PDCA Member Inspires a Public Service Message

PDCA is grateful for the support from all its Members. This is a special thank you to Contractor Member Doug Keller of Richard Goettle, Inc. where he serves as President and CEO. In addition to leading the Cincinnati-based company, Doug remains highly engaged in the deep foundations industry. For the past several years, he has served on the PDCA Board of Directors. (Notably, current PDCA President Brian Heck is the VP at Goettle.) In addition to involvement in association leadership, Doug Keller and his team of pile driving contractors are very active in PDCA; they regularly attend conferences and seminars, participate on standing committees, and submit work to the annual Project of the Year Awards program.

We should confess that we appreciate Doug even more after unearthing the unique photo shared in this post, (credit Angie). It is understandable that someone like Mr. Keller, with a host of business, professional and family obligations, can sometimes get a little sideways. We were glad to see that he does find time to take a load off and relax on the floor in his pink vacation shirt.

As with any good association publication (blogs included), there should always be a moral to the story. So, we take this moment to suggest you regularly remind your children and/or any young people in your life, that photos which appear on the Internet can end up in the wrong hands. They should always be careful of what they make available online. Thanks again to Doug Keller for his ongoing support of PDCA, but also for helping us develop this public service message.

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