Did You Win? Project of the Year Awards Winner, REVEALED!

PDCA is finally revealing the winners of the PDCA 2022 Project of the Year Awards with the latest issue of PileDriver magazine!

Did your company take home a top prize? After a record-setting year of project submissions, competition was fierce. The judge's panel has issued it's verdicts in the several, contested categories and we extend a sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the 2022 winning companies. Make sure to read the newest PileDriver magazine which includes descriptive narratives about each project, as well as striking photography chronicling various stages of the progress. The pile driving industry celebrates these projects which demonstrate innovation, problem-solving, work capacity and resilience of your fellow PDCA members.

Entries for next year's Project of the Year Awards program for projects completed by December 31, 2022, will open in January. Start planning your submissions now!

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PileDriver Magazine: Issue #2, 2022

The Digital Edition is Available

Click the cover Image to Access the E-Magazine

PDCA and publishing partner Lester Publications proudly announce that the PileDriver magazine Issue #2-2022 is now available in digital format; watch your mailbox in coming days for your hard copy edition.

There is plenty of new content available in Issue #2; PDCA President Brian Heck leads off the publication with his observations on a very active start to the year for the Association. Executive Director Frank Peters follows with his insightful column about strides the organization is making on behalf of the driven pile industry.

You will find fascinating project content when you read the cover story about Seattle's Pier 62, a dramatic pile driving feat performed by Pacific Pile & Marine. It creates a brand-new facade for the waterfront side of Downtown Seattle.

Don't miss a large section summarizing the PDCA Annual Conference which concluded in February. You will find plenty of photos from the various activities that took place throughout the week at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix. Among them, PDCA Committee Meetings, Awards presentations and the golf outing.

It's been a remarkable career for Mike Elliott who recently retired from Equipment Corporation of America. A longtime friend to PDCA, Mike sat down with us to share his observations from a 50-year career in the pile driving industry. You will see some of the special photos taken at a recent company event honoring his contributions.

Check in on the PDCA Chapter news, notable headlines from the industry and a Business contribution from Harris May of the Dafanie Financial Group submits an article that provides guidance to employers on Worker's Compensation.

And don't miss Member profiles on Farrell Brothers Marine Construction, South Shore Pile Driving and McMullen & Pitz. California attorney Mark J. Rice (pictured) submits this issue's legal column. 

South Shore Pile Driving LLC

McMullen & Pitz Construction Company

Farrell Brothers Marine Construction, Inc.

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PileDriver Magazine: Issue #6-2021

In Issue 6 2021 of PileDriver, PDCA is taking a winter trip to Canada! In this issue, we look to our northern
"neighbour" to feature Canadian PDCA members, influential individuals, projects, business considerations and more.

Don't miss these articles:
The Canadian driven pile
industry achieves new depths with the Kitimat LNG Plant. Innovation and coordination allowed for installation some of the longest single-length driven land piles in North America.
Read more

Bengt Fellenius, Dr. Tech,
P. Eng., M. ACSE
a legend in foundation design.
Read more

Powell Foundations Inc. helps keep Ontario business traffic moving.
Read more

Transcending international borders
Samuel Roll Form employees work together for success.
Read more

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PileDriver: Protect your company image, build trust in the community

Noise and Vibration: Protect your company's image and build trust in the community

The latest PileDriver magazine, Issue #5 - 2021 includes two article submissions from public relations professionals who address various considerations for contractors who are building in populated areas. 

The first article is entitled "Public Relations and Communications Guidance for the Construction Industry," by Lisa Joselove (pictured, right) and Christine Fournier (left) of Joselove-Filson Advertising, Inc. It acknowledges that noise and vibration concerns can become a problem of public perception for driven pile contractors. The authors share a few important tips about public relations as a means to build trust in the communities where your company works in order to create more tolerance and goodwill from community members. Read more, starting on Page 91.

Offering another perspective in "Stay Ahead of Noise and Vibration Complaints," author Kelly Nettleton Kennedy of the Kennedy Consulting Firm addresses the issue and encourages contractors to employ community relations and strategic communications components for jobs that are vulnerable to public scrutiny. Read more, starting on Page 94.

Aside from public relations issues surrounding noise and vibrations in pile driving, this issue of PileDriver also includes content about solutions for contractors to consider such as testing and monitoring programs as well as equipment developments and alternatives available in the marketplace.

