join thousands of deep foundations professionals in Dallas, May 710, 2024. Review the conference preview in PileDriver and register today!

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PileDriver Magazine - Issue #6, 2023

PileDriver Issue 6 2023 cover
The largest public port project on the Texas Gulf Coast is no match for McCarthy Building Companies read about their work at Port Freeport Velasco Terminal Berth 8 in the latest issue of PileDriver magazine!
Looking for more marine projects?
We've got you covered.
Crane on beach
Desalination Plant Test
in Long Beach
Featuring: Forefront Deep Foundations

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Overhead view of marine pile driving
Galveston Berth 10 Marine Improvements Project
Featuring: Russell Marine LLC

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Large dock with boats approaching barge in background
Ocean Transport Barge Berth
Featuring: Kokosing

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Building a Safe Working Platform
PDCA Toolbox Talks:
Working Platforms Part II

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Dear Darling magazine page
Dear Darling
What makes Buck Darling say, "My age, attitudes and crippling wishes for things to 'go back to normal' will now allow it ... I have become a fossil." Find out in his latest Dear Darling column, where he talks about recruiting and retaining employees.

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Brendan Fitzpatrick
Career Story
Learn more about Brendan Fitzpatrick, DuroTerra's new president, in this issue's Career Story.

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Overhead view of construction equipment and vehicles on dock
PDCA Contractor Member
This Texas company thrives on solving problems with a hands-on approach: Taylor Marine Construction, Inc. is PDCA's featured contractor member in this issue of PileDriver magazine.

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PileDriver Magazine - Issue #5, 2023

C.J. Mahan Construction Company, LLC handles the pile driving for Nucor's new Kentucky plate mill.
Don't miss these articles:
Toolbox Talk page
Solid Ground
Safe working platforms for deep foundation construction

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Succession planning graphic
Succession Planning
Advice on considering the inevitable transfer of family businesses

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Steve Whitty
Steve Whitty
Now retired, but always an advocate for the driven pile industry

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Aerial view of a D.A. Collins Family of Companies job site
D.A. Collins Family of Companies
A legacy of excellence and innovation

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Dow Eagleray project
Dow Eagleray Project
Challenge after challenge after challenge ... but GROUP Contractors come out on top

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PDCA Media Kit
New Media Kit Launched
Discover ways to increase brand awareness in PDCA's printed and digital publications

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PileDriver Magazine - Issue #4, 2023

Piledriver Magazine - Issue 4, 2023 - Cover
We've kept you waiting, and it's finally time to find out who won a PDCA Project of the Year Award! Read about this year's winning projects in Issue 4 of PileDriver magazine, available NOW!

Keep scrolling in this newsletter to see the winning companies at a glance. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to everyone who took time to submit an entry. This year saw a record-breaking number of entries and competition was fierce.
The submission period for next year's Project of the Year Awards opens on Jan. 2, 2024, with all entries due to PDCA on April 5, 2024! Start planning now!
Congratulations to the following recipients of this year's PDCA Project of the Year Awards!
Forefront Deep Foundations
Land: Less than $1 Million
MexicoU.S. Port of Entry Bridge Widening over the All-American Canal

Winning PDCA member: Forefront Deep Foundations, Inc.

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Texas Pile, LLC
Land: $1 Million to $5 Million
Z Modular San Marcos

Winning PDCA member: Texas Pile, LLC

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Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc.
Land: Over $5 Million
Tradepoint Atlantic Inner Berth Bulkhead Improvements East Berth

Winning PDCA member: Richard E. Pierson Construction Co., Inc.

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Cape Romain Contractors
Marine: Less than $5 Million
Noisette Creek Pedestrian Bridge

Winning PDCA member: Cape Romain Contractors, Inc.

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Pacific Pile & Marine
Marine: Over $5 Million
Port of Alaska Petroleum & Cement Terminal Phase 2

Winning PDCA member: Pacific Pile & Marine

Read more
Richard Goettle, Inc.
Earth Retention: Less than
$5 Million
Montgomery County SMART Project

Winning PDCA member: Richard Goettle, Inc.