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PileDriver magazine - noise & vibration considerations

Don't miss Issue #5-2021 of PileDriver magazine, you will find fresh content on noise and vibrations in the industry that we have collected for pile drivers to consider.

The following five articles were obtained exclusively for the purpose of publishing in this special edition:
  • Remote Vibration and Noise Monitoring for Construction (page 72)
  • Changes to Piling Equipment (page 78)
  • What if You Really Have to Mitigate Noise and Vibration? (page 82)
  • Pubic Relations and Communications Guidance for the Construction Industry (page 91)
  • Stay Ahead of Noise and Vibration Complaints (page 94)
Also in Issue #5, you will find Career Stories on Don Robertson of Applied Foundation Testing (page 37) and Joel McLain of APC Construction (page 39).

Plus, Jeff Prattini of PDCA Member law firm Shields & Mott presents some sound legal guidance for subcontractors who face payment delays (page 97).

If you are seeking project stories, there is no shortage of those in Issue #5; read about he New Orleans Municipal Yacht Harbor Project (page 49), the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium  in Connecticut (page 54), the Matson Mill Multi-Family Condominium in Pennsylvania (page 58), the Continuous Galvanizing Line - Nucor Specialty Cold Mill Complex in Arkansas (page 62) and a cover story on Metropolitan Park 6, 7,8 in Virginia.

Of course Issue #5 brings you recurring content such as messages from PDCA President Kevin Gourgues (page 5) and PDCA Executive Director Frank Peters (page 11). You will find the latest from our Chapters, a full list of members and upcoming events, including a sneak peak at the upcoming PDCA 23rd Annual International Conference & Expo set for February 2022 in Phoenix.

Read the digital edition of the magazine here - just click the image above. Then read it again in hard copy when it arrives in your office; you're certain to find something you missed on the first review! PDCA thanks all PileDriver magazine advertisers, content contributors, members who help put the pages together and our publications partner Lester Publications.

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PileDriver magazine - See the Project of the Year winners

Congratulations to all the winners of The 2021 PDCA Project of the Year Awards Program! For an in-depth read on all winning projects, please click the image to access PileDriver magazine Issue #4-2021 which reveals the projects selected by our judge's panel as the top entries in each category.

Here is a quick recap of the projects you will find within the publication:
  • Land: Less than $5M - "Holbrook Springerville Highway (US 180), Jim Camp Wash Bridge #1602 & Cottonwood Wash Bridge #1603" by Ralph L. Wadsworth (page 70)
  • Land Greater than $5M - "Sierra Point Phase 1 & 2" by Foundation Constructors, Inc. (page 74)
  • Marine Less than $5M - "Ravenswood Tower 001/007 Replacement" by Foundation Constructors, Inc. (page 82)
  • Marine Greater than $5M - "Port of Alaska Modernization Program - Petroleum and Cement Terminal - Phase 1" by Pacific Pile & Marine (page 90)
  • Earth Retention - "Mill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant High Rate Treatment Facility Diversion Structure" by Richard Goettle, Inc. (page 96)
  •  Associate/Engineering Affiliate Category - "Harbor River Bridge Project" by ICE - International Construction Equipment, Inc. (page 100)
The PDCA Project of the Year Program is the premier competition of the Pile Driving Contractors Association. PDCA thanks all Members who submitted an entry for the 2021 awards. While Issue #4 (the current magazine linked to the image) features all the winning submissions, watch for Issues #5 and #6 which will feature the 2021 runners-up. 

And the time is now to start thinking about what projects you are completing this year and would become eligible for entry in The PDCA 2022 Project of the Year Program. PDCA will open for submissions in January 2022.

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PileDriver magazine - Issue #3 2021

July 6, 2021:  The latest issue of PileDriver magazine is now available, click on the image to be directed to the digital version - PDCA members and subscribers are receiving hard copies in their mailboxes at the time of this writing.

In this issue of PileDriver, PDCA provides a photographic review of its week at the International Foundations Congress & Equipment Expo, which took place in Dallas in May. Relive the first in-person industry event since March 2020 by flipping through the pages.

PDCA is also excited to highlight two of its innovative engineering affiliate members Smart Structures and RACE Coastal Engineering. Learn more about these two amazing companies and the work they do in the driven pile market.
This edition of PileDriver magazine also highlights the reason behind PDCA's "A Driven Pile is a Tested Pile" slogan the quality assurance and quality control of driven pile applications.