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ASAP Group
Earth Retention: Over $5 Million
Central Everglades Planning Project New Waters EA A-2 Stormwater Treatment Area

Winning PDCA member: ASAP Group

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Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering, PLLC
Affiliate Category
Surfside Beach Pier Replacement

Winning PDCA member: Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering, PLLC

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Mike Elliott

"Fun is Good"
This issue of PileDriver magazine also includes a tribute to Mile Elliott, who passed on June 9, 2023. Elliott generously gave his time, expertise and friendship to PDCA throughout his career, and he will be missed by many in our industry.
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LEGAL: Key Contractual Payment Provisions and State Laws


Making Dollars and "Cents" of Key Contractual Payment Provisions and How State Law Can Impact your rights

Clauses that can affect your right to payment in different U.S. states

By Ashley Sherwood and Dan W. Ballesteros, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

In contracts that can sometimes be hundreds of pages, the provisions that contractors (and their attorneys) scrutinize the most concern payment. But it is not just the obvious payment application or interest clauses that can impact a contractor's right to payment. Indemnity, no-damages-for-delay and pay-if-paid clauses can drastically impact when a con- tractor sees the money. Adding another layer of complexity are statutory nuances about which contractors need to be aware. Construction laws vary from state to state and can, in some cases, invalidate what would otherwise be enforceable contract language. Subcontractors, in particular, should safeguard themselves, as state-law protections do not always trickle down past the prime contractor level.

Most statutory payment provisions fall into three categories (1) timing of pay- ment; (2) conditions of payment; and (3) 
bases for non-payment. This article discuss- es typical contractual clauses impacted by statute and provides examples on how state law may apply to your project and impact your rights. While not every payment-relat- ed issue or state law is covered in this article, contractors and subcontractors of all sizes and specialties should come away with a better understanding of what to look for in their existing contracts, and what to push back on during their next negotiation.



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PileDriver Magazine - Issue #2, 2023

In Issue 2 2023 of PileDriver, Brandon Bicknell, president of Russell Marine LLC, talks about how the company has tackled a range of challenging projects along the Gulf Coast since the company's inception in 2010.
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Mission Rock Parcel B:
A tight urban site, a demanding schedule, logistical conflicts and underground obstructions but Foundation Constructors, Inc. makes it work

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It's Never One Job
In this project spotlight about an apartment complex in Charleston, S.C., John King with Pile Drivers, Inc. shares some history with an important lesson: pile driving contractors need to fight for their market share. Read this story about persistence and value engineering.

Read more
How to Hire: It's Similar to Dating
PDCA member Greg Belpomme with Heron Wolf walks us through the challenges of the modern hiring landscape here are some strategies to help you find your next employee.

Read more
Differing Site Conditions
What you need to think about before signing a contract this is how to ensure you're protected

Read more
Overhead Power Lines
The newest Toolbox Talk from PDCA reminds contractors how to stay safe when working around overhead power lines

Read more
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Read the Latest PileDriver Magazine, Digital Edition Available Here

In Issue 1 2023 of PileDriver, we learn how Foundation Constructors, Inc. worked around challenging logistics to complete a remote project in California.
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Don't miss these articles:
Free resources from PDCA to help keep your team safe and informed

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Ignacio-Mare Island Electrical Towers
Foundation Constructors, Inc. had
to solve some tough challenges
on this remote California job
here's how they did it

Read more
IMTT Project Olive Piling Package
Baker Gulf Coast Industrial, LLC completes a tough job on time and within budget

Read more
Thatcher Foundations
Engineered geo-structural solutions since 1946

Read more
"Buy American" Provisions
Present Opportunities, Challenges
for Infrastructure Act Projects

Read more
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PileDriver Magazine - Issue #6, 2022

In Issue 6 2022 of PileDriver, we learn about Shannon & Wilson's Alaskan case study for designing foundations in areas of high seismicity.
Don't miss these articles:
New Orleans to Venice Woodpark Floodwall: Providing critical flood protection in Louisiana

Read more
JD Fields & Company: A steep growth
trajectory and a diverse strategy

Read more
Still Standing: If you like your house, put it on driven piles

Read more

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Did You Win? Project of the Year Awards Winner, REVEALED!

PDCA is finally revealing the winners of the PDCA 2022 Project of the Year Awards with the latest issue of PileDriver magazine!

Did your company take home a top prize? After a record-setting year of project submissions, competition was fierce. The judge's panel has issued it's verdicts in the several, contested categories and we extend a sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the 2022 winning companies. Make sure to read the newest PileDriver magazine which includes descriptive narratives about each project, as well as striking photography chronicling various stages of the progress. The pile driving industry celebrates these projects which demonstrate innovation, problem-solving, work capacity and resilience of your fellow PDCA members.

Entries for next year's Project of the Year Awards program for projects completed by December 31, 2022, will open in January. Start planning your submissions now!

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