Inside the pages of the latest PileDriver, you can read more on QA/QC in the industry through these and many more articles:                  
1. "Lessons for Young Engineers"A few words of advice for engineers just beginning their careers, such as reviewing their work through their company's QA/QC processes

2. "Faster, Better, Safer: Today's Safety QC Challenge" - A checklist for a safety program that inspires compliance.

3. "QA/QC of Steel Piling"Ric Anderson, P.E., S.E. with Nucor Skyline highlights the advancements in technology that have improved the versatility of steel construction.

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PileDriver magazine - Issue #2, 2021

Check out the latest issue of PileDriver magazine

The latest news and information for professionals in the pile driving industry is now available in the digital edition of PileDriver magazine, Issue 2 - 2021. Check out the cover story which details a major, coastal project just completed in Florida. Poseidon Dredge & Marine recalls its experiences building the new Daytona Beach Riverfront Park Seawall Replacement using composite sheet piles. Read the full story starting on Page 106.

Other highlights include an all-inclusive guide to the International Foundations Congress & Equipment Expo, or IFCEE-2021, coming up May 10-14 at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Dallas. Preview the more than 50 technical presentations, learn times for all PDCA standing committee meetings and see which of your friends will be onsite in either the indoor or outdoor exhibit areas. The full brochure starts on Page 43.

Norwalk Marine Contractors provides a fascinating account of a unique method it employed for foundation construction of a new condominium development in Connecticut. This technical story takes a deep-dive into the innovative construction method known as Timber Inclusion Systems, beginning on Page 102.

Past PDCA President Buck Darling brings a revealing commentary entitled Reputation Matters on Page 111. In it, the longtime president at Herbert F. Darling Engineering Contractors buttresses a narrative previously disseminated by Joe Hogan, CDT, VP of Building Services at AGCNYS.

On Page 115, Keller shares an in-depth look at its diversifying workforce through their story about a thriving employee resource group at Keller North America, designed exclusively to encourage women to build their careers with the geotechnical specialty contractor. Read KWIC Connections.

And a very timely, legal perspective is available on Page 120, it explores the pros and cons for employers to consider in regard to COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees. The authors Lisa Griffin Hodgdon and Jason Lambert are both partners in the Tampa, FL offices of Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP; they provide valuable guidance through eight different considerations for employers in COVID-19 - Vaccines in the Workplace.

Don't miss the Career Stories of John Skinner of Parker Marine Contracting Corp. and Wystan Carswell of Haley & Aldrich. You can also read Member Profiles on GeoQuip, JD Fields & Company, Koppers Utility & Industrial Products and SJL Consulting.  Several other regular sections are also all part of PileDriver magazine, Issue #2 - 2021; click here to read it now!


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PileDriver Magazine: Harry Robbins, A Career Story

Harry Robbins - Making a Difference for the Driven Pile Industry

By Mark Halsall

Few people have had as big an impact on the Pile Driving Contractors Association as Harry Robbins. During his long and storied career in pile driving, Robbins has played a vital role in the success of PDCA as it's grown into a thriving national organization and was the driving force behind  the establishment of its first local chapter in 2003.

Robbins has also been about as strong a proponent of the driven pile that you'll ever see in the industry. Just ask Jason Moore, the vice president and general manager of Palmetto Pile Driving in Charleston, S.C., who was mentored by Robbins. Click to read more in Issue #6, 2020 of PileDriver magazine.


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PileDriver Magazine: Gwen Sanders, P.E., A Career Story

Gwen Sanders, P.E., Eustis Engineering

First woman to serve as company president
By Jess Campbell

When we talk about equality in the workplace, conversations are often laden with stories of challenges overcome and ceilings broken through. Hardly ever do we hear stories where women are supported and nurtured throughout their careers without bias or backlash for being a woman in the first place.

Those stories are just as important to tell. Women who work in an inclusive environment have the kind of story other women need to hear in order to keep progressing in their own careers, knowing that equality is possible. 

Gwen Sanders, P.E., the first woman to be president of Eustis Engineering, a regional Gulf Coast firm headquartered in New Orleans, has that kind of story. Click to read more in Issue #5 2020,  PileDriver Magazine.


